Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cancer ~Sign of the Guardian~

       “Boy I think about it every night and day, I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love...”

Constellation of The Crab, Cancers are born from June 22 – July 23. They are connected in spirit to the element of water, but their true nature resonates with the ebbing tide of emotions. Fittingly enough the controller of the tides (and some believe emotions as well) is Cancer's ruling “planet” Luna...otherwise known as our own planet's moon.

Famous Gay Cancer Guy's Birthdays: Cazwell. George Michael. Giorgio Armani. Rufus Wainwright. Alan Turing. Johnny Weir. Sean Hayes. Tony Kushner,

Your Date with Cancer guy

     You spent all day at the beach near his parent's summer home. You tanned, you talked, you play-fought in the water. It just seems like he can't get enough of you. On the beach, he holds you, wet and warm. You watch the sun together and talk about life and love. He seems to radiate affection. You've never felt more grateful to be with someone like this before.
     Night sets in and he makes you dinner on the beach. You walk off your meal together on the moonlit beach. Everything seems white, soft like a dream. You hold hands and walk with him until you find a spot just a littles way off the usual path.
     You lay down together beneath the moon. He can't keep himself off of you. You kiss. No words are spoken. The only sound is from the waves breaking over sand, a cycle as old as time. Before you know it, you both have your bathing suits off. You know he's never been this daring before. But this is pure. You each take turns alternatively holding each other in the other's arms. Before, or even after making love, he whispers: "Thank you." Not much more is to be said. He speaks from his heart.

What the Stars Say:

There is no sign more suited to the realm of emotions and empathy like Cancer. On the downside, there is also no sign who understands tragedy and heartbreak better. Even the myth of Cancer's constellation origin is a sobstory. The story of Cancer comes into play during the myth of Hercule's twelve labors, specifically the one about the multi-headed serpent called the Hydra. While Hercules was fighting the beast, Hera--the uber-bitch goddess--sent a giant enemy crab to distract Hercules during the battle. However when the crab learned of Hercule's heroic efforts, he let Hercules attack him for massive damage and sacrificed himself for a greater cause. For his noble efforts, the crab was put into the sky as the constellation Cancer. Sacrifice for other's well-being is a Cancerian quality as well as them often getting the short end of the stick as far as luck is concerned.

After all, who really wants to be born under a sign with the name Cancer?

Okay, sorry, that probably offended all the nice Cancer boys out there but I just haaaad to do it. But I am privy to your sensitivity and I offer you a nice digital hug to make up for my smarm. Now let me say nice things about your planet...which isn't really a planet actually...but it is important! Medieval astrologers (who were a bunch of old guys with some fucking amazing beards) called the sun and the moon “luminaries” because that name sounds cool and means big shiny things that light up but are not planets, in magicspeak. Cancer's “luminary” is the moon, or what magicky-speaking people refer to as Luna. Incidentally, Luna is the name of Japanese super heroine Sailor Moon's cat.

Anyways, the moon has an extremely strong connection with Cancer boys. For one, it's the closest outer space object to Earth and its affect on our planet can be seen with the ebb and flow of the tides. This corresponds to the churning of emotions within every Cancer boy. I'll say it once because it doesn't need repeating: Cancer men are emotional. Remember that the moon waxes and wanes so, like the tides, it is always changing as well. Sometimes the moon is bright and happy and romantic and other times the moon is dark and broody and wants to be left alone. Cancer operates under the same pattern...which isn't really a pattern at all because sometimes their emotions can be randomized, though rarely without reason. One mood Cancer boys will never go into randomly is anger. They are 1. too introspective for that and 2. don't like to hurt other people, feeling extreme guilt when they actually do. And 3. These boys give off and crave affection, so they would rather be happy than sad/angry.

Cancers are in the Water grouping of signs but their specific relation to water is more metaphorical. Well, for one, they are...a crab. Crabs are on beaches and so is water. Other than that, the element that closely embodies Cancer is often called “emotion” “heart” “feeling” “mind” etc. Or if you want to get video gamey, I suppose you could also say Cancer's specific element is “moon”. You can tell that Cancers embody a lot of things, not any of them easy to pin down. Welcome to the theme-park of emotions that is the Cancerian gay boy.

That Cosmic Bod:

Cancers are cuties. Some would argue that they make the best twinks, specifically because of their boyish physical features. For one, they look young, retaining youth and aging quite well. But that major, distinguishing feature is the Cancer boy's eyes. You can practically pick out a Cancer from a crowd due to his very expressive, big, beautiful, sweet, and emotional eyes. This is also the Cancer's built-in emotional barometer. The observant and the sensitive do not need to even ask a Cancer boy what he's feeling. The answer should literally be as plain as the look on his face.

                                                                        'Dem eyes.

Cancer dudes have very unique body structures. Both their faces and their torsos are rounded like the moon they call home to. Even their complexion is fair and gives off a smooth “glow” no matter what their ethnic background is. Their hair is usually light and sometimes thinning, and many Cancer guys like to wear it long around their heads, further giving them a boyish quality. Incidentally, their hair style is another distinguishing feature. On this blog I've tried to show pictures of men who physically resemble the characteristics normally attributed to their sign, and most of the pictures of guys you see here in this section are atypical Cancers in appearance. That said, some Cancers enjoy cutting their hair with a buzz, these boys being the more butch of the bunch.

Cancer guys have an interesting relationship with nutrition and muscular growth. For one, Cancers can be prone to packing on some pounds if they aren't careful, and sometimes muscle building is hard for them. But on the other hand...damn...look at a Cancer guy's pectorals! Yow! It makes sense seeing as Cancer rules the chest, but Cancer boys sport some nice muscles and abs if they know how to take care of their bodies. It's very conducive for cuddling, which they love to do a lot of.

When it comes to the sexy side of things, Cancer boys don't have too large of equipment but it's usually nice and thick. Their assess are usually more noticeable being finely shaped and Cancer guys have some fine asses, plain and simple.

                                                                Wanna go for a swim?
What's on the Inside:

Oh, so so much. So much on the inside.

Cancer is another one of those theoretically girl-powered signs, and classic brands of zodiac studies brand Cancer with words such as “nurturing”, “maternal”, and “motherly”. Translated into guy form then, you don't have so much a mom but a caring, sensitive, and strong-hearted guardian figure. Cancer boys are great protectors of the ones they love as well as fortifying their own hearts against the tragedies of the world. After all, when you're a tiny crab, it's easy to get swept out to sea. It's good to have a hard shell. And...pincers.

Though Cancer boys are hands down the sweetest dudes of the zodiac, they can pinch. Especially when they feel they've been hurt or poked. Usually this won't go beyond a tepidly bitchy comment and the Cancer's favorite brand of pain: guilt. Though Cancers are falsely considered to be timid, shy boys, people fail to realize the energies in which Cancer operates. Cancer is simultaneously the weakest and most powerful zodiac sign because of what they represent. A new moon gives off no light, but a full moon illuminates the world. Cancers are the same way with their inner power. So in other words, you never really want to try fucking with a Cancer considering they have the potential to make even Scorpios look tame in comparison. Sometimes.

                                                                Cancers likes de hugz :3

Inconsistency only applies to a Cancer's emotions however, because Cancer boys love security and knowing that he'll always have some form of a home. The search for a perfect “home” is the spiritual journey of every Cancer boy, whether that home is a literal house of his own or finding lasting companionship in a lover or friends. This is also the Cancerian struggle, because of all fears, Cancer is justifiably afraid of being abandoned. Sadly, this pattern crops up in the life of many Cancer boys in that they will often lose a great friend or someone close to them do to some unforeseeable or tragic event.
                                                                     Get used to this...

And it is this reason that a great Cancer boy once told me that “a Cancer get their heart broken every three minutes”. It's not that Cancers are pessimists, it's just that they often feel as if life isn't so kind to them as it is towards other people. A minor inconvenience or injury to you can seem magnified ten-fold for a Cancer guy because they can see the emotional weight of everything. This is why Cancers typically don't like insult-brand of humor in their direction. They can often be accused of taking things “too seriously.” That's not to say that they are wet blankets, because Cancers, fully aware of the triumphs and struggles of life, can be really really funny. Their jokes just make sense, almost if they completely get you. You will also pick up on a Cancer guy's intellect. These guys possess smarts, even if they are very humble about it. Said Cancer boy mentioned above told me that his fellow crabs have high vocabularies as a byproduct of having so many hard-to-name emotions. Putting into words what a Cancer boy is feeling is often an arduous task. 

Friends and family are very important to Cancer guys, but the one thing you'll notice especially about his friends is that they can often be “wounded” people. Cancer has an inherent ability to draw emotionally injured and troubled people to him and give them they support they need. This is why Cancer as a guardian figure makes sense. While Cancers aren't so fussy as to try and aggressively heal these people, a Cancer boy's protection and warmth allows the person in question to recover and grow on their own time. Usually Cancer guys are brought into groups of people with strong, even intense, personalities. This is because Cancers are good at riding the tides and most people find them very nonthreatening and pleasant to be around.

                                                                     ...But this too!

Cancer's emotional quality lends their personalities an almost mystical, ethereal feel. Cancer boys generally have soft-spoken, soothing voices, almost eternally calming. They also make good listeners and are usually excellent at giving advice. You may not think it at first, but a Cancer boy can usually understand your feelings and vibes faster than anybody else. You may not even be fully aware of some of your own thoughts and feelings, but Cancers have an uncanny knack for picking up on a persona's inner self. So be warned, it's extraordinarily difficult to hide your feelings from a Cancer. He'll know how you're feeing before even you do.

Cancers like forms of entertainment with meaning and emotional depth. Music is their favorite pastime and many Cancers will take up this vocation in some form of another. Cancer boys make great singers due to the quality of their voice and their power to put so much emotion into their lyrics. One of the perks to having a Cancer friend is having access to his playlist, because Cancer guys know good music, even obscure but amazing bands you've never heard of before. To a further extent, Cancers make good DJ's, able to pick up on the mood of the crowd and even steer the party in the right direction. Other Cancer pursuits include party planning, cooking, and other realms of domestic entertainment guys involve themselves in at this age group of teens and twenties.

The sign of Cancer is one of the least malevolent of the zodiac, but still, Cancer guys can come with their own baggage. A lot of baggage actually, since most Cancerian negativity comes from the past and past feelings. Cancers have a tough time letting things go as it is their nature to cling. In fact, many Cancers can be avid shop lifters and totally get away with it too because they are the last people you'd ever expect. Stealing personal money is not like them at all however seeing as they are often targets of theft themselves. Cancer's emotional nature means that sometimes they will get sad or introspective for no good reason. This is normal and most Cancers will go to great lengths to tell you that it's nothing you did personally. This is just Cancer being Cancer. Sometimes Cancer boys can unconsciously portray themselves as the forlorn main characters during the first half of most Disney films (you know, just after the sad thing happened). This woe-is-me nature often guarantees that even if you are in the right when telling a Cancer he is wrong, the people around you may blame you for hurting poor little so-and-so. At his worst, Cancer guy is great at portraying the victim. The only weapon against this is the truth, including owning up to your own faults. The problem is, you will never get the same satisfaction of “being right” because well...Cancer makes sad an art form and has a horrible way of inspiring guilt. Really, you'll have to cut your losses with this one.

But in general, Cancers have very few negative attributes. Sure they may er on the shy side sometimes, but that's because Cancer guys are very observant. Making them feel included will allow them to open up. These boys make fantastic friends, especially to the female set. Cancer is a sign attributed to women and so many girls flock to a Cancer gay boy. The funny part is, because Cancer—prince charming eternal that he is—is such a ht with the ladies, a lot of these friendships with girls may start out as a weird crush dynamic. Even after the Cancer guy in question has firmly cemented himself as gay, his closest female friends may occasionally think “what if” from time-to-time. Cancer boys usually have a few solid straight close friends, all of whom may seem surprisingly masculine or at least maintain larger personalities. Here is the guardian trade-off, because Cancer likes to feel protected too sometimes. And gay Cancer boys with straight allies often have the most fiercest allies at all. This is how many a gay Cancer boy in high school navigates homophobic territory, by having a straight boy posse to back him up.

In general, Cancer prizes his friends and keeps them very close to him. Cancer is the rock you want to lean on when you've had a bad day. No other boy can understand you and resonate with your emotions so easily.

                                                        CUDDLING: The Cancerian Sport

You and the Other Boys: Cancer boys usually navigate the gay scene extremely well, again rolling with stronger characters who may rep such signs as Leo, Sagittarius, and Scorpio. These boys love Cancer guys because they are sweet, non-threatening and a relief from all the drama and bitchy dynamics that sometimes plague the gay world. In the party and club scene, Cancer is content to take a step back and navigate this emotional climate with extraordinary ease and tact. This boy tends to prefer to be approached, because at heart he is a passive soul. By placing themselves in this position, they usually attract boys who can pick up on their sweet yet strong energies. Though sometimes shy, engaging a Cancer will result in him taking up a friendly approach to you.

Connecting with a Cancer:

Do not connect with a Cancer if you are bad at dealing with your emotions, your own, or others. A Cancer boy wants a guy who can “get” him at a fundamental level. It helps if you're sweet and kind. Cancers like the strong type, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. While they like to play the role of the guardian, a Cancer doesn't mind a protective figure either. These guys like tried and true romantic types, even unfortunately labeled “alternative kids” or “emo boys” on occasion. Anybody who is not afraid to open up is attractive in a Cancer guy's eyes.

Cancers are THE most romantic. So for them, romance can come from almost any place. Cancers are technically homebodies by nature so they are fond of staying indoors and doing any activity that involves their favorite pastime: cuddling. Cancer boys love to cuddle and are so good at it that they make it seem like an Olympic sport. This also let's you know the main method for cheering up any Cancer guy with a case of the blues: just give them a hug, hold them close. All they want is to feel held by and anchored to something.

You will never feel as if a Cancer boy is distant or not putting in his effort into the relationship. On the contrary, Cancers can be accused of being clingy. Again, it's their nature, they want to love and give love. They radiate affection and crave it. Love is their drug, Ke$ha, so push push push. Boys who still believe in fairy tale romances (at least in the spirit of them) would do well to find themselves a Cancer who seems like prince charming. Now, that's to say that Cancers can be grossly mushy, because remember, this boy knows the harshness of reality. To that extent though, he will want to protect you even more. A Cancer boy's love is unconditional, so never think in the conditional or it will send him the wrong message.

A Cancer boy truly cares for your well-being and will want to be with you every step of the way. He lives for being a guy's support and in turn giving the Cancer boy some support he may have not ever had. A Cancer boy lives for his boyfriend, holding the concept of love dear to his heart. But Cancers NEVER take love for granted, knowing how fleeting it can be sometimes. On your part, you must never EVER take a Cancer boy for granted. He is a romantic treasure that few other signs can ever manage to live up to. My longest relationships have been with Cancers; I don't even have to write a whole astrological profile on them to explain why. They're just pure hearts.

Remember that despite their seemingly boundless awesomeness and romance, no Cancer boy is ever perfect and rest assured they can become a mental handful at some point or another. Trust me though, they're well worth the ride. A Cancer boy is the definition of boyfriend, so stay true to them and be loving. With these guys, you never have to feel as if you aren't getting something out of a relationship. Not only are they generous and shower their boyfriend with love, but they are there to listen. They've seen your heart, all its flaws and perfections. The question is, are you ready to see theirs? 
                                                                       Let's get wet.
In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: Cancers do not make the most fiery of lovers, but they are committed and they love pure, honest sex. It allows them to experience emotions at levels not typically afforded to them during other situations. A Cancer top isn't aggressive but he is intense. He wants to literally get inside you and experience you from a place of raw, pure feeling. One of those ways just happens to be through the backdoor. Cancer guys are gentle and care about how you feel. They also know where to give you the most pleasure, testing your body out first via fingers and mouth. They want you to enjoy this just as much as they do, and because Cancers are reciprocal by nature, sixty-nining gets them off like no other (oh please, you thought it too when you saw the Cancer symbol at the top, I know). When you make that sexual-emotional connection during intercourse, your Cancer guy will be in Heaven.

On the Receiving End: Another sexy ability Cancer boys have, and a way to tell if you true are synching up, is the power to synchronize orgasm. Your Cancer bottom WANTS you. You can tell this in the way he gives head...and believe me, Cancer guys are pros at this act. Kissing too, if you want to be cute. During sex, the Cancer boy may look as if he's overwhelmed, but unless he says otherwise, you can tell he's enjoying it. Cancer boys are very vocal in bed, allowing themselves to submit to primal desires. They are also easy to please sexually as long as you are the one pleasing them. To them, simply being with their lover is enough to get them off.

Sex with a Cancer is, not to be redundant for the millionth time, an emotionally charged experience. This guy sees sex as a means to connect with his love. Cancers boys like to get wet, so shower, hot-tub, or pool sex should definitely be on the menu. And the cuddling afterwards is simply not to be missed!

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations. Trans Cancer men may find transitioning difficult since it's often hard for them to change the secondary-sex characteristics of their biological gender, so rooted in female energy as they are. While this may bother the Cancer guy in question, they are also capable of overcoming any previous concepts of “gender” seeing the idea of feminine/masculine as being nothing more than a social construct getting in the way of their rightful happiness. Bi Cancer guys will find it much getting along with the opposite sex a lot easier than the same, if only because some more extreme aspects of the gay community frighten them...biphobia being one of them. A bisexual Cancer boy needs support from straight and gay worlds alike if he's to feel accepted with his identity. 


  1. I would say this is a very good description of Cancers especially the gay ones. Cancer boys, in my experience, tend to be totally receptive in bed and 100% in touch with their female side which I find intoxicating. They can very easily be led down the deep paths of transition during intercourse and it is very satisfying to control them in this way. I should say this aspect in no way detracts from their boyish charms, in fact it highlights them.Cancers are also great actors and they enjoy getting at one with a role and really feeling what it's like to be 'someone else'. To me they are the most desirable of lovers. The unfortunate side to these sensitive boys is their health. By and large they are not very robust. I have had one very sad and youthful loss from this. Ironically both my Cancer boyfriends have had severe heart problems.

    1. y current boyfriend is cancer and im aquarius, he often feels to much, but reading this actually made me decide to stay with him.

  2. Thank you to who ever made this, it was an awesome read! For real.

  3. I used to be irrevocably in love with this Sagittarian ,initially I just tried to rid of my feelings as puerile infatuation but it seems that cracked-up cancerian guys like me are to fussy or simply incapable of anything even close to with
    GREAT effort I tried to make a move .but whoa!look at that unforgivable conceit and the comic superiority he basked to the point of brutal intimidation.!!i just couldn’t gather myself after the heartbreak and don’t know why _incidently I got betrayed by friend whom I really loved(as a friend) who also happened to be a Sagittarian cusp!!so max are all Sagittarian guys so “overly casual” without any concern for peoples feelings??the worst part everytime I like a guy (mostly platonic) he happens to be a goddamn December born!!

    1. I relate! I am still infatuated with my Sag! It's been over a year and there's still that small hope that he'll realize how good we are for each other. No one since him has quite measured up and I am always comparing guys to him. It's mad but what we had was intense and so I have a hard time believing its over but perhaps it is and I've gotten closure on that but there's still that hope.

    2. Been there. Sag can make good friends, but STAY AWAY from them as anything more Cancers. Cancer-Sag Relationships are just too heartbreaking and very hard to recover from.

    3. Fell in love with a sag... did not work haha

  4. Thank you for referencing the butch cancers. Being a rugby playing, buzz cut sporting, total aggressive bottom guy myself, I do in fact have a squad of straight best friends and am indeed prone to liking Leo's, saggittarians, and scorpions. This was a well-written article overall.

  5. It's quite funny how most of the photos you posted of cancer-esque boys resemble emo boys :). How do you know so so much?

    It seems most of my exs are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo (I have not fallen for a Scorpio, yet) Tho theres this one Capricorn that I still can't take my mind off of - after several dating attempts; we still feel a connection towards each other. I really don't know what to do with him.

    But anyways great blog and I'm looking forward for Cancer's elemental compatibility post.

    1. Taurus. Find yourself a Taurus man little Cancer, trust me. :)

    2. I wish that worked for all of us. Fell for a Taurus more than once. It's been hell every time :/

  6. Definitely an awesome, AMAZING, ENLIGHTENING read along with my CANCER boyfriend over some beers :) thanks!

  7. born on june 22 you should do some cusp profiles!

  8. Maybe a weird question but...

    Is it possible to be, like, a scorpio with the characteristics of a scorpio and a cancer?

    I'm a scorpio but both the scorpio 'page' and this page are accurate for me.....

    1. absolutely, you could have prominent cancer sign placements in your birth chart. such as in your moon, mercury, venus, mars or even your ascendant!

  9. I am a highly evolved Pisces man in his mid twenties and have been irked by sagitarrians. My international crush is a Leo but he is so much more gentle and affectionate than a tough, exuberant type. Now I have two amazing guys talking to me and both are Cancers. As battling dilemmas and confusion is hard wired into a Pisces, I can't seem to choose. They're both so damn cute and possess great atteibutes.

    1. highly evolved pices? more like a degenerate player. you probably dont deserve either one, especially if niether one are aware your talking to the other.

  10. Spot on. Is there a Cancer/Cancer compatibility area somewhere on this blog? I've been searching everywhere for something as detailed as this for me and my new guy.

  11. I am a cancer male 27 and this was one of the best profiles I've ever read. Laughing at all of the true facts that I've never realized. I am in a relationship with a Scorpio. I've never been so in love.

  12. I am a Pisces and my experience with Cancers has almost always been negative, in fact, with my First Kiss 15 years ago it was as emotional traumatic as you can imagine!!! I was Played by him, manipulated by him emotionally when he kept sending me mixed signals and--I learned too little, too late--using me for sex, like I was meaningless to him. I learned from others that he intentionally broke my heart. This experience left me an emotional wreck, and I was unable to trust again, I have severe trust issues, and every bit of self-esteem I had acquired for myself was flushed down the crapper. Every Cancer I know is emotional manipulative and non-communicative. Most people can reflect upon their First Kiss as a memory to cherish, but mine is one that I mourn with the bitterest of regret. He strung me along like a lovesick puppy, because that's what I was. I was twitter pated and head over heals for him. Oh, he is happy now, but *I* am still am emotional wreck unable to trust anyone again because when I gave myself to him, it was totally! I held nothing back. But, he would only give me a taste when I wanted more. I was starving for his lips, his flesh, and his scent. He also kept giving me lines that were probably lies. Yes, male Cancers are known to lie to manipulate people emotionally something fierce!!! I gave him my heart and he treated it like it was worthless and disposable. And, here AI am, a fool for Love Itself, and I am still alone, and forgotten, and harboring a LOT of resentment towards him. He wronged me in the worse possible way. Thanks to my Rising Scorpio, I can (and do) hold onto grudges for decades!!!

  13. I'm a cancer and I have to say I LOVE this article and I also wanted to add that Virgos should definitely be in the group with Scorpios, Sagittarians, and Leos

  14. I'm a Sagittarius and I absolutely loved the relationship with my Cancer boyfriend. For the first time I met someone who wasn't so engulfed the gay drama of the city and someone who was a true gentlemen and romantic. He had such a way with words and secretly planning out this amazing dates that swept me off my feet. He was a true gem and the only guy that I enjoyed cuddling with as we fit perfectly against one another and would fall sound asleep, despite his insomnia. I will admit that we hit one rough patch as I found myself very busy with college and more or less taking him for granted but I instantly realized my mistakes and how much he meant to me and corrected them before it was too late. He was quick to forgive as he was such a kind soul and we both fell in love with one another very fast, realizing our love was strong enough to conquer that fight. Unfortunately his "sense of home" was unavailable since his parents rejected him for his sexuality, cut him off financially, and made him unwelcome at their home (he was a freshman in college). While I did my best to spend as much time as possible with him and let him know I was always here for him (we lived an hour and 15 mins away from each other) the lack of a proper home and support from his parents was too much for his heart and his clinical anxiety to handle despite having me and an amazing support system of friends at college. He took his life March 30 this year and I've never been more devastated. I know some people say I mightve eventually broken his heart myself but I truly believe he was my soulmate and we would've eventually been together for many years (I was planning on lavaliering him this summer). With that being said, hold your Cancer boys very close and always cuddle with them especially when they ask for it. If they have a rough home life or are not getting the emotional support they need it some way or form please realize how traumatic this can be for them and always ALWAYS be there to support them physically if possible. Especially if they are rejected by their parents after coming out they have a pretty high potential for suicide. I wish I had known this all before it was too late but I know my Angel is watching me from above and will hopefully lead me to another Cancer soon just like him.

  15. Such a terribly sad story. You are so brave for sharing it so openly. I hope you find solace somewhere.
    Underneath the deepest, darkest and direst ocean, the brighest, broadest and boldest light is born.

  16. Everything that is written is true for me. Spot on! The only issue is that my sign is a gemini.