Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taurus X Water Signs

Taurus X Scorpio = Earth + Ice = Glacier (Opposite Sign Match-Up Bonus!)

The Good: Scorpios and Tauruses both like their material possessions because they are empowered by a sense of ownership. This can also translate to the love of a certain band, a movie, or anything they feel in their heart is “theirs.” This commonality is often what brings them closer, though these two are also very sensual signs. If they don't just have a one-off affair, these two readily desire companionship and true romance. Both financially responsible creatures, they also enjoy luxuries and lavish romantic celebrations: dinners, spa visits, vacations.

The Bad: But Dear Lord can this be an awful match if something goes wrong. Being the two most possessive signs in the zodiac, if jealousy should ever arise between them, it can be bad. And we're not just talking star-crossed lovers here, oh no. A bad Bull x Scorpion combo is more “Alien versus Predator” than “Romeo and Juliette.” The anger of a Taurus is truly terrible and the cold, vengeful side of a Scorpio is the only thing worse than that. There won't just be fights, there will be “Game of Thrones” level treachery and backstabbery. A Scorpio does not want to be controlled; a Taurus always wants what they deserve is theirs. Selfishness will both be their undoing.

The Sexy: *cough* Well then. Now that we have that out of the way...Scorpios and Tauruses enjoy more romantic than raging sexual pastimes. Taurus typically likes being a love-object, regardless of their sexual roles. Scorpio just wants to feel intense emotions.  

Taurus X Pisces = Earth + Water = Ocean

The Good: Taureans are relatively laid-back creatures unless something has destabilized their mood. Pisces are free-flowing characters navigating a sea of emotions. This match works if both men are fairly calm and stable individuals. Taurus aren't ones to express their emotions loudly, which is okay because Pisces is used to detected them. Since both of these signs are typically involved in arts and music, there is plenty of common ground. The Taurus guy enjoys the Pisces guy's mellow demeanor and affectionate nature, while the Pisces guy enjoys the fact that Taurus remains grounded in his.

The Bad: A disconnect arises when Taurus fails to grasp Pisces' needs, which can be tricky since sometimes Pisces doesn't even know what he needs. Pisces can often be good at emoting, but not communicating his emotions--living inside his head as he is wont to do. Taureans can find it difficult to express their feelings directly, which bothers Pisces.

The Sexy: Pisces' unlocks a more emotional side to sex that Taurus had not yet experienced before. In this match, it is the Pisces who adds fuel to the fire. Their love-making sessions will never be rushed.

Taurus X Cancer = Earth + Heart = Stability

The Good: A fantastic match. Both of these men are homebodies in the sense that shelter and comfort bring them both security. They love to make meals and better yet, to eat them (both must be on top of their exercise and good health in this match). Together they will make a home for themselves, and this is why they are well-suited to marriage and companionship.

The Bad: Cancer's mood swings might send Taurus into a panic! Taurus likes emotions that are clear cut, but Cancer has several emotions that don't even have names in English. The good thing is, even when these two get moody, they prefer to do so by themselves. They must make sure that this does not translate into passive-agressive action. It is important for both men to discuss their feelings...even if some of them only have names in Swahili.

The Sexy: Taurus will take up the more active role in bed, but is comfortable with switching it up to Cancer's moods. Sex remains uncomplicated and intense.