Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gemini ~Sign of the Messenger~

Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down.”

Constellation of The Twin Brothers, Geminis are born from May 21/22 – June 21. They are connected to the element of Air, specifically the quality of wind, and are ruled by the planet Mercury.

Famous Gay Gemini Guys: Harvey Milk. Allen Ginsburg. Chris Colfer. Zachary Quinto. Anderson Cooper. Dustin Lance Black.  

                                    Erotic, yet kind of terrifying. Just like a Gemini guy's mind.

Your Date With Gemini:

     It's the after-party of his band's show. On stage he seemed like such a badboy, both scary and sexual at once. Now, he's all kisses and hugs. Everyone gets attention...for two seconds at least. Then he's on to the next one. 
     Just when you think he's stopped paying attention to you, you find his hand squeezing yours assuringly. He doesn't stop talking, and it's kind of adorable how he flits and floats about. He keeps tossing you that mischievous smile. You really don't know what to think about him at this point. But you kind of like that.
     Out on the deck, he wraps his arms around you and gives you a private dance. "Having fun?" he asks. Before you can answer, he gives you a quick peck on the lips. He whispers things into your ear that make you blush. That badboy persona is back. Then suddenly he giggles and runs off inside. You aren't sure whether to be angry or just laugh. You reach inside your pocket to text him where he went and then you realize, your phone is gone. He swiped it while you were dancing. Just as you're about to storm off you notice that he replaced your phone with a folded piece of paper.
     Out of the paper falls a condom and a message: "Want your phone back? I'll be waiting in the bedroom."
    You roll your eyes and head back in. Well, he is waiting after all...

What The Stars Say:

Oh Gemini, you two are so much fun!

I say “you two” because you're ever gay boy's dream...two guys in one! *Badumching* You get lucky with the Greek mythology because your story is more well known, being featured in such literary works as The Illiad: a story full of sweaty, muscular, naked men and implied gay sex. Gemini represents the twins Castor and Pollux, twin warriors. These bros were very close, but unfortunately one was immortal and the other...not so much. When Castor was killed on the battlefield, Pollux grieved for his other half. The gods and goddesses honored their brotherly love, as well as their brilliant combat skills, and thus immortalized them both as the constellation Gemini. D'awww. Their powers were frequently called upon by the Greeks, especially sailors and travelers who would frequently invoke their dominion over winds.

Mercury is the planet of Gemini and it makes sense. Geminis are described as “mercurial” which is a fancy vocab word meaning absolutely fucking insane. Kidding. It means prone to a change in temperament, which Geminis often are. They are a roller coaster ride of emotions, but those emotions are never as intense as say a Cancer boy's. Anyways, Mercury is also the planet of tricksters (Geminis are playful but are unfortunately excellent liars) and messengers. Mercury, being the messenger god between heaven and earth, is also a great example of what these Gemini boys are about. They go between two worlds, either physically or in their mind. This makes them great communicators.

Or just flat out crazy.

Geminis belong to the Air group of signs, so they're first-rate intellectuals. But whereas the signs of Aries and Taurus are fully embodied fire and earth, Gemini is more like the wind. He's lofty and goes where he pleases...and sometimes he can just be a blowhard.  Wind moves the sails of ships, powers windmills, electric turbines, jet engines, and is usually instrumental in basic travel/communications.

And Gemini boys can just as easily rock you like a hurricane.

                                                                        Two please.
That Cosmic Bod:

Gemini guys have been compared in other astrology books to elves. This fact makes me giggle.

Personally, I think Gemini guys are more like fairies (and don't, please, it's too easy). Even their appearance is sprightly, with small but shining eyes, cute little noses, and perky ears. Geminis are just plain adorable, always looking mischievous. Their sexiness comes from their boyish natures and Geminis remain young looking even into old age.

Geminis have thin hair that can be stringy in appearance if it grows long. These boys also have some nice limbs, which sounds weird, but just look at this guy's arms! So nice. If not muscular, he is at least well built. Gemini guys are naturally graceful creatures, so they are perfect for physical activities such as running, ice skating, or dance of all kinds. The way these boys are built truly invokes their element; they look light and airy.

Gemini's sexual prowess is more in his mentality and talk. So while he isn't sporting the biggest goods, he's not necessarily tiny either. In fact, Geminis look great in their underwear because they have the perfect balance of what's in the front and back. It also helps that they have nice legs as well. When it comes to body art, Gemini men usually like tasteful, well-placed tattoos.

What's on the Inside:

As I said before, Gemini boy, affiliated with Mercury, is good at moving between worlds. This is most apparent in his social dynamics. Geminis are adept social butterflies and can change friend circles very easily. Usually they have one major friend group they always role with, generally made up of like-minded people. Geminis love to make friends and they are damn good at it too, being so quick witted, charming, and generally interested in people. Geminis are people persons and the only time they are anti-social is when they have been emotionally hurt or are going through a moody phase.

Geminis love to talk. And talk. And talk. This can actually be really fun though because they rarely talk about the mundane. Gemini boys seem perpetually interested in the world around them, though these far flung investigations are more the realm of Sagittarius boys. Speaking of which, Geminis attract people of similar natures (making pairs is what they do) and can usually be found hanging out with people who compliment their sign. Gemini guys will generally associate with everyone, liking to make people feel included, but they pay attention to more restless souls such as themselves. Geminis are usually confident, even more so in their communication skills, so talking to these guys comes quite easily. They are very chatty fellows.

If a Gemini boy was a cartoon character, he would probably resemble Peter Pan. Eternally young, Gemini guys love to flit about, somewhat hyperactive with just the right amount of cheeky thrown in for good measure. They are trickster spirits at heart, much like the Sagittarius boys they roll with (their partners in crime) however their brand of trickery is a lot more deceitful and playful, whereas Sagittarius boys, being the junior wise-men they are, always use their prodding humor as a teaching tool. You will find that Gemini humor alternates between being uncannily observant, sardonic, to flat out sarcastic. But it is always light and playful and never cruel...unless they straight up hate you. Geminis are excellent observers of social patterns and they are the best at pointing out when people are being silly for all the wrong reasons. In that way, they have a special place in the hearts of the gay community as friendly satirists.

                                                                TXT ME BACK, K?

The one place Gemini guys flourish in is the world of technology, especially communications tech. Gemini boys always have to have the latest gadget. Every time a new iPhone or gadget is announced, Gemini boys the world over suddenly find themselves needing a new change of underwear. Social media...really social what they live for. Facebook is the domain of the Gemini gayboy. He is great at planning events and sending out messages. Get him an equally cyber-enthusiastic Aquarius together and you have your own marketing powerhouse. You will also find that Geminis are some of the better and more prompt texters out there...sometimes going overboard with this. But for boys who love attention and great, open communication, they need to have more Gemini men in their life.

Taking this gayly forward, Geminis are also more likely to explore the [[insert your own opinionated adjective here]] world of online dating. The Gemini guy is the master of Manhunt, the admiral of Adam4Adam, the orchestrator of OKCupid, the guru of get the picture. Geminis are not afraid to talk to someone over the internet because the way they talk online is not so different than how they talk in real life. That said, meeting these boys is another story altogether, because sometimes the Gemini boy really does just enjoy the conversation. There are many great gay friends of mine I've known for numbers of years, one who goes to school in my area. Thing is, can't say I've never actually met him in person. Guess his what his sign is?

Gemini is one of those signs like Scorpio that often gets a bad reputation. Geminis have been called two-faced before, but the truth is a little bit more complicated than that. When it comes to their integrity, Geminis often like to please everyone--at least everyone they like. In the gay community this can be well...impossible. Sometimes a Gemini may not outwardly like a person and yet, using their excellent communication skills, be able to talk to them. Cases can develop where a Gemini is saying things behind someone's back to someone else and vise versa. Sometimes the Gemini will get away with it, being the excellent trickster that he is. Other times...not so lucky.

Then there's that whole split-personality thing. No Gemini boy is really schizophrenic (unless they're really schizophrenic). Sometimes the two-personality belief comes from the fact that these boys are just simply all over the damn place. What it really is: Geminis are excellent at compartmentalizing their emotions, if not outright segregating them to the back of their mind. Gemini boys will often partition their personality, keeping a public face while acknowledging a more private side. Depending on the Gemini boy, this could range from something as simple as having a more happy-go-lucky persona and a more serious one, or, in the worst case, evil twin syndrome. The truth is, some Geminis out there do conceal a very frightening side. This is the side that only the most intimate people can become acquainted with. If they aren't ready to meet their Gemini boy's other half, this could lead to some nasty trouble. Truth be told, it's a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde rule--in partitioning his negative emotions, the Gemini gay boy conceals a very scary or dark side. This is most often apparent in abusive relationships, where Gemini can either be victim or perpetrator. If he's the victim, the Gemini in question will often find it very hard to completely break up with his abuser, often yo-yo-ing between dating/not dating. This is even worse when it comes to boyfriends who cheat on him. A Gemini gives way too many chances to the person he likes. Or even when it isn't a question of fidelity: one second the Gemini guy is raging on how he will utterly destroy his ex's life, then blink and they're back together again, the Gemini guy swearing his man has changed for the better and is a paragon of human civility and compassion. Oh boy, Gemini. Oh boy.

Trust is not so much a problem with Gemini boys as it is consistency. A Gemini boy is all over the place and they can be notorious flakes unless you promise them an interesting event. ADD is common in the Gemini lad, either literally or just in spirit. It's because Geminis are interested in just about everything and need constant activity and change. This is why their temperament is so...temperamental. Most of the time it's not about their mood but their inclinations. In general, a Gemini boy is likely to remain airy as always. But even air has levels of pressure, and a Gemini can go from a sunny day to partially clouded quite quickly. It's not that his emotion has changed, but just another twin has come out to play. Don't think of it as going from angry to happy in an instant (though some of the more cray-cray Gemini boys are capable of such) but 100% interested in what you're saying to just casually listening. And then back again. Bahhhh.

Geminis pretty much like hanging out with all crowds, girl and guy alike. Usually they pride themselves on having intelligent, witty, sharply dressed and/or sophisticated friends. But as long as you aren't a total bore, a Gemini will take kindly to you. Geminis get along with straight men well enough as Gemini men have pretty “straight” interests (computers, video games, chemical engineering etc.). That said, a Gemini prides himself of presenting two sides. So a Gemini with a bunch of straight dues may bro it up when hanging out with them. One hour later when he's out with his gay boys, he could be sweating glitter and breathing rainbows. It's really hard to say with this kid what he'll do next actually.

You and the Other Boys:

You're a hit with the gays because of your brand of humor: that delicious snark, never fully bitchy, but and dead on. You make great comedians and you have great timing, which is why all the boys love to be around you. Then again, Geminis have propensities for gaining notoriety as well, especially if they've dated a lot (if you're gay and reading this I shouldn't have to elaborate). Mostly though, you love to go out. The club and bar is your scene but you'll never go to the same club twice in one week so variety in nightlife is important. You would rather choose a classy bar over a club because it allows better opportunities for talking. You talk frankly about the boys you think are cute and your innuendos are priceless, event outrageous. A Gemini is never afraid to “go there”. You may have “club ADD” so the other boys might have a hard time trying to catch up with you...or even turn to say something to you and you already be off dancing with a guy. Still, if there's a party, you're there.

Connecting with a Gemini:

With Geminis, it's all about appeal and interest. If you're an interesting person, a good communicator, or just have good people skills, then most likely you'll attract at Gemini's attention. Geminis are very tactful when it comes to flirting and often most boys don't realize if a Gemini is being serious or kidding until said Gemini has his tongue down your throat. That's the Gemini approach to life, playful and fun. If you're playful and fun as well, chances are you have a good shot.

But Geminis don't like to be tied down, so here's what you should do if you want intimacy with a Gemini boy: be friendly and try to keep things in a weird territory of friends-with-benefits first. A Gemini wants a lover who's a best friend, and while this may not seem atypically romantic to most, Gemini guys are anything but atypical. Romance for a Gemini is having a partner who he can play around with and trust.

Remember when you get into a relationship with a Gemini, you're really dating two people. The most important thing to remember before you settle in with a Gemini is that he has two sides. You will NEED to see these two sides first before you're ready to keep things going with your Gemini guy, because again, you're dating two people at once. This can keep things interesting and fun or they can be too much for you to handle. Your milage may vary.

Another important note is that Geminis can get bored easily. If you are an interesting person then a Gemini will love to have you as his boy. But you have to keep things fresh and never fall into a routine. Go out to new places together. Give him space when it needs it. If you're worried about that infamous “Gemini dalliance” then speak up immediately about it in a non-scary way. Most Geminis, weird about feelings as they are, would not want to hurt someone they care about and so not every Gemini man out there is a cad or a cheat like some mean astrology books will tell you. But Geminis DO like to spice it up and this is where having an open sexual mind is important. Geminis will mostly do anything in bed and are very open minded. If you've ever wanted to have a threesome before, this is probably the guy to do with it. Geminis like to sexually experiment, but they also sometimes fall into the habit of having a cake (boyfriend) and eating it too (sex)...which now just sounds weird when I put it that way. But oh well. Sexual inventiveness will win you faithful Gemini boy action.

As is in any relationship, communication is key and this is why Geminis rock when they're your boyfriend(s). They are open, and while they may not be the best with dealing with emotions, they are good about talking about them. They will share life stories and try to make you feel better in about a million different ways. If you're honest with them, they will be more likely to be honest with you. Geminis see having a boyfriend as being sort of like a brother...but not in that creepy gross way that comes to mind. He wants an equal; he guarantees fun and excitement. So get on his level! All two of his levels.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: Geminis do not make intense tops per se, but they do make enthusiastic ones. But also keep in mind that that two-personality thing can come out quite easily in the bedroom. And you can use it to your advantage too! A Gemini boy may be sunsine one second and a brutal dom the next, but he's willing to ask you first for what mode you'd prefer. Geminis like to please and your pleasure is very important to their pleasure. Geminis are also very inventive and may come with their own toy chest...if you know what I mean.

On the Receiving End: And innuendo is equally valuable to the Gemini sexual arsenal. These bottom boys love their dirty talk. They are definitely the more power bottom breed, liking to be treated a little bit more rough. It's all about play with them, and they like to play the role of the bad boy in need of some discipline. They're also very enthusiastic when it comes to being boned, so hey, go to town. Gemini bottoms find the idea of being man-handled by two men to be amaaaaazing, so the idea of sex with a boyfriend and a newby is greatly appealing for them.

The most important factor with Gemini sex is keeping it fresh and exciting. He enjoys sex because i's a great opportunity to get to know you better. Remember, this is a guy who is extraordinarily open minded so don't be afraid to communicate with him your desires. He'll definitely want to fulfill them with you.


Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations. Trans Gemini men see gender as being another form of duality, and for them, transitioning is an experience they tackle with an intelligent and well-informed approach. They find it essential to connect with LGBT groups and other trans people and are typically able to do some extraordinary transgender activism. Bisexual Gemini seems to be an almost redundant word, as bi Gemini men are welcome with ease in both gay and straight circles, able to navigate them quite easily. However, in some cases, Gemini men will feel more inclined to be on the downlow with their straight circle if they don't feel that their form of sexuality will be so accepted.  


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  5. I am a pisces with a moon in gemini...after reading both I would have to say that I am a pretty good blend of the two. Although I love romance, dirty talk is my biggest weakness, I am often the sprite like one in my group of friends, but I don't usually affiliate with many straight people...I love experimenting but in experimenting I want to feel the emotional yeah I am pretty equal gemini and Pisces in my oppinion

  6. You got me pegged. I may not like to admit but even some of the bad stuff is tres me. I will be following your blog from hereon out with avid anticipation on anymore tidbits. If we're still allowed to present questions, I do have one. Could you please do a compatibly write up on a Gay Gemini Top and a Gay Libra Bottom. We can't seem to find anything that specific on the internet :P x

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