Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taurus ~Sign of the Muse~

                               “I know you want me. I made it obvious that I want you too”

Constellation of The Bull, Tauruses are born from April 20/21 – to May 21. They are connected to the element of Earth and the planet Venus.

Famous Gay Taurus Guys: John Waters. Keith Haring. Lance Bass. Jonsi. John Cameron Mitchell. Alan Ball. Jean-Paul Gautier.

                                                                        Toro, toro.
Your Date With Taurus:

     He took you to a little-known restaurant and you had the best dinner of your life. Wining and dining with him, he seemed like such a loner figure. When you met him, you were at first captivated by his unique beauty, but the traces of solitude in his mysterious, watery eyes were what intrigued you most about him. 
     "I'm just me," he would tell you with a shy little smile. You wondered what that meant.
     At his apartment he excuses himself to take a shower. You marvel at the place. Everything is just so...exquisite. He's a fashion photographer; photos of him standing next to celebrities are adjacent with photos of him and his family from back on his farm out west (he plays coy about this past). Also in frames are many handsome (and very naked) men. It's a warm home. You notice he burnt incense, something spicy, and he also lit a few candles...but nothing to make the atmosphere cheesy.
     You almost didn't hear him as he got out of the shower. The fog of the bathroom mixes with the smell of the incense and the body wash he was using. He stands there in an open bathrobe, every muscle, every ornate tattoo, every part of him to be viewed by you.  His nakedness is more than literal, and his eyes almost plead for you to come closer. How can you resist? He pulls you into him, cocoons you in the warmth of his skin and his bathrobe. 
      At once, you are lost in his kiss.

What the Stars Says:

If there had to be a poster boy for what it means to be gay, then that boy would probably be a Taurus. Tauruses are sensual guys, typically in touch with their feminine side, and possess the ability to draw in other people's desires. In Greek mythology, Taurus was actually the bull-form of the horny and party-loving god Zeus who fell in lust with a princess. He turned himself into a white bull, one that the princess found irresistible. He then carried the princess away to a magical island where they apparently had crazyawesome sex (possibly while he was still in bull mode; hey it was ancient Greece) and sired a prosperous kingdom.

Taurus boys would love nothing more than to be kidnapped (or do the kidnapping) and be taken to a luxuriant paradise where they could have a romantic getaway with their boo. Taurus is all about the Benjamins, material possessions, and goods. Basically, Taurus boys like their shit: their clothes, their music, their goods, their boyfriends. Yet above all things they love their guy the most, whoever that is; their prized possession. This is a guy you can entrust with money and other things. He usually knows how to spend wisely and has an eye for the best: fashion, food, drinks, and duh...guys. Tauruses are boy crazy, which is saying something when you're talking about gay guys.

Taurus is the first sign of the Earth element grouping and it's the physical earth that represents the Taurean affinity. Taurus guys are connected  to the soil that nurtures the planet (though not the plants themselves, that's Virgo territory) as well as what makes up the ground. They tend to be solid characters, if not in body than personality, so they really do embody this element nicely. The influence of Venus, that gorgeous goddess of love, is really a charged feminine force in the Taurus guy. Some Tauruses take after their goddess in a way that means these boys are usually the most feminine/femmy acting out of most gay boys. This does not mean they are weak however. Venus was also a pretty bad bitch. Girl would cut you if you even looked at her man. But she knew how to live richly and sensuously, so these boys certainly know what's what when it comes to material/physical pleasures. A more butch Taurus takes after Venus' main man Adonis, who was really just the guy version of Venus...really, a Greek myth version of the hunky, strong, silent pool-boy--a high-class love object.
                                                           Grade A Beef is healthy for you.
That Smokin Bod:

A Taurus' most obvious feature is his body. After all, these boys are all about the physical. Taurus guys are blessed with good looks that will either place them firmly in two categories: “beautiful” or “handsome”. Taurus guys tend to be built or tall. Many of these guys make good dancers (not so much go-go boys but traditional/contemporary dance) because of their builds. Taurus boys have big, pretty eyes not unlike those of bulls or steers...this is a compliment, bulls have very big, expressive eyes.

Taurus can have very defined, muscular builds if they work out. Unlike their Aries neighbors, Tauruses aren't so much warrior studs but attractive models. Indeed, Tauruses make good eye-candy; they can have some pretty statuesque bodies. Their hair is usually wispy or stringy, or if cut close, kind of coarse. These boys usually look really good with longish hair. When it comes to their hair or general body upkeep, they know how to pretty themselves up and manage all their physical assets. They were put on this planet to inspire, to make statuesque. In any body shape, their body is something to behold.


Oh, and in case you were wondering about it, yes the fact that you're connected to the bull means how do I put this? Let's just say, you have NOTHING to worry about in the size department. Again, being endowed by the goddess of love means Taurus boys are QUITE endowed. And not too bad in the ass department either. Needless to say, Tauruses probably make good porn stars too...

What's on the Inside:

For Taurus, life is about pleasure and enjoyment. These guys are what most people think of when they think of gay men, so stereotypes tend to hit very close to home more or less. Taurus boys love sex. But they also have the ability to appreciate it more than others. Bull boys are also in high demand, often desired for their good looks. Their personalities then, can be a little bit more complex.


Taurus guys are often quiet souls. They are of the Dark alignment of the zodiac, so they capture a lot of feminine, passive energy, even if they aren't feminine or passive at all in personalities. Here's a fun astrological fact: the sign following yours will always build upon your weaknesses or excesses. So a Taurus guy is not typically like his Aries neighbor. Taurus are not all about being in your face and aggressive; more like letting you come to them first. They entice, and most dangerous of all, they let you see what you want to see. They are your own projections of them, and they are there to give off inspiration as living muses.

The energy of Venus means that Taurus boys appreciate the finer things in life. Not so much into rough play like sports (though they can make very sturdy athletes) Taurus loves music and the arts. Anything aesthetically pleasing will capture their eye. This applies to the visual arts especially. To capture beauty is a Taurus philosophy, so brilliant artists and photographers are included in the Taurus ranks. Taurus guys know more than most how ephemeral beauty can be. Thus it becomes somewhat of a hobby of theirs to keep it tied down. Unfortunately, this can include guys. “You are mine” is a Taurus catchphrase, though he may not be verbalizing it. Taurus guys just want the nice things in their life to stay. Really, who could blame them?

Especially if these nice things are their loved ones. Taurus is the sign of wealth and keeping that wealth. This is not always measured in material goods. Love is one such resource Taurus knows a lot about, the love of family, the love of friends, and the love of...well...lovers. Taurus therefore knows the value of friendship. Many of these friendships are built with strong, beautiful females or...really any females. Unlike Aries guys who, while not minding rolling with the chicas, don't often have female exclusive friends, a Taurus guys knows what it means to be woman. A Taurus boy is a flame-dame/homo-honey's dream, so girls who like boys who like boys will LOVE Taurus dudes. A Taurus guy knows what it means to connect with that proud, powerful, female force. This means that they may have troubles connecting to straight friends or may not even have straight guy pals at all. In fact, some Taurus boys are outright disgusted by “traditional displays” of masculinity and want nothing to do with straight men...unless it's having sex with them, which Taurus boys seem to have a very good track record of doing. But more on that later.

The trouble with all of this female energy is that in can sometimes be just as problematic as that Aries rawr-rawr masculine chi. Femininity is great when it's channeled correctly, but when it's not...well, the goddess of beauty could get pretty ugly when she was pissed. Taurus gay boys can be BITCHY. And worse, petty. Actually, petty is the number one offender here. If you thought Aries guys got upset when some other stud looked at their boy, DO. NOT. PISS. OFF. A. TAURUS. Their anger is even WORSE than Aries. Taurus guys handle rage horribly. They keep it pent up, as fits their often introverted natures. When it's released, it ain't a pretty sight. Worse of all, Taurus guys can get angry over the dumbest things. Learning to forgive or not sweat the small stuff is a very valuable lesson.

Not to make you bull boys feel any worse, but I think it's best to talk about the bad stuff first before we get back into the good, okay? Taurus gay boys are sometimes accused of being air-headed, slutty twinks. This is an unfair claim and it really ties back into that whole gay misogyny thing I talked about in the Aries chapter. Basically, just because someone likes sex, it doesn't make them a bad person. That kind of thinking leads to most of the current young gay community's problems. Oh, but hold on, don't think I'm letting you off the hook yet, Taurus boys, because these problems aren't one-sided. Taurus fellas, level with me on this, do you make bad decisions when it comes to men? Well that's the downside to being a sensualist and someone who appreciates what's on the outside. A classic example: cute Taurus boy finds cute guy and BAM it's “love” at first sight. But it isn't love. It's wanting to be in love with love and using physical beauty as a barometer for good intentions/personality. Too often, the Taurus twink in question will get his stud (because hey, you guys are hot) but then get burned after. You may not see something as a one night stand, but other boys will. Now, while boys can treat you like shit, and yeah, they are very very wrong for it, it also takes two to tango. Choose your men wisely. Do not fall for a guy with good looks and think he's Prince Charming. Don't be a sucker for a pretty face.

And when you're bad, you're so so bad, because...and don't stone me, you lovely Taurus guys are the number one boyfriend-stealers of the zodiac. I'm sorry, that's just how it works, it's in your natures to draw desirable things you want towards you...even if those desirable things are taken. So in a way, it's really not your fault, Taurus boys, just the fact that you get it in your heads that guys who are already with someone must mean that they are clearly worth having. It's definitely that Venus nature of yours. Blame that bitch.


Okay, enough of my tough love, because sensuality and physicality can also be really great assets too, you know? You will find that Taurus boys are great with their money and know how to spend it wisely. Money is a solid commodity, and Taurus knows its worth and its temptations. So while Taurus loves to live richly and be a big spender, he also knows what to spend on. For a Taurus, quality is just as important as quantity. That nice wardrobe he has? How do you think he afforded that? By being thrifty and spending his money on only good clothes. And watching sales. You WANT to take a Taurus shopping with you (and combo him with a Libra and a Cancer gay by as well...though you may be there all day at the mall). Also, don't be afraid to talk money with a Taurus. They are great on giving financial advice.

Things Taurus boys love: Food. The pride of Italian grandmother's everywhere, Taurus boys love to nom. In fact, the quickest way to a Taurus boy's heart is his stomach. This is why Taurus boys make great traditional dates (but again more on that later). Taurus guys see clothing like food. They want only the best. Taurus boys have the restaurants that they love. After a night at the club dancing, a Taurus boy is going to want food and he'll probably be the one in the group to know what's open at that hour.

You and the Other Boys: And rolling with a Taurus will guarantee you good times, though keep in mind these times may be very hedonistic. Taurus boys love the clubs because that's where the cute boys are. Simple as that. The problem is, Taurus boys, though friendly, can also be very very shy and may not exactly want to leap out onto the dance-floor with their shirts off (not yet anyways). Taurus guys are fond of the drink, especially nice, quality liquor. Once it hits them, all bets are off; the goddess Venus has her way and then these boys ain't shy at all. There's no nice, politically correct way to say boys can get slutty on the dance floor. And that's okay; sexuality is your domain. Believe me, the queer male community would be nothing without Taurus men, seeing as there are so many of you who make up our ranks.

The best part about Tauruses is that they are dependable. If you are their friend you become something they will cherish and protect. These boys are the epitome of strong, silent type. That doesn't mean that they aren't talkative, but they would much rather hear what you have to say and then base what they say off of that. Like the bulls they are named for, they are relaxed and laid back until provoked (for better or worse). If you give Taurus anything: a gift, a meal, your time, your affection, he will appreciate this greatly. For Taurus, material and immaterial possessions and ownership are just stockpiles of happiness and affection. Bulls stand as beings of fertility, not just for their sexual prowess, but because they are keepers and guardians of the land. These are the animals that give us cows, not just bringers of milk but also creatures that fertilize and enrich the soil. Their connections to the Earth means that they are natural men, honest and loyal. And in this community, though Taurus boys at this age can sometimes be tricky to deal with, once they settle into their personalities, they can be great providers and even more valuable friends and lovers.

Connecting with a Taurus:

Like I said, Tauruses are friendly creatures but aren't typically amazing conversationalists. So they won't really engage you in small talk. You should engage them first, ask them what they're into. They'll appreciate your interest. You want to make sure you have something to offer them though: knowledge, good looks, direction, money, food. More importantly, offer them personality. Tauruses know what they like so if you don't have something to offer, they may not be interested in you. It helps if you're good looking of course but like I mentioned above, this can lead to very tricky situations.

Fortunately, Tauruses aren't all that horribly difficult to figure out. When a Taurus wants you, he WANTS YOU. And he'll make it obvious that he wants you too, as Taurus hottie Enrique Iglesias once sang. Taurus boys, like Aries, do not quit when it comes to wanting you if they like you. But unlike Aries, Taurus guys are much more subtle about it.

Tauruses LOVE to dine and date. When it comes to dating, the old rules are actually fine by them. Nothing will get their heart beating faster than being taken out to a nice restaurant and having some romantic conversations over good food. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be a “nice” restaurant, just a place with food the Taurus would like. It will still manage to be classy somehow; just the power of the Taurus to make everything seem richer and luxuriant. I actually had a very nice dinner date with a Taurus guy at Red Robbin, and this guy was all about sophistication and class. Taurus boys may like to play the part of the bad boy on occasion but they value good manners and hate people who are rude. Being a gentleman works wonders with them.

Tauruses aren't typically those who like to go on wild adventures, but they do like the nicer aspects of the outdoors, being tied to the earth as they are. Places such as resorts and little “getaways”, even improvised ones, suit them well. The more sophisticated bulls appreciate the arts, so take them to a museum or play if that's their thing. They also love to stay home, cuddle and watch a movie or play video games. Going to a classy bar is also definitely a good choice.

                         Random Fact: I actually know the guy laying down. He's a Cancer, FYI.

You will find that Tauruses make very dependable boyfriends. Though I may have said some mean, albeit true things about Taurus guys when it comes to toward people's men, a good Taurus would never want to cheat on his guy. You can trust a Taurus with your stuff, especially your baggage. Secrets and insecurities will be guarded by a Taurus guy, and in turn he'll share his emotions with you as well. Tauruses love to love; it is their nature to want to. No moment spent with a Taurus boyfriend is unromantic. He will be very attune to your feelings and want to make you happy. However, it goes hand in hand that you must make him happy as well and return his generosity.

In The Boudoir:

On Top Of It: Tauruses make surprisingly gentle lovers, but they are also very powerful. Especially so in the realm of sex. They like to love, so they will want you to feel warm and welcome with them. They are very much about holding onto you in bed. Even if your top is on the skinner side, you will feel his power as he wraps hi arms around you. Tauruses like to be pampered, so expect some efforts on your parts, especially in the oral department. Also remember these guys are definitely sporting than average equipment most of the time. Power bottoms, have fun! Though Taurus tops love to have stuff done to them, they're also willing to go at your own pace.

On the Receiving End: Taurus bottoms looove their role. Really. After all, they want you so badly, so clearly they want you inside of them. A Taurus bottom will take his love from every possible angle. As long as he can feel the romance, he will be pleased. He wants to be treated well. This is the boy who dreams of having a gay romance novel type of sex, so be sensual and loving with him. Taurus bottoms have a notorious reputation for attracting straight men wanting to experiment or who just want to try it once with a guy. College is definitely a fun time for a Taurus bottom. Now, while Taurus boys don't mind a quick fuck, they want romance above all else. Making it worth their while means treating them like the princes they so rightfully are.

Expect sensuality with all Tauruses: the lights down low, some candles here or there. Outdoor sex is another favorite scenario for them, connecting back to their archetype as being boys of the wild. In any situation, you will find that Tauruses have romance down more than most guys do at their age. Love is a many splendid thing, and these boys sure do know it.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations. Transgendered Taurus men are sometimes rarer than their M-F counterparts, and for them, reconciling female energy with masculine identity can be a tough but enlightening process. Sometimes they feel as they need to embody manliness even more than their biologically male counterparts. Bi Taurus men prefer to stay on the downlow since they already may catch some flak from homophobic people in their circle. But these boys can respect gender differences, especially the feminine side of things, really well.


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