Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pisces ~Sign of the Dreamer~

                                               “In a dream, my love, you will find my heart.”

Constellation of The Fishes, Pisces are born from February 20 – March 21. Their element is Water and their planet is Neptune.

Famous Gay Pisces Guys: John Barrowman. David LaChapelle. Vaslav Nijinski. Perry Ellis. Michelangelo. Pier Palo Pasolini. Edward Albee.

                                                              If it were only this easy

Your Date with Pisces:

     He's impossibly romantic. You were crushing on him first because he was a musician. That shaggy-haired, wide-eyed boy you met at the coffee house caught your eye with his soothing voice and his impressive poetry. He travels in all sorts of artistic circles and has a unique outlook on everything.
     His parents were out for the night so he thought it would be cool to chill at his poolside. After taking a dip, you watch him from the waves as he strums on his guitar, his mind in another realm. He opens his eyes and sees the reality that is you. Now he's excited. "Dare to skinny dip?" he  asks. Naturally you can't resist, and before long he's jumped into the pool with you. He's a pretty adept swimmer as well.
     He corners you  at the steps leading out of the water. He is light in the water as he straddles you. Some chlorine gets in your mouth as he kisses you, but you hardly care at this point. With his whole body around you, it's like you two dissolve together, becoming a part of the water. He's brought you into his world. 
     You definitely like what you see there. 

What the Stars Say:

And last but not least, Pisces. In Greek myth, Pisces were two big fish who helped out the goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and her son, Eros. By the Euphrates rivers, born and raised, on the beach is where they spent most of their days, chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool. When the monster Typhon who was up to no good, started making trouble in their godhood, he showed up on the beach and Aphrodite got scared, so she and her son jumped onto two fish, tying a rope to each other so they wouldn't get separated amongst the waves. As thanks for all the fish, they put the two that had helped them out into the sky as the constellation Pisces.

The planet of Pisces is Neptune, ruler of the seas, also known by some as Broseidon, god of the Brocean. Neptune is the planet of waters but is also known as the planet that guides dreams, illusions, fantasy, and creativity. This fits in with the Pisces boy being the great dreamer of the zodiac. Neptune lived under the sea in his own magical kingdom. For the Pisces boy, this magical kingdom is his mind. His world is a culmination of his experiences and his own personal insight. Sometime that world is Disney Land. Other times, it's Pearl Harbor (too soon?).

Most of the Water signs are linked to the concept of emotionality. The Cancer boy manifests his emotions and draws out the emotions of others like the exchange of the tides guided by the moon. The Scorpio boy isolates and freezes emotions, hiding them within a dark protective casing. The Pisces boy is the fishy who swims in the waters of emotion, navigating them thoroughly without drawing too much out of people or simmering below the surface. He is mutable and so he truly does go with the flow. Of water. Get it?

                                                                          You get it

That Cosmic Bod:

Pisces make dreamy boys, no doubt about that. These are the types of boys who make good models for artistic photography. Eyes being the windows to the soul that they are, you can distinguish a Pisces boy because he always looks a little bit sleepy or undergoing an out of body experience. His hair is usually stringy and smooth. His skin is usually immaculate; this boy rarely needs to moisturize. He seems to have an almost perfectly modeled face. His looks are intense yet subdued, beautiful without being overwhelming.

Pisces also sport some nice bodehs. They usually have amazing proportions. Their torso are firm and built and they have nice legs as well. They have nice, chiseled butts. Their dicks are usually average size but well-shaped...(or so I'm told).

What's on the Inside:

Enter the Gaytrix, Neo. For the Pisces boy, the world of our hearts and minds is the true reality and the exterior world is all but an illuuuuusion. Okay, not really. The way a Pisces gay boy sees it, the only truth he knows is himself. What he believes, more importantly what he feels, is all that really matters. Your feelings matter too of course, just as long as you play into the Pisces rule book. And every rule book is different. For his self-assurance, the Pisces boy is typically the most confident of the water signs.

The Pisces boy is a dreamer to the core. His inner thoughts are full of imagination. In many cases, he seeks to make reality reflect his inner vision. While his goals are lofty and he seems like a laid-back kind of guy, he is also extremely good at reading people and saying just the right things to get where he wants. His creativity means that he approaches even the most hard-line kind of tasks with new ideas and an inventive edge. Pisces are endowed with the abilities of the artist, especially that of the musician or poet. These are two lyrical arts that “flow” and that's what he's the best at doing.
                                                       Sweet dreams are made of him.

Pisces can be laid back. They can also be crazy. But mostly they are laid back. Since they see themselves as drifting through an ocean of emotion, they can swim through most of people's complexities without having to stop too much to surface for air (and are these fish metaphors doing anything for you). Got an angry person? Hand them over to a Pisces. They'll be calmed down in seconds. Pisces don't make the most invigorating of people but they are definitely good at sedating. Where other signs (see: fire) will be FREAKING OUT at a situation, the Pisces boy will glide right in with a level head and take care of business with charm and panache.

The Pisces boy is in tune to the nature of the world. He picks up on things others don't: body language, atmosphere, color schemes, you name it. He almost knows exactly what you're thinking or what you might do. If he were a super hero, his power would be telepathy. Despite this, people's actions often confuse and disturb him. He sees what he wants to see, even if it's true. For a Pisces, the truth is subjective. He is objective, since this “real world” we live in seems to be just a collage of other people's realities. This is why his input is so unique. The Pisces boy is not the alien visitor like the Aquarius boy, he's his own freaking other planet.

You will find that talking to a (sober) Pisces is a very easy experience. Unless you're a straight up bitch (he knows one when he sees ones) he'll probably like talking to you about any old subject. He makes a good listener. And yet, he's also a very frustrating critic. He can be aggressively passive aggressive. You have to get into argument with a Pisces boy to see what I mean. Strangely enough, the best way to win an argument against a Pisces is to steer the conversation away from you and make it about how it effects the world and ideals at large. Pisces deals well with concepts. These are easy for him to wrap his head around. As long as you're civil, he's willing to give you the benefit of the doubt...especially if you see to really care about the issue at hand.

And sometimes Pisces boys are just fucking crazy. Their viewpoints are often fogged by taking everything personally. Because they view the world as unstable, they raise a lot of self-defenses. They often attempt to throw off their dependence upon other people, but this leads to severe attachment to the people they view as their assailants. Stockholm syndrome, they name is Pisces. Worse still, their tendency to self-sacrifice can manifest itself in disgusting levels of self-victimization. Who wants to get invited to a Pisces pity party? You reject the invitation? Oh of courrrrse you would. Woe is me, the world is such an awful place. And here I am, the Pisces boy, trying to just make everything better, but everyone is so ungrateful. Martyrdom will get you nowhere. You just sound whiny.

Then there is the worst Pisces trait of them all. Living inside their heads often means blocking out all common sense and reality. Okay, yes, life is subjective and everyone's experience differs, but the fact is that there is logic and rationality and then there's...whatever color the Pisces boy wants to call the sky that day. Arguing with a Pisces requires a law degree before you can convince him of the subjective truth. Then there is this most infamous of Pisces gay boy foibles. Okay, most of us drink. But the Pisces boy, well, his love of alcohol can lead to a whole slew of problems. On the drink, the boy is a hot mess. Since he embodies disillusionment and “losing oneself”, the power of booze is especially strong with this one. This extends into his choices while drinking. Ke$ha is a Pisces; enough said.

Yet let's take those negatives and turn them into something good. Because that's what Pisces boys are also great at doing. They are good at the conversion of energies, taking bad situations and making them better. Because they are so keen on the secret goings on in the fabric of reality, they can alter the atmosphere with so little: a friendly word, a good idea, a change in color scheme, a new play-list, you name it. This is why these boys are great at planning parties or organizing other endeavors that involve people's sense of perception. Pisces is a very spiritual sign, and so these boys are always able to dive below the surface of the reality to explore what lies on “the other side.”

Because he's self-sacrificing, the Pisces also makes a good friend to those who are emotionally strained. This makes sense; he's already good with listening and giving sedate advice. Pisces gay boys feel comfortable with the ladies as typically the girls are less judgmental of his eccentricities. Straight men he is usually uncomfortable around, blaming them for the world's current shoddy state. That said, the few straight buds he has that “get him” are invaluable friends. The Pisces gay boy finds companionship amongst his other gay friends however...

You and the Other Boys:

For better or worse, Pisces gay boys are numerous in the community. This is where that whole dualism comes into play. The other boys can see a Pisces as the sweetest dude in the gay scene...or he's a total cold-ass bitch. It honestly depends on the Pisces. Those who have harnessed their energy for good swim through the gay scene with ease and attract many loyal and true friends. As romantics, they are quite popular. OR they're totally insufferable assholes who cannot possibly see what's wrong with themselves and therefore continue to be...well...totally insufferable assholes. It's kind of a tossup here. So then, what kind of Pisces gay boy are you?

Connecting with a Pisces:

In order to connect with and date a Pisces boy, you're going to need to learn how to swim in his ocean. I'm just going to keep running with these metaphors since they're so applicable. Pisces, on the inside, carries his own seaworld: his heart is its own oceanic ecosystem and not everyone can adapt to it. So it's no use trying to get on his level, you must already be there. Your values must sync up with his, or at least your personality must appeal to him. Just what does a Pisces boy value? Well, every little fishy is different, but there are some universal truths...

Pisces boys love romance, whether conventional or not. They're also very sensitive creatures, even if they project themselves as tough. They need men with emotions, better if emotionally stable. Someone who can ignite their passions is always a plus. A Pisces boy likes to feel...something. As long as you can bring some sort of emotional connection to him, he will be pleased. Since he is more reserved with himself, talk about yourself. He'll let on more if he gets to know you first.

Going on dates can be tricky with a Pisces boy. Mood and atmosphere are two of this boy's prime concerns when entering a new environment. Many Pisces boys like to go out to the clubs and bars because these places are massive pools of emotional feedback and usually include an intense atmosphere. Restaurants will also suit his mood, especially if the lighting is dim and the ambiance is soothing. It helps to have good taste and be culture. So taking him to McDonald's, unless you've already gotten to know him, is probably not ideal first date material.

Expect to become interested in your Pisces boy's interests. He likes to share his ideas and pastimes with his lover. He may be into somethings you are not, which—no use hiding it—could give you two some tension or even displace you both on uncommon ground. As long as the similarities outweigh the differences, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Talking about your feelings always gets the Pisces boy off, especially your dreams and desires. If he's included in these goals, he'll feel appreciated.

But, while a Pisces man is all about his feelings, he also heavily guards them. Do not try to draw the emotions out of a Pisces boy unless he's already let you into his heart. Otherwise, he will go into critical mode. If he has not given you his trust, he'll find your inquiring of his feelings to be suspicious. It doesn't have to make sense, that's a Pisces for you.

Your Pisces boy is a dreamer and he wants to be your dream guy. Expect communication from the heart and soul with him, more than just verbal talk. His connection with you speaks louder than words after all. Though he may be difficult to understand at first, this is just part of the vision quest that is the Pisces gay boy.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It:

Pisces boys aren't necessarily known for rough and tumble approaches to sex. Their line of sexual passion is far more romantic and smooth in nature. Even when he's on top, the Pisces boy is gentle. He wants you to feel an emotional connection with him, so when he's inside you, he's inside you. He may try to liven up the atmosphere with candles, or even suggest you two take a bath or go for a frolic in the pool. As is expected, the water suits him just fine.

On the Receiving End:

The Pisces boy wants to get lost in his lover, so he's all too willing to take his man inside him, body and soul. He likes the slow approach to sex. Spooning leading to forking and all that. He doesn't just want you to bang him, he wants to be held, to have you wrapped around him. You'll notice that he makes one damn good kisser already, so expect any talents with his mouth to be...especially well-tuned.

Pisces boys are more romance novel that dirty porno. Sex on the beach is a Pisces favorite (drink or otherwise) or anything where the environment can influence the passionate mood. Sex with a Pisces boy is a spiritual or mental awakening in a physical activity. Just like yoga. But better because it's sex.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: The Pisces trans man is all well aware of his own identity at an early age. Since he sees himself as pure boy, he often doesn't feel the need to alter his secondary sex characteristic too much. Take him, baby, for who he is. The Pisces bi boy sees no barriers between gender and sex and is content to swim both ways. Boys and girls react to his romance the same way. He is a lover for all.


  1. HOLY SHIT. I don't buy into zodiac much, if at all, but you nailed me to the wall with this. Especially when I combine it with the Ares description, because I'm a cusp baby. I am quite impressed

  2. So nice!!!! Many thanks!

  3. I have no experience of Pisces but reading this I would like to have. One interesting point, the serial killer John Wayne Gacy was Pisces as was his last victim a 15 year old, Rob Piest. I would be interested to study both their horoscopes, to be murdered by your own sign is creepy.

  4. ^ Yeah...haha though I hear Scorpios have the most serial killers amongst their ranks. I dunno, I guess the water signs are so emotional that sometimes they just have no other recourse but to KILL :P

  5. This is by far the most accurate version of gay pisces astrology I have read. By and large you nailed the gay Piscean on the head. We are like the emotional Duracell battery of all the signs; we just keep going and going...Have any other Pisceans noticed how easy it is to cross the emotional fine line sometimes, from warm and affectionate to cold and bitchy/hurtful?

    1. yes the struggle is real, usually though its righteous anger. they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but a woman scorned doesn't hold a candle to a gay piscean who's been emotionally wounded.

  6. I'm embarrassed and slightly creeped out at how closely you described me.. =/ LOL

  7. Yeah, exactly.
    I am a Saggi.. and I miss that Pieces now.

  8. Damn, if that ain't true, i dunno what is

  9. Wow! I have to agree with this. Especially the part about wanting to be our lover's dream guy. And our passive agressiveness can be devasting haha

  10. OMG this totally describes me.

  11. It`s like look in a fuc*ing mirror, becouse everything is damm right about me...Fuck yeah...I`M THE BEST...Bitch please!

  12. Very insightful and spot on. As an evolved Pisces I seek that soulmate with whom I can merge out waters. This post should be read by all those who are interested in or are currently dating a Pisces man. We are truly beautiful, unique souls : )

  13. Do you believe that Pisces is an old soul, and free spirit like their fellow water sign, Scorpio? I ask because many people have told me I'm a free spirit and an old soul, so I just wanted to know!
    Goodnight, Max!
    Drinking tea right now... in the nude! Man, how freeing! You should try it sometime! :)

    1. I believe since we are the last of the zodiac signs we are almost done reincarnating so absolutely we are very old souls

  14. Kinda so close I teared up a little.

  15. I love this, I am a Piscean ^^ this was spot on about us much love Max <3

  16. now if i could only find a section in this blog about compatibility.....theres a certain libra in my murky pisces world that i love and i hope its written in the stars like it is in my mind.

  17. one thing i did notice that was absent or just overlooked but its widely debated, was that pisces is ruled by two planets, both neptune and jupiter. which i find funny because one of the biggest struggles with being a pisces (this is sort of true for any mutable sign but especially with pisces) is Duality. every pisces is at heart at least a little crazy, thats why were the most interesting, when were good we keep ourselves in check when were bad we go apeshit. we can't help it but as we are the culmination of all previous signs we tend to be able to empathise or relate to all of them. its either the best or worst of two worlds depending on whether or not you can handle us.

  18. I must be one f*cked up Pisces gay boy because almost none of this applies to me I was born on March 9th. I was teased as a gay guy in school (as I am sure most of you were too). I DONT like water. I don't eat sea food. I am bitchy at times. I am not an artist. I do appreciate music. I LOVE talking. It is sometimes hard for me to notice when I am monopolizing the conversation. I am VERY smart. I did not go to college. I don't like capitalism. I can't see very much that was described here at all.

    1. pisces is the zodiac of duality. therefore you can be everything said above or you can be the exact opposite (which you are). so ,you are not f*cked up you are just an awesome pisces

    2. pisces is dual natured and so you can be everything said above or you can be the exact opposite (which you are). you are not f*cked are just an awesome pisces

  19. Yes, I am this typical gay Pisces. Honestly me and not surprised.