Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Capricorn ~Sign of the Professional~

 “The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all. And even if I could it'd all be gray.    But your picture on my wall, it reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad.”

Constellation of the Sea-Goat (...yeah) Capricorns are born from December 22 – January 20. Their element, while traditionally earth, can also be interpreted as metal (steel, gold, silver etc.) or even the theoretical element of time. Their planet is Saturn.

Famous Gay Capricorn Guys: Ricky Martin. George Washington Carver,  Christian Dior.

                                                                        Warm me up
Your Date with Capricorn:

     It's the classic sort of night out that you may have fantasized about when you were younger. Yet he's the real deal, both prince charming and upscale playboy. He greets you with a rose. His speech is respectful, playful, and pointed. His apartment is well-furnished and taken care of. Everything seems to be in good taste, yet you detect a devilish sort of demeanor behind those stern eyes of his.
    He takes you out to a fancy jazz bar.  This is different than what you're usually used to. Most boys would think this was trite or old-fashioned, but you have to  admit you're sort of loving his style. He's a bit taciturn, sometimes somber, and sometimes he likes to poke fun at your interests. He buys you the best wine in the house. He talks to you about your ambitions in life and does not shy away from giving you advice about them.
    Back at his place, he lights candles and puts on music. More wine flows. Now you're starting to see that mischievous side of him come out to play. He sits on the bed, his shirt open, his black tie dangling off of his neck. For a young guy like yourself, he really seems to be playing the part of the wealthy daddy. It's kind of cute. You're drawn to him, straddling him on the bed. Before long,  he has you on your back and he's biting up and down your neck. "Oh please," he says as he begins to wrap his tie around your hands, "did you really think I was just another stuffed shirt?"

What the Stars Say:

The mythological origins of the constellation Capricorn are as murky and esoteric as these boys sometimes tend to be. One account says that this sign came about while the monster, Typhon, was chasing the nature god Pan through the country of Egypt. Pan was helping distract Typhon so Zeus could sneak up and attack him. In order to escape, Pan, who was a goat deity, jumped into the local Nile river. From the waist down he transformed himself into a fish, but in order to maintain his endurance he kept his form as a goat from the waist up. When Zeus finally defeated Typhon, he thanked Pan by taking his goat-fish form and placing it among the stars.

The other reason lies in Capricorn's planet, Saturn. Saturn was the original ruler of the gods in Greek mythology, king of the mighty Titans. It was said that during his time there existed a golden age of prosperity where men, so focused on their work as they were, managed to build a utopia for themselves. Saturn feared being overthrown and so he ate his children. The last child, Zeus, managed to escaped and later overthrew the reign of Saturn—castrating the sumbitch no less—and delegated them to tasks supporting the ecosystem of the planet. Saturn's husk was used to measure time. This is why Saturn is known as the planet of restrictions, labor, and endurance. This is the planet that does not fuck around, making sure everybody knows their place in order to keep them on the right track. Obviously Jupiter and Saturn stand in opposition to each other, the former in charge of expansion and luck and the latter in charge of restrictions and self-help. Capricorn takes this philosophy and approaches life with a sense of work ethic and utter determination. And like Saturn, he carries somewhat of a chip on his soldier, always eternally resentful of his deposed status.

Capricorn is belongs to the Earth grouping of signs. Since Capricorns are concerned with material wealth and the correct usage and application of resources, this gay boy's sign can be best tied to the element of metal. In Chinese astrology, metal is important enough to warrant it as its own main element. Capricorns know what's precious and to be valued and their mental endurance and strong will is nearly titanium in nature. They are, because of this, also associated with another precious commodity, that of the immaterial element “time”. Time is the great equalizer, much like death. Time allows us to grow stronger and at the same time deplete our strength. Time is what keeps humanity in check, reminding them that the planet is constantly changing and that life never lasts. Capricorn's have a complete understanding of the nature of time and use this element to drive their unrelenting ambitions.

That Cosmic Bod:

The face of a Capricorn men resembles that of a goat, or if we're going to reference the Christianized version of Pan, the face of the devil. He has long, pointed features, somewhat shifty, narrow eyes, and sharp, coarse hair. Their complexions are usually somewhat tan or extremely fair. Whereas Sagittarius boys look eternally happy and pleased at the world, Capricorn boys look eternally smug and amused by the antics of humanity.

A Capricorn is usually lanky and lean, perhaps even wiry. Because of their frames, these guys are perfectly fitted towards and icon of their sign's professional status: suits and tuxedos. In fashion they tend towards monochrome or muted colors, not typically ones to wear colors that stand out. When it comes to the good stuff, Capricorn men have rather humble backsides but usually possess at least decently sized equipment in the front.

What's on the Inside:

Capricorn boys are realists first and foremost. Whereas Scorpio dudes are regenerating pessimists and Sagittarius guys are idealists, a Capricorn boy defines himself by his reality and then takes it away from there. Like the precious metals he holds dominion over, a Capricorn boy toils at mining the best out of life. His determination is noble. He is reserved, which grants him an aloof sense of sophistication. Above all, he is a gentleman, desiring to give himself the best public image he can.

Some say that Capricorn men at this age seem wise beyond their years. While Sagittarius, who comes before Capricorn, is both the innocent child and the wizened old man at the same time, Capricorns are firmly old souls who've “seen it all”. Their maturity levels, at least on the surface, seem leagues beyond that of their peers. Scratch the surface however and you'd expect to find a lot of insecurities. Rest assure, they are there, but Capricorns have extremely good pa-pa-pa-poker faces, right up there with Scorpio boys. The difference is that a Capricorn's emotions are tightly wound around his heart, never going out of control. Indeed, it's hard to see a Capricorn ever get worked up. He won't. Even his anger is civil, sharp, and clever. He is one cool customer.

What Capricorn boys excel at excellently is endurance. Knocking a Capricorn boy down, he gets right back up again. Though he is a tough cookie at heart, he is also notorious for his criticism. Since he can sugar-coat his words with a layer of politeness and civility, he is not afraid to speak out on what he does not like. His attitude, while ambitious, is not the same aggression as Aries. In fact, a Capricorn boy would see an Aries boy as an uncivilized brute. He's good at looking at the surface, but emotional complexity or extremes irritate him. To him, unnecessary emotions are...well...unnecessary.

He's not soulless however. A Capricorn boy has a close connection with his family, especially his parents. Whether or not that connection is positive or negative is really up to the observer to decide. The Capricorn boy understands that his parents have most likely achieved their sense of self-worth and he strives to do the same. He wants to better himself before others, and sometimes this can be accused of self-serving. At his worst, a Capricorn boy ascribes to the Ayn Rand (blech) philosophy of work ethic, putting himself above others. At his best, he wants to serve the public good and keep everything under order and control.

Because of his desires for positive restrictions, law, and order, Capricorns do well in bureaucratic fields as well as legal studies. Anything that requires commitment and focus, aspects which he excels at, is good territory for a Capricorn to explore. The Capricorn boy is the original hipster since he often has an eye on trends, especially trends that bring back some old thing in style. His eccentric and eclectic tastes mean that he's well versed in a lot of movies you haven't heard of but should. He takes great pride in his sophisticated tastes. In fact nearly everything this boy does is suave and classy, even when he's practicing his raw and sometimes raunchy, sardonic humor.

Of all the signs, Capricorn is the most traditional. Even among the gay community, this boys seems like he stepped out of the past. He is well-spoken and gentlemanly, perhaps even a little shy. At their worst, Capricorns are cowards, and while their more evil brethren can be bitchy, they are too afraid to act on their negative impulses. That sort of conduct is so below them. Still, a Capricorn boy isn't necessarily the most outgoing of the zodiac, and if he is an extrovert, he's never in-your-face. Sometimes it's often hard to take a Capricorn out and about. He doesn't normally like or even understand the point of clubs or dancing. If anything, he prefers a classy bar where he can socialize and mingle with people he already knows.

Now when a Capricorn boy is bad, he is an absolute miserable human being to contend with. It is often too easy for these boys to feel bitter about...well...anything. Their attitude is not so much “woe is I” but “that's humanity for you...*SIGH*” Even when melancholic, he still holds himself above others. A favorite Capricorn pastime seems to be getting offended. For these boys, it's hard to see the world in anything other than black and white. The worst fact of life for them to cope with is rejection. Of all the boys to feel the most bitter or spiteful of a boy turning them down, it's this one (ugh believe me, I know this well). No, he will not “just be friends”, HOW DARE YOU? He has too much dignity to let a boy turn him away, and so he will give them the cold shoulder, even bad mouth him to others (can you tell I've had some bad experiences with Capricorns?).

A lesser but equally annoying flaw is that Capricorns can be just as anal as Virgos. Punctuality is next to godliness for them. Money is also another dangerous territory. Capricorns are wary of gold diggers and can often be stingy with their cash. Their tendency to withdraw and shelter themselves from the world can often turn this boy into a straight-up curmudgeon. At his worst, hanging out with a Capricorn gay boy is like sharing space with a crotchety grandpa trapped in a twink's body (wow, there's an image for ya). His nitpickings aren't as constructively critical as Virgos, but more along the lines of complaining for complaining sake. Let's also not get into the Capricorn penchant for raining on parades. If you're a foolish dreamer, you will give a Capricorn boy a boner just by the potential you have for him to shit all over your ideals and “unrealistic expectations.” He will demand you think before you speak. He will argue with you to the bitter end on your seemingly nonsensical philosophies.

But that's at his worst. At his best, Capricorns can make fun, if not understated, friends. While they aren't very social creatures, they make dependable “rock” types who often serve as pillars of support and advice for their small but strong social circle. Capricorn boys don't typically like to branch out unless it will serve a logical purpose, so he will often stick to his crowd of personal friends. A Capricorn boy does not prefer one gender or sexuality over the other; he simply carefully picks and chooses his allies. This varies from Capricorn boy to boy and is entirely up to how he feels about hanging with straight men (oh believe you me, every Capricorn boy has an opinion). He is popular with girls because of his respectful and considerate demeanor.

You and the Other Boys:

Capricorn men are good at compartmentalizing everything: drawers, clothes, emotions, friends, and this is also true when it comes to their gay, bisexual, and queer friends. A Capricorn boy is always tactful about who he hangs out with. God forbid he associate with someone uncouth! It would simply not do for his image. I once knew a Capricorn boy who separated his AIM buddy list into: funny gays, stupid gays, relevant gays, irrelevant gays. In real life, he culls the gay scene by separating the more unseemly characters from the respectable...or at least in his mind. He won't admit it ever, but a Capricorn boy is somewhat of a social climber. This isn't always a bad thing. He just wants success and good times. Who can blame him?

Connecting with a Capricorn:

Boy am I the most unqualified to write about this section. Anyways, connecting with a Capricorn can be tough initially because he is so guarded about nearly everything about himself. It's best to talk about you for a little when initially getting to know him. Focus more on your achievements and success. Let him know where you're going in life...and it HAS to be somewhere. Capricorn boys are turned on by ambition and drive as well as intellect and boys who can rep some knowledge.

These boys also like emotionally stable, albeit expressive individuals. Since Capricorn boys are awkward with their emotions [everything must go into its little box damn it!] he appreciates a boy with some personality as long as that personality isn't entirely too over the top. He wants a boy who genuinely cares, mostly because he assumes the world if full of shitty people. While he is often critical of happy-go-lucky types, he doesn't mind someone who is warm and friendly. You just have to strike the right balance. Everything, for Capricorn, is moderation. Well...most things.

Since he is a traditionalist, you can expect a fun gay-making of traditional heterosexual dating stratagems. He loves to wine and dine as well as go out to nice restaurants. He is a sophisticate who prefers classical entertainment often eschewed or flat out misunderstood by the gay community. Classical music, opera, theater, museums...they may not sound exciting to many guys our age (hey I personally love them) but a Capricorn sees them as the highest of humanity's artistic achievements. If you're well versed in any of these subjects, he will adore you.

Remember that though he has a bawdy sense of humor, he is also a gentleman. He expects his boyfriend to be the same (except in the bedroom but we'll get to that later). Since Capricorn is the sign connected to public service, you must always be kind and polite to waiters, receptionists, and clerks in front of him. I mean, you really should be nice to them anyways seeing as how shitty these jobs can be, but to a Capricorn boy, your respect to your fellow man means a lot.

Remember that the Capricorn boy is a private person, so keep certain aspects of your relationship to yourself when out and about with him and his friends. Do not divulge personal intimacies, even if you think they may be innocent. What Capricorn boys do in public is a lot different than what they do with their boyfriends at home, and this doesn't even have to be about sex. A Capricorn boy has a very public persona that he wears as a survival skill, just as the other signs have their unique defense mechanisms: Scorpion inscrutability, Sagittarian honesty, Geminian duplicity, Libran judgment, etc. Respect that your and you alone get to see your Capricorn boy's true face. He trusts you completely if you're his guy, so don't ever compromise that trust.

Capricorn boys make for dependable and classy lovers. Not only can he introduce you to a world of sophistication and fun, but he is attentive to your lifestyle and amazing with advice. He wants his boyfriend to succeed in life just as much as he does and he wants to build a traditional and comfy life with him.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: And you thought he was a stuffed shirt! Here's where some more mythological archetypes can help highlight the Capricorn sexuality. Pan was a nature god famous for chasing hot nymph tail but as he was also a shape shifter and deceiver, he made himself seem in a totally different light to most humans. Capricorn, sharing a similar story to the fall of Saturn, is also connected to the devil in Christian belief. Think of him as the Hollywood depiction of the charming, subversive devil in the tuxedo. When he takes you home...check please. Capricorns are amazing sex-fiends in bed and make absolutely brutal tops. They will ravage you in the best way possible. He's also surprisingly into kink, so expect a few surprises from a boy who seemed so unassuming in public.

On the Bottom: Taking it in the ass is but another job for these boys. And they enjoy their work tremendously. As much as Capricorn boys relish their sexual power, they love deviance and debauchery and so will let their boyfriends do almost anything to them, especially if it pushes the envelope. These boys are good at giving head and indulging themselves in other oral acts I won't get too much into here. While he does like romantic sex with candles and all that nice stuff, he can easily alternate between lovey-dovey and “shove it in, bitch boy”.

Sex with a Capricorn experience. The good thing is that just as he can be extremely romantic and affectionate, he can also turn him the heat as well. As he loves sex, expect to get a lot of it in a relationship with him.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: Trans Capricorn boys fully comprehend the description between what lies in their mind and hearts and the problem that is their body. Since he is goal-oriented and a perfectionist, he will take careful steps in his transitioning and handle it all with pride and class. Bisexual Capricorn boys revel in the “deviance” of alternating between two genders and yet may prefer the D.L. depending on whether or not he deems his sexuality acceptable in his social circle. Since he is all about public appearances, he must decide whether or not coming out as bi is good for his image.      


  1. I love all your Zodiac writings! Seriously...I've been having to read all of them and you haven't even written about mine (Pisces) yet. I just say good job and keep up the work :)

  2. I should have Pisces up within the next few days. And thank you :)

  3. Who are Capricorns compatible with. This is pretty much me..... in a nutshell.

  4. I plan on doing the compatibility section after I get done with the sign descriptions...maybe. Capricorns are typically compatible with Tauruses and Virgos. They also do well with Cancers, depending on how they can relate to their emotional needs. Scorpios may also work, but for the most part Capricorns don't usually get along with too many of the others signs when it comes to gay men.

  5. Completely describes me, to a T (I'm Capricorn), even (unfortunately) my flat butt

  6. I can't believe how specific and accurate this was for the most part! It's amazing lol Unlike any other horoscope i've read. Would LOVE to read the compatibility section Max, please? And are Caps compatible with Leos?

    1. Hi Kris!

      Capricorn / Leo is a pretty solid match. For a heterosexual pairing, look at Barack and Michelle Obama. I'll elaborate more when I get to that section, but this match works well because both men share a similar sense of humor, are ambitious, a little self-absorbed, and enjoy the finer things in life.

  7. Oh my god, this makes me hate myself even more. All the negative things you wrote about sound just like me. First of all, I'm an absolute whimp; I've never asked anyone out before, I'm just terrified they'd say no. And of course I am, I always try to make my public image as good as possible. I would NEVER tell anyone my sexuality other than saying I'm straight (I'm bi curious, more comfortable with women, but I recently questioned my sexuality). I'm terribly shy and am probably really awkward to talk to, and even though I try to be nice to girls and guys, I'm certainly not popular. People say I'm extremely negative, but what's there to be positive about, really? I mean, I'm not even attractive (there is a world of difference between cute and fit). It may just be because I'm going through puberty (being 14 sucks so much), and I hope to god it is (it's not using his name in vain if it's not a capital letter, right?) , because I don't want to have this confidence for the rest of my life. I enjoy reading your blogs, but this has made me realise how much of a coward I really am. (Sorry if this sounds like I'm blaming you for anything, I'm really not.) Thanks, Tom

    1. Remember, Tom, there is A LOT to be proud of as a Capricorn as well. You guys are methodical, usually do great in the job market, and are very suave and sexy (you often don't realize it though because you criticize yourself too hard). Trust me, it will all work out :)

    2. You have no reason to be a coward, all I can honestly say is just try and keep you chin up, head held high, stand tall and proud, and try not to let the little things get to you. Also, you are beautiful no matter what anyone on the inside is waht matters the most and thats what people should be looking for..not just the beauty on the out side. Being a teen sucks I know, Ive been there and I know what its like. Just stay strong through it all and everything will be fine. :) -Greg

    3. I think this has more to do with being 14 and questioning in the hell that can (and often is)be high school. Its a rough age, and a complete culture shock and the closest you'll get to the trauma of adapting to the real world (considering college is just basically the aquarian time of experimentation that it is). Don't stress so much about it dude. And just because your signs aren't compatible with someone doesn't mean its the end of the world. Remember that, its different for every individual. Just by voicing these concerns over the world wide web tells me you're not a complete coward. its a time for you to discover yourself and also a time for you to hear from every teacher school counselor and the like to tell you that you better know what you want to be for the rest of your life like yesterday or you're going to be a failure. It's difficult for everyone dude. And stressful though it may be you can survive it. I surely did, and i'm a pisces, meaning being incredibly indecisive and often disorganized. you have two zodialogical merits that i don't so just be a little easier on yourself and maybe try to focus more of what YOU think of yourself rather than what others think. Chin up little fish-goat, you'll get through it. :)

  8. Oh wow, my bf is Capricorn.
    This is so awesome!
    Exactly the kind of guy Ive been searching for and Im only 21 :)I didnt even know about this sit euntil my bf mentioned it to me and shared the link.
    My love for him goes beyond what words can describe and as Ive read this, I think Ive found out just more than what I was looking for.
    Its perfect. Thats all I can its perfect!

  9. As a capricorn, i found this a bit harsh, but also pretty valid when i think of myself and the other capricorns I know, especially about the calculating. I also thought your description of sags was the exact opposite of caps, which pretty much explains why i never had a healthy relationship with one.

  10. First off, I absolutely love Thank You by Dido.. Ever since I was a kid.. blows my mind you wrote that for Capricorns.. Lol

    Second, this seems to be the most accurate portrayal of myself that ive read. I just use astrology to help find self acceptance and it helps.. Thanks :)

  11. are Capricorn and Sagittarian males compatible?
    My BF is a Cap and I'm a Sag.
    We get along pretty great but sometimes he's a little blunt and critical.
    He can be hurtful sometimes but is very sweet,romantic,sentimental and charming.
    Even with all of our differences and opposing opinions,I love him deeply.
    Your sign descriptions are very insightful and amazingly accurate!!!

  12. This describes me exceedingly well.

  13. Lorca was born in on June 5th.

  14. Aw, though some of the physical features you've described are untrue (I happen to have quite the hind quarters, especially in bed. Ehem) I find your brief summary on our biographical traits and mental structure bliss to read! You descibed me, a capricorn born near the climax of our sign (December 30th) to a complete T.. as creepy as it was to read myself out as a typical boy in my zodiac, I found this artical rather true and empowering. In fact I'm. Quite the masked goat myself lol, I have my extreme gentle and determined makeup but under it all I'm a complete mammal..per say. The one thing I find strange in myself is I have no issue talking about bigger issues or emotional things with my boyfriend but learning to much from past abusive relationships I am strict where things go and how far they go when talking about certain matters.. needless to say I'm as esoteric as the world gets and a very confusing, yet understanding colleague or partner. Funny I should bring this up, but my partner finds nearly everything my biology has made me up as the sexiest thing he's experienced. in conclusion, I found your analysis on our insecurities very solid. A person such as myself, though how complex I am; I am no different than any patsy on your local street corner. However any small thing a man whom holds love or compassion for in be, I find or have always found for my whole life sickening or in laymans terms.. "gross". But yes, we have our restrictions yet when we know we have a full connection with one another or a different man we will nearly do anything for him.. or to him.

  15. OMG u got it right especially the part in bed XDDD

  16. I am a capricorn and honestly I think your interpretation of this sign is really clouded by your experiences haha bc for real I'm not this way or at least not this extreme and you leave out a lot of positive capricorn traits - we aren't all straight laced, just very goal oriented haha

  17. I have to say I find your article to be extremely accurate. My birthday is January 1st, 1986 and you know me more than anyone who has ever attempted to be my partner. None last more than a weak as I find it hard to connect with the gay lifestyle and the lack of "class." Thanks again.


  18. What about Capricorns and Libras. I always end up with Libra men. The two older Libras were cool But the younger libra who is three years younger than me i curse him out alot. Im 26 and hes 23

    1. A younger libra broke my heart and I curse him a lot too....and the worst is..... I still fucking LOVE him..... "Sorry for F word"

  19. I have a Capricorn man, and I love him to Death. Of course, I'm an Aries man, so I don't believe it when people say Aries and Capricorns can't work. This is probably the most fulfilling relationship I've had to date. I adore this man. And NO he doesn't call me an uncivilized brute. That comment made me kind of angry, but I suppose everything is subjective to a degree. There's always exceptions.
    Either way, we do have very nice 'sessions' if you know what I mean. But I found that he's mostly a bottom. And has a silk fetish. <3

    1. ooh, silk!!!! I love silk!
      one time, a guy/obnoxious roommate of 1 of my friends, tried insulting me by calling me a "well-dressed fag", and all I could think about was that he noticed my silk shirts that I wore around!

      I am so Capricorne! LOL

    2. When you guys first started dating, like the initial 2 weeks into it.. How was it.. Was it a little bit of a challenge.. How was it. I'm a Capricorn and this is my first time ever talking to a Aries, and he's very aggressive but sweet, and we won't text all day, and it's just different. But I ike him and he's expressed the same... Idk.. Any advice.... Thnx

  20. I'm an unconventional Cap (maybe because of my Libra rising sign?), but you describe very well most of the other Caps I know. All of your descriptions are fun and accurate, and you explained the basics really well in your intro. Great work!

    Somewhere or other I saw where you said you were going to do sign compatibility posts. Are you still planning to? I think you'd have a lot of good insights, and it would be a fun and really nice addition to your site.

  21. Max,

    Though I'd had a history in hearing about a bi-man who considered living with a guy, but didn't want to displease his family and his church, and what he thought God wanted from him, according to what others kept programming into him --- I never thought I'd have it happen to me, and having it happen with a Christian Capricorn made it all the more painful for me as a Christian Virgo.... I wanted to come see what you'd have to say about my troubled relationship that was more on the best friends side, but I had hoped would drift over to the romantic with the one man I've truly loved, it was very accurate. We were inseparable for hundreds of days, just talking about life, having fun, and planning what we were going to do together in life for God, but then at the constant twisting by right-wing fundies at his church he started attending, and his family's cruelty, he turned over to the Fox News side, if you will, after rejecting his model looks and job in Miami, and started spewing talking points that you'd hear on Hannity. He insisted he wanted to work there so badly, despite my trying to persuade him otherwise with my Virgo senses, especially when he dressed so modestly, was into old-fashioned things and preferred being around older people (I mean, his room did not resemble a young man's at all, he was all about art and everything nicely put away)! In the end, he shoved me away (literally) and has a wife and kids now I hear, hey, great for him because kids can make up for a lot, truly (as the other bi guy I know who has a daughter and she's his joy), but his family and friends don't know what I know, and what he's said to me in private (and what you said about 'private Capricorn' is so true) and how he said, "God doesn't want us to live that way" (thanks to the words of the ex-gay groups). Well, let me just say, I had already accepted he was gone out of my life, and I have no idea if I'd even like him as a person anymore, especially with his 180 from liberal views to strict right-wing views, but this write up about him was spot on, even to the tiny chance he's on the D.L. and about his 'image' to others, but even then, it'd be completely in shame in his mind, and no one would know about it because he doesn't want to believe God could possibly have made him bi, and it's just sin - but we're all different types of personalities and flavors, and if he's not on the D.L. he surely prays about his thoughts regarding sexuality often. I hadn't thought much of him in 4 or 5 years, but after reading this amazing take on Capricorns, I feel pity for him. I almost wish someone had snapped a photo of him kissing me on the lips so I could make the fundamentalists heads turn in seeing that image!

    Anyhow, you truly have written some great things here, and you deserve awards and praise for it, so I offer the latter, which coming from this Virgo is all that should really matter! LOL.

    PS - I see you've dealt with the "Capricorn" yourself. I could sense your feelings with the subject as I started reading, and, obviously, they have left a mark upon your life, both good and bad it seems... ditto!

    Anyhow, God blessed you with a gift! Thanks for the great reads, and I'll check out the rest when I can. I wish you were around, I'd love to hear you in all your wild talking beauty, lol, I'd get you a drink or two. What a writer...


  22. This article was very interesting and pretty on point with everything. I'm a Capricorn Top, and pretty much 3/4 of this whole thing, was true about me. I'm just kind lost, and maybe could use some advice on the situation. I've been out of relationship for about 2 years, and he was a Taurus. Things just didn't work, as hard as we tried. I usually only have Taurus people in my life, not on purpose but it happens... I recently started talking to an Aries, and I don't know, but I'm having a hard time dealing with him. He's tries the control thing, but damn, he's so sexy and charming, which, is rare because I'm pretty picky. i am trying to be patient, but I don't wanna be patient and fooled at the end. It's very different for me, nothing I am used too.. Is this something I should just sit back and let happen, or should I call it a loss of a chance taken.. IJust need a little input. Thnx :)

  23. Capricorn is like the sign of the ox which is my favorite sign year of the ox! :)