Saturday, August 10, 2013

Changes and edits coming this week

Hey guys, wanted to give you and update based on my last post as well as some user feedback.

In the interest of making this blog a safe and welcome space for ALL gay, bi, queer, and trans men, I am going to be more vigilant about the imagery I use from herein on out. This week I also plan on changing some of the images in the zodiac profiles to reflect this. Stay tuned.

I also plan on editing the profiles for other reasons, mostly for clarity and also because some of those posts haven't been touched since 2011.

I hope you guys know that I want to continue to support you all.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Note on Body Diversity and Images

This is something that has been addressed to me before and I find that it's time I speak about it openly. I have a major problem with some of the images used on this site. Not because the photography is bad or the content is pornographic (I try to keep it tasteful) but because there are very few variations in body type, skin tone, and race.

All of the photos you see here are from an assortment of gay Tumblrs and image sites. And it says a lot about the gay community and its standards of beauty that a majority of these sites feature white, built, "All-American" looking men. It is a problem not just on these Tumblrs but in our community as well.

I have tried to rectify this issue by making sure men of all backgrounds are featured in the images here. I feel like the couples section probably--and thankfully--has more diversity. In the coming weeks I hope to go back and swap out some of the older images in the zodiac profile posts, many which have been whitewashed for far too long.

Going into this blog I wanted to feature guys of varying body types, but unfortunately this goal was and is still very hard to meet due to the nature of many gay Tumblrs and photo sites. I will keep making concentrated efforts at inclusivity but I also encourage readers to start their own discussions about how we as a community are perpetrating the same old body standards. I also encourage readers to comment below and link me to more image sites that I can draw from, preferably ones with more diverse models and photography.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gemini X Fire Signs

Gemini X Sagittarius = Wind + Electricity = Shockwave (Opposite Sign Bonus!)

The Good: Opposites attract, as they say, but here's the ting about these two. The Scholarly Centaur and The Warrior Twins aren’t so different from each other at all. Though they stand on opposite sides of the zodiacal wheel, the excellent astrological reference Sextrology describes them as being “different octaves.” Both are about interacting with other on a global scale—Centaur prefers abroad and Gemii prefers local. As friends and lovers they get along famously, both having a vast knowledge and interest in many subjects (artistically ad culturally mostly). They love to get out ad about and go on adventures, quests, and missions of dering-do. As lovers, they seem more like best of friends who one day just said: “Hey, why not?”

The Bad: Gemini boys ca be infamous for their societal critiques, not really caring about offending anybody to get their message across. Sagittarius, while blunt, likes to take a more considerate approach. This can lead to clashing and arguments between the two. Also, Gemini boys are hard to pin down, and are always of two minds. Sagittarius is far too impatient for these games, liking a challenge but not liking whether or not he has really won his prize yet. He is always of one singular goal—as vast and varied as his goals are. At any given time, a Gemini dude may have up to 8,000 goals at once, and sometimes those change with his temperament. These two need concrete communication and must come to decisions as a unit if they want to avoid any conflicts.

The Sexy: Sagittarius likes a naughty or wily boy, and typically not someone who will just lay there and writhe around seductively. Activity is essential, regardless of their sexual roles. Gemini is willing to do everything and anything with a gusto that Sagittarius has not seen in most of his partners. The challenge for them is to experience making love on an emotional level as most of the time, even if monogamous, their sexual encounters feel like one-night stands.    

Aries x Gemini = Fire + Wind = Wildfire

The Good: That sound you're hearing is a Gemini and an Aries causing trouble. These two boys feed off of each other like wind sweeping over a raging fire. It's eternal fuel, but it's also chaotic. And yet in this chaos, there is harmony. Gemini is quick-witted and opinionated. So is Aries, but he's more in your face about it. Both of these boys share a love of activity and outrage. They get on each other's nerves in the best way possible. Gemini is there to provide communication to the othewise “surface-only” Aries. The Gemini guy does it in a way he knows Aries will understand, so he gets what his Gemini boyfriend is about. Generally, the Gemini guy is always on board with Arie's action and socializing. This is where these two thrive, the social scene. To others, their romantic relationship may seem chaotic or superficial. Really though, it's just that they are constantly flitting around spreading gayery and mirth. Mwah!

The Bad: Gemini is known to operate in two modes of thought whereas Aries doesn't really do much thinking at all. At least, not in the same way Gemini does. An Aries is very rah-rah traditional male and may not take to kindly to the Geminian flirt-socializing that he so often does. Arie's faults lies in his inabillity to comprehend the, let's face it, incomprehensible Gemini mind. He may understand one twin, but sees no reason for the other. Conflict may also arise in the friend circle, since neither men are good about weeding out bad influences. These two men must keep good friends close and be suspicious of their enemies and naysayers/

The Sexy: The sex is fun and free, just like this match-up. Gemini will try anything twice and an Aries likes having a partner who will be on board with his brusque sexuality. This makes them a fun living couple who will switch it up. Since Gemini is two men for the price of one, Aries will enjoy playing with the dominant and submissive change-ups.

Gemini X Leo = Wind + Light = Blur

The Good: Leos like a guy who is open about being into them, and Gemini crushes hard. There is a part of Gemini that secretly likes a man who will exert his power over him, and Leos love to exert. Leos who have gotten over themselves are usually sources of influence in gay social circles and have a kingdom of loyal friends. Gemini likes this because he likes to be among interesting people and gravitates to where the action is. There is a hint of a “daddy x son” relationship here, because Leo likes to spoil the Gemini guy. Geminis, for all their running around, love the idea of love and a Leo dude is very reciprocal and comforting to him.

The Bad: Obviously Leos like their lover's attention, but Gemini operates between two worlds, and when he isn't “present” a Leo can get restless. Leo's are also super territorial and Gemini's are super flirtatious, even when they aren't trying to be. This turns Leo from benevolent king into domineering dictator. A Gemini will not have it and is not afraid to complain openly about perceived mistreatment. Suddenly there is a badguy x goodguy dichotomy, and it's not a healthy one—mostly because from an outsider perspective, both Leo and Gemini are treating each other horribly. A more insecure Leo will feel as if his boyfriend doesn't care about him all because he's always off doing other things and in turn the Gemini will see his boyfriend as being selfish, self-centered, and thick-headed.

The Sexy: Leo men are boldly horny, and Gemini is the perfect plaything. Gemini likes a sex monster, and has no complaints about his Leo man's voracious appetite. Since Gemini's like roleplay and the idea of switching between domineering and submissive paradigms, an emotionally strong and powerful figure like Leo is right up his ally.