Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Brief Overview of Astrology and How to Use this Blog

Like I said before in my intro post, astrology is complex. For example, did you know that you have more than one sign? Most astrologers go by people's birth dates, or what is known as their “Sun Sign” (because the sun, in theory, is lined up with the Earth during whatever period one of the twelve zodiac constellations is in, determining your sign). This what most people go by, because it's easy and it gives you the foundations of your character. I should also make mention that almost every major civilization has its own form of astrology, from India to the ancient Aztecs. The most popular form of the zodiac other than the western is the Chinese, which I hold in high regard as well. However, since I am mostly familiar with the Greek/Roman or "Western" brand of astrology, that is what I will be discussing on this Blog (at least for the time being).

Now, I won't go crazy on your twink assess with the other “signs” in your birth chart, but two other important aspects include what sign the moon was in at your birth--your “moon sign”--and your “rising sign” which is the constellation that was in the eastern sky when your were born . Whew. Crazy stuff, right? Though I promise promise promise I won't get more confusing than I already am here, basically your moon = your inner emotions and your rising = your projected personality and image.

But we're going to keep it simple here and explore your sun sign only. Now, here are some basic rules to the stars:

All twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided into ridiculously specific categories. For example, six signs are “light” signs and the other six are “dark signs”. Now, to be nitpicky on terminology, most astrology peoples refer to these divisions as “masculine” and “feminine”, but since I think gendering terms is stupid anyways (especially in a guide made for guys), I'm going with “light” and “dark”. NOTE: This does not mean GOOD or EVIL. It's more like the Chinese belief in Yin and Yang. This means, two different types of energies at work. 

The second, and more important division when it comes to relationships and love, is the elements. There are three signs for four of the classical elements. Think Captain Planet...minus the kid with the heart ring. Traditional horoscopes say that you always do best with a person who's in the same grouping as you, but often it's more complicated than that. Let me break it down for you thusly

The Light Group of Signs

-These signs are usually associated with dynamic and extroverted natures-

Fire Element: The fire signs are typically direct, outgoing, and aggressive. They are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire sign boys are often loud, opinionated, goofy and like to run the show...or at least think they do. The element of fire is powerful. It creates and destroys, but most of all it helps to fuel, produce energy, and radiate warmth.

Air Element: The air signs are typically intellectual, communicative, and detached. They are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (which is often mistakenly associated with water due to its description). These boys are the intellectuals, the communicators. They are very cerebral and often times have a hard time coming down to Earth, but their minds and attitudes yield to lofty higher concepts such as truth, philosophy, justice, and coming together as friends and allies. Air allows us to breath, to speak, and to travel and so it is a vital element. 

The Dark Group of Signs

-These signs are usually associated with stabilizing and introverted natures-

Water Element: The water signs are typically emotional, perceptive, and withdrawn. They are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These guys are springs of emotional intensity and are concerned primarily with the affairs of the heart. They can be affectionate but also devastating should they allow their emotions to flood. Water nurtures us, gives us life, yet can also be one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Nevertheless, like love, we cannot survive as a species without it. 

Earth Element: The Earth signs are typically reserved, calculative, and stubborn. They are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These boys are in control of themselves, have tremendous drive and know exactly what they want most of the time. The Earth itself is what anchors us, yet it also allows us to grow and to survive off of its productions. 

In addition to elements, signs are often associated with other things such as planets. Here's where not texting in English class may have helped you out! In classical literature and symbolism, the planets each represented a Greek/Roman god, which in turn embodied a set of values and attributes (Mars was aggressive and dominant, Venus was all about beauty and pleasure, Jupiter influenced luck and wealth, etc.). This same rule applies to your sign. Of course, most people should know there aren't twelve planets (and don't remind Scorpios about what happened to poor, little Pluto.) However, there are other objects in the sky: sun, moon, what science calls planetoids or “little planets” that are often connected to certain signs.

There is a shit-ton of a lot more about this stuff, but like I said, this is just an overview and not an info overload. So please, head on to the following sections to look up info on your sign...or that special somebody elses.

Zodiac Profile Breakdown:

Basic Info: This section includes the time-frame for a particular sign, its associated element, and its associate planet.

Your Hot Date With _____ :  This introductory paragraph highlights a scenario you might encounter while on a date with a guy of the sign profiled. This section is a flirty little fictional account of what it might be like, and should give you a good idea about what fun to expect.

What the Stars Say: The origins of the sign in question, including the mythology and connections to the sign's associated element and planet. This section focuses on the literary and cultural archetypes of your sign.

That Cosmic Bod: What a guy's physical traits may be as influenced by his sign.

What's on the Inside: A complete analysis of the signs positive and negative traits. This is the longest section and details mental and emotional aspects.

You and the Other Boys: How a boy of a certain sign interacts with other guys, gay and straight alike.

Connecting with an ____: How to go about making a romantic connection with a boy of a specific sign and what to expect in dating him.

In the Boudoir: The good stuff. This details a sign's sexual side. It is broken down into how a guy acts while in both the active and passive sex roles, though I should point out that these are only literal positions (I don't personally ascribed to a top / bottom dichotomy of "sexual roles" and really nobody else should either).

Queer Variations: Though this Blog is directed at gay-identified younger dudes, this section touches upon the specifics of how bisexual and trans boys may embody their sign. I see this as more of a distinction of experiences, as all of the above information can apply to most male-identified people...yes even straight dudes too!

Note: Some people have often mentioned to me that they believe there sign has “changed”. This is usually in reference to a horrible bit of misinformation that came out in 2010. I won't bore you with the details but basically: a crap journalist asked an astronomer (a credible scientist who studies the stars and who is NOT an astrologer) about how the constellations have changed over time. He of course mentioned “the thirteen zodiac”. When it comes to astronomy, yes, there ARE in fact thirteen constellations called the zodiac that can be seen in the night sky around the planet. However, when it comes to astrology, we have only and always used twelve. Despite this, the reporter then went on to twist the words of this scientist and billed this info as people's signs physically changing with the addition of a “thirteenth sign” called Serpentarius. While there are some fringe brands of astrology that base signs on the actual position of the constellations, the type of belief system practiced in the western world is based on the system created over time by the ancient Greek philosophers and incidentally this type is what I'm also going by for this Blog.

So no, in other words, you're sign has not changed ;)

Extra note: Most of the photos included on this site are from various Tumblrs and blogs. They are not mine and the only thing I can claim is that apparently I'm not very original.


  1. Ok, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blogs. I, personally, am a Scorpio. I was wondering... maybe I just missed them but are you missing two signs? Pisces and Aquarius? Or am I skipping over something here? IDC because MY sign is up there lmao but my friends isn't so I figured I either skipped it somehow or you just didn't get there yet.

  2. I haven't gotten there yet, sorry! I will have Aquarius up hopefully by today. Pisces will be in the next few days.

  3. Yay! Thank you for posting this up. I recommend it to all my gay friends. The pictures are hawt and the comedic touch is great. Lyrics from (familiar) songs adds a unique taste. I love it. Click my name and add me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. Great job, you def. did your research and it shows in your understanding of the basic nature of each Sun Sign. I especially enjoyed the fact that you use specifics when talking about certain aspects, such as the physical features section. A lot of people will reference the Forer (or Barnum) effect when trying to discredit the Zodiac, but this theory falls apart when the information you are given is specific and not a generalization which could be applied to anyone. I'm a double Sagittarius (both Sun and Rising Sign) and reading your profile about me fit my description 99% accurately. Kudos again man!

  5. Thank you for writing this blog, it is phenomenal! Do you have twitter? You're really insightful.

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