Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aries ~Sign of the Warrior~

                                          “And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun.”

Constellation of The Ram, Aries are born from March 22 – April 20. They are associated with the element of Fire and the planet Mars.

Famous Gay Aries Guys: Marc Jacobs, Tennessee Williams, Elton John, Jonathan Groff,  Jay Brannan, Leonardo DaVinci, Allen Ginsberg, George Takei.

                                                                  Crank dat, soulja boy.

Your date with Aries:

     In the middle of the dance floor, in the chaos of all that light and sound, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a fight--your Long Island Iced Tea now pooling off your sneakers in thin rivers. Before you can react, he leaps in to your defense. After left-hooking the guy in the jaw, he grabs you and pulls you out of the fray. 
    Mere seconds ago he was wild and beautiful, his gold chain dangling in the air as he jumped in to defend your honor from the three caddy little twinks who had made fun of you for dancing with your shirt off. The light catches the sweat on his bare chest as he grabs you and puts his hand behind your neck, the rage in him giving way to the calm gaze of his warm, green eyes. 
    "You okay?" he asks, and then leads you off the dance floor. Let any man dare to start something with his boyfriend again. Though you were terrified only a minute have to admit, he's already given you one of the most exciting nights of your life. He just seems so passionate about everything he does, even the way he walks commands attention.
       Outside you two laugh as he leads you away from the bar. The other boys stare; let them. He kisses you twice, right in the middle of the road, and the taste of vodka on his breath is sweet and pleasant. You don't feel fear with him. You two are invincible; warriors of the downtown gay scene. 
     You two stumble innocently into an alleyway, and he pushes you--gently--against the brick wall, pins you to it with the force of his kiss. His eyes leer at you playfully but his smile is warm, even as your own eyes look around, your thoughts a mad mix of worry and embarrassment. 
     "Don't worry," he whispers into your ear as his hand slides (perhaps too confidently) down the front of your jeans. "When I'm here, with you, we have nothing to be afraid of."

What the Stars Say:

As far as the stars are concerned, you, Aries boy, are the first...and believe me, you'll let all the other boys know this. In Greek myth, Aries was a golden ram (not to be confused with that hottie god of war, Ares, though there are similarities) who helped a young warrior escape from death by shepherding him across a river. The young stud repaid the generous sheepy by promptly slaughtering him and displaying his skin as a sacrifice to the war god. Nice.

Well, at least this act of kindness did get Aries placed amongst the stars as the first constellation of the zodiac, so there is that perk. Aries are ruled by the planet Mars, planet of war and warriors. The will of the soldier is present in every Aries boy, from the downright brutes to the even the most pacifistic little lambs. It's not so much the will to engage in physical conflict that drives an Aries, but the desire to conquer and to overcome challenges.

And many of these challenges involve chasing hot tail.

Aries is the first sign of the fire elements, and incidentally it is represented by pure fiery fire. No, this does not mean these boys are flaming. On the contrary, because Aries are so masculinely charged, even the biggest power bottom (always a power bottom) Aries boy will talk and act with a rather butch persona. The fire here refers to how passionate they can be. Very, very passionate. Also see: reckless.

                                                  Don't we all hate being attracted to him?
That Cosmic Bod:

Even the twinkiest Aries boy is built for muscles. Lean and mean, Aries are naturally ready for combat or physical challenges. Even if they aren't total juice-heads, they'll still be pretty built in some fashion. They are men's men, which in the gay case means that they're often big game.

You can pick an Aries guy out by his distinctive face. The body part that corresponds to Aries is the head, so this is their most distinguished feature. They usually have high hair lines and well-formed foreheads (that sounds weird, but trust me you'll see what I mean). Their hair is usually closely cropped, buzzed, styled in an edgy extreme--that they always manage to pull off--or spiked. Their eyes are a good giveaway to what sign these boys are about. Besides being very distinct and indeed pretty, their eyes appear almost leering as if they are challenging you on the battlefield. Or the night club. Or wherever.

As for the goods, yes, being the sign of the uber masculine, you probably have a pretty nice cock. Your ass however, is probably the better of your extremities, being very rock solid. And hey, you probably are supporting some nice guns anyway, you hunk. Speaking of which, the atypical aggressive stud of so many pornos (or the WWE) is very much like the Aries guy: ripped and sexually intimidating. On the twinkie side, not much has changed here. The Aries twink is still a little spitfire and a force to be reckoned with. As Aries is a warrior, they love tribal tattoos and markings defining their inherit masculinity. More common is the piercing (usually more than one). The badass Aries guy will often pierce his nips. Ears call home to gauges or that intense industrial. No pain, no gain, right boys?

What's on the Inside:

War is a state of mind, and for Aries, life is one giant game of Call of Duty. The old saying “men are from Mars” applies here, as Aries boys can be really, frustratingly such men. As a rule, Aries do not shy away from conflict. But drama is not usually their thing. Soldiers rarely start wars after all (that domain belongs to the kings, or those drama queen Leos). But soldiers do end them. And if you piss an Aries off, rest assured he will end you. If not physically, then mentally. That said, as is the true warrior's mentality, after the dust has cleared, Aries is very quick to forget conflict...until the next one. He is forgiving...after he's standing over your defeated body and flexing his muscles in triumph. And one could only be so lucky.

                                                     Take him to the mat. It's worth it.        

You Aries boys love a challenge and that's grand because you're natural born leaders, ready to grab life by the nuts. You are a badass and ascribe to the “bring it on” philosophy. There is no such thing as a timid Aries. If anything, Aries that err on the shyer side are merely a more tactical breed of solja boys. This imbues you with an incredible sense of drive. You get what you want if you fight for it. Being mostly an extrovert, you are very outgoing. Because Aries are ruled by the masculine, many (but as always, not all) ram boys can “pass for straight”. This let's you forge relationships with many straight males, even the most insecurely homophobic--though why would you want to? This is especially handy in the realm of sports (track, football, wrestling, and other combat sports are your forte). Masculine comradary, gay or straight, comes naturally to you.

Relating to the gals then, can be a little awkward. Because many Aries boys seem like the stereotypical straight guy, girls will often crush on them, or at least want them for sex. Aries guys who are bi, curious, or have not settled on being exclusively gay do often have sex with women. The downside is, the women they usually attract are sometimes not so cool with their same-sex inclinations. This is more often due to jealousy than homophobia. But because a gay Aries is very much like his straight counterpart, women are often “mysterious beings” who he has a hard time associating with. Gay Aries boys like to pal around with other gay guys or even straight boys. Tomgirls and lesbians, however, are not that uncommon either...provided the Aries boy isn't inclined to say something misogynist or anti-gal.

You will find that Aries boys have an interesting cross between super serious and absolutely ridiculous. In a way, this Aries brand of quirkiness may make you wonder if the guy is even aware if he's being silly or not due to the typical straight-faced quality these guys have. You will also find that many an Aries boy has an inherent case of ADHD. They will talk and talk and talk in that very direct, very strong way that comes naturally to their kind. This can either be annoying or endearing, depending on how you feel about that sort of thing. At the same time, Aries can be great story tellers because they'll never tell you anything boring about their life...only the interesting parts.

                                                           ...And gentle as a lamb.

I just want to make mention that while Aries can be very aggressive guys, they are by no means scary, frightening assholes—not the good ones at least. No gay Aries is initially mean. This is because they are so outwardly focused that they usually only see the surface of someone and assume they're good people. In addition to this, Aries is very much focused on himself, so he's probably not really critiquing you on what you do or say at all. This is not selfish, per se, but self-centered. When you meet an Aries, the only chance he'll offend you is if you can't take his teasing. And if he likes you, he'll probably tease you even more. Play along. If you're more timid, this type of behavior could turn you off, but remember that this is just the warrior's brand of tough love and affection. No Aries is ever really, truly cruel in his intentions. In fact, Aries, when trying to impress a guy he's into, will make himself into the perfect gentleman, a knight in shining Levi's.

Aries are not that manipulative either, again being so much about outward appearances and the surface. Unfortunately, this can backfire on them big time. Even the most intelligent Aries men can be accused of being a “stupid juice-head/twink/jock”. This is because they don't really show off their inner emotions or inner intellect very well. Even trying to engage them in intellectual conversation can be tricky because they rarely like to elaborate or explore complicated concepts more than necessary. They're very just-the-facts kind of men. Even humor is a tough concept for them. They aren't cheerless guys by any means, but Aries can rarely relate to other people's brand of humor. Sarcasm they are better suited to, and don't be afraid to be “benignly sarcastic” with an Aries. He likes the poking and prodding. Just be prepared to get a few shots fired in your direction as well.

Heated up, Aries are guys who will do anything to prove that he's there to fight for his friends. While this can result in noble acts such as standing up when someone does you or a friend wrong (woe to the homophobes who have never reckoned with an Aries who bashes back), it can also have its negative effects. Aries boys can get seriously territorial whenever a guy so much looks in the direction of your man. Do you know what “patriarchy” mean? It's the reason why men suck. Basically, it's when boys are behaving badly...such as starting all those wars and oppressing people. In other words, this is the downside of masculinity, or rather the masculinity (or Napoleon) complex. Aries is guilty as charged when it comes to this, sometimes being unnecessarily rowdy, angry, picking fights, and being over the top about being...the top. Aries anger is infamous BUT here's the secret to it: it's like a volcano, intense but shortly lived. Conflict with an Aries will result in screaming but again, the true soldier after the battle is always willing to forge a truce. Use this to your advantage when dealing with an angry Aries. Confront them in earnest without being mean and you may just make a better friend than foe. And above all things, little lambs, check your impulsivity at the door. This can be both good or bad. Taking risks is always worth it, but considering the amount of injuries you get into from NOT THINKING ABOUT SHIT BEFORE YOU DO IT...well like I said, check yo'self girl. Oh and did it piss you off that I called you girl? Not bad to get in touch with your feminine side either. Yin is not without its yang and imbalance of masculine chi can be hazardous to your health (or the health of others lest they get in your way).
                                                                       In the Navy...

And I can't stress this impulsive nature enough. I dated an Aries once. We knew each other for less than a half hour before we were already “Facebook official”. See where I'm going with this? He also had an uncanny knack for getting speeding tickets. Aries guys seem to think that they rule the road and can do whatever they want and go as fast as they want. They are prone to car accidents because of this. For a sign that's connected back to the head, so little of an Aries guy's time is spent thinking with it. Sometimes. Remember that these boys can also be expert strategists too. Their pitfalls usually come from other risks (like my dating story). So be careful, my Arien friends, always think something through first.

Yet the thing is, Aries boys know that to be a warrior doesn't necessarily mean to have to be battling all the time. Aries can be very zen and profound creatures, or at least see the wisdom in everything. An Aries boy I met at NYC Gay Pride once told me that: “Those who worship beauty will be forever ugly, and those who worship money will be forever poor”. When it comes to life proverbs, Aries knows reality better than anybody. They're survivalists and they'll always look out for you. Trust me, there's no better guy to have watching your back than a boy born under the sign of the ram.

You and the Other Boys: Like I says, you get along with the guys because you're oh-so-maanly. This often means you'll be an object of affection for those in the gay scene who worship masculinity. This also mean you'll probably use this to your advantage, so try not to be a douchebag about it. One of the most detrimental concepts plaguing the current gay scene is holding up archaic concepts of “straight-acting masculinity” on a pedestal. So do not try to replicate this concept. Remember, to those Greeks who made you, being gay and showing affection amongst your fellow boys was the most manly act you could ever do. Imagine that, embracing your emotions! Speaking of which let's talk about your tendency to get a rise out of people. Again, stressing the fact that this DOES NOT MEAN you start drama. This is more the brotherly “noogie”/”teasing” type of teasing. Aries can be sarcastic, but not in that clever way. More that...”did you really just say that” kind of way. Guess what? If an Aries teases you, he probably likes you. Also, try not to get territorial with the other guys or be too aggressive in general. Be a sexy soldier of love!

                                                                 Rawr. Down, boys.

Connecting with an Aries:

Aries can be easy to attract. Almost to ridiculous levels. If you're hot and confident enough (and the Aries is easy enough) all you might have to do at the club is go right on up to an available Aries guy and ask him to make-out. Sober or drunk, he'll probably do it. The same can be said for good old conversation too. Again, Aries admire confidence. Even if you're ridiculous or charmingly awkward, he'll at least be willing to engage you. And if he likes you...ooh boy, double-edged sowrd, mis amigos. If you like him back, play with him and play hard to get. Do not be coy, however, because this will puzzle him in a way he might not like. Be playful, be innocent. For all their bravado, Aries is a sign connected to innocence, specifically the innocence of children. At the same time there is nothing worse than an Aries you don't want. They will be relentless. They will blow up your phone. Best to be direct with them and cut it off at the pass. Again, Aries like direct. So if you've accumulated some Aries interest, don't be afraid to be bold and ask him out.

What's harder is the definitive connection. Aries are not good judges of character because they want to see the strength and goodness in people. This means everyone. Aries are also hopefully drawn to good looks, being of the mind that good looking = good person. Not to be a dick, my Aries guys, but you're the types who will ask someone out just because they're hot. Remember, do not be afraid to try to take the plunge and look below the surface. ...At least wait three dates before asking him out.

Aries like to go out. Hiking and the outdoors are favorite pastimes, as well as just about any form of sports or recreation (even video games). A playful challenge does the Aries boy good, so don't be afraid to get competitive. Winning or losing, as long as you put in the effort, he'll be pleased. Aries usually like the clubs and only the shyer ones don't like to dance. Aries make good dancers. In fact, many go-go boys I know are Aries. It's the war dance, trust me. And the ego boost.

You will find that your Aries boy is a very passionate lover. He will treat you with respect and kindness and defend you to the death. Here you will find a guy who you can pal around with and enjoy what it means to be a guy. Though he can be a little intense when he gets mad, he's also a very reasonable character. If he's a good guy, his anger will never become a consistent and he will honor your relationship together. Sometimes his shenanigans can be a little much because he's such an extreme personality. If you can stand his heat, then you'll no doubt have a long and romantic relationship together. You've found your knight.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: As famous Aries Lady GaGa once crooned, “You got me wondering why I like it rough”. And hooo yeah, Aries boys love it rough. They also love it romantic too. Well, as long as it's hot and heavy really. But hey, the bedroom is just another battlefield for these boys. Aries guys love to playfight as foreplay, so wrestling is always on the list. For the tops, they are very dominant. Do not LET them pin you however, because to them there is just no fun unless it's a challenge. When he does get you in a compromising position, he will most likely rub it in your face...the fact that he won, I mean. Initially, Aries will probably treat you really gently as he's afraid to unleash his wild side and scare you off. If you're ready for it, tell him to let it all out. He will. Be open about sexual communication, just don't don't put a damper on it.

On the Receiving End: Aries love to take it just as well as give and an Aries bottom is a POWER bottom. To them, this a glorious endurance test. Give it to them hard and do not relent. They like it when you're rough with them, but REMEMBER safety words are important and outright abuse is an obvious no-no. I would also dare say that Aries bottoms can be even more intimidating and raunchy than their top counterparts. The things he'll ask you to do to him...all in that “BRING IT ON MUTHAFUCKA” quality of voice. Comply and don't be afraid. If he can't take it, he'll tell you. Just maybe bring an energy drink along. And condoms too!
                                                                     Yes, please.

Aries are very passionate lovers, so wild sex, while nice, can also become romantic very quickly. Nothing heats an Aries up more than the power of love.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations. Trans Aries guys may find it an easy transition, being so inherently aligned with the masculine energy as it is. For them, being boy is easy as breathing air. However, they must remember not to get drunk off patriarchical power because of it. Bisexual Aries boys are fairly common and very popular amongst both male and female genders for their K.O. Combo of being masculine and being intimate with their own gender.



  1. I am an Aries and I am surprised to see many things fit me. Though there are parts that I am probably denying it or I don't see it haha.

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  3. I love being an Aries, I was born April 6th :D yeaaa!!! Pretty accurate I also got a Libra moon and a pisces ascendant.. talk about character xD Ultimate Aries right there!;D

  4. I'm an Aries, and most of this totally fits. The thing that doesn't (at least for me...) is that I love intellectual conversations. I adore class and sophistication, reading, and learning. I used to check out science textbooks at the library long after I graduated high school just to read them and do the question and answers out of the book to keep my mind sharp. I'd finish one, and go up the next level, then the next, then the next. Learning is a constant adventure, and I adore learning new things every day.

  5. Beeing an Aries I'm asking you all how shout I admint my love to a (claiming straight) Gemini boy? We are keeping contact every day an he knows about my homoness btw... What should I do?

  6. Beeing an Aries I'm asking you all how shout I admint my love to a (claiming straight) Gemini boy? We are keeping contact every day an he knows about my homoness btw... What should I do?

    1. I would wait to find out if he was either really gay/bi or accepting of himself first. People who are still coming to terms with their sexuality are not usually in a place to start dating right away, and it could be messy if you try and push that on them first. I would keep in touch with him and work at his pace.