Monday, June 9, 2014

Cancer x Fire Signs

Wow, been a long damn while since I updated this section. Hopefully I can get back into the rhythm of things.

Cancer x AriesHeart + Fire = Passion

The Good: Aries guys fancy themselves knights in shining armor, ready to sweep in passionately to rescue a cute boy in need from all those other, nasty boys who have given them doubt. Cancer, by no means in a damsel in distress, nevertheless wants a boy who will give him the hefty supply of emotional investment he craves. With these two guys, it's high school gay romance. Aries loves to be needed (provided he's not overcrowded) so having a boy to dote on makes him feel like superman. And Cancer loves to nurture and be his man's anchor, so for these two, it's one of elemental opposites that really works out well. Romance is strong here, yet so too is naivety.

The Bad: Cancers like to cling and they also like to dominate from the bottom. A Cancer's mindgames will leave an Aries boy insane. And Aries men are awkward when it comes to...well....sensitivity. This can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and bruised egos. Aries wants to do everything now and OMG why won't you keep up and you're so lazy hey is that a squirrel want to have sex? Cancer boys are all like WHY WON'T YOU SIT STILL AND LOVE ME? Reconcile these differences by talking about your drives in life. Often, it's all about tempering your inner strengths.

The Sexy: Aries boys either like to dish it out or take it hard. For Cancers, sex is physical emotion made manifest. The Aries guy likes this new type of sexual exploration (sexploration?) And it's all more intense because there's a Cancer there to feed his flames. There aren't usually any power struggles here because both men just like to feel their feelings strong.

Cancer X Leo - Heart + Light = Radiance

The Good: Figuratively sun and moon, Leo and Cancer combos make good matches just as much as they make difficult matches, but at their crux the compliments outweigh the bad. Leos are self-styled heroes who love to be loved and Cancers love to love. It's a big reciprocal love fest. These signs have emotional resources that the other guy seeks to give. A Leo guy will dote on the Cancer fellow, providing security and even financial benefits. The Cancer will offer Leo both home and heart. Though Leo will take on the leadership role, Cancer is more than willing to help offer support and advice when needed. All in all, a solid match.

The Bad: But when both of these boys fall victim to their negative attributes, trouble abounds. Leos can be stubborn and call the shots. The Cancer guy will sit back and brood if he feels like he's being trampled on, but he will internalize these aggressions and bottle them (until it's too late). The Leo gent can be pretty bad in picking up on emotional distress unless it is outright voiced. Problem is, Leos do not like whiners either and aren't all equipped to to deal with the Cancer man's mercurial mood swings.

The Sexy: As expected, Leos love to be worshiped and Cancers love to be submissive (most of the time). Of course, such things aren't always set in stone. What is consistent is the emotional intensity. Though more times than not, Cancer will mostly get off from getting Leo off.

Cancer X Sagittarius - Heart + Electricity = Energy

The Good: Cancers are surprisingly common foils for Sagittarians, often taking the role of the admiring sidekick or wizened mentor needing an exuberant, younger apprentice. Sagittarians are often hard to swallow (puns be damned) because they much. Crabs see the humanity in the larger than life Centaur, and these two often share a love of imagination, humanity, and creative endeavors. For Cancer, Sagittarius is the romantic hero he always wanted to have. And Cancer is a sweet little companion who functions as emotional anchor for the often over-thinking Centaur. The romance may not always be long-lived, but it will be filled with intensity and passion.

The Bad: Sagittarians are notorious for speaking before thinking and often saying the most insensitive things. While most can brush off the vocal arrows of the slingshooting Centaur, Cancers take most messages to heart. Though hurt feelings are almost always well-founded, the Centaur cannot be bothered with too much emotional overhaul, having ascribed to a life that weighs emotion and logic in equal measure. The Cancer's clingyness and dare I say, controlling nature, is also not a good mix for the freedom loving Centaur, who often needs room to breathe as well as innocently flirt with other men just to get his ya-yas out. Fights between these two are notorious and can often end up with either party in tears.

The Sexy: Sagittarians are usually playful and physical in the boudoir, but they do love emotional vibrations when they can find it. Rarely do they. But with Cancer, he makes the connection that Centaur has been looking for. He's also got one hell of a mouth on him, and boy does the Centaur know how to use it. The Sagittarian will almost always take the dominate position, and Cancer has no problem with this.