Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virgo ~Sign of the Healer~

“Everywhere I'm looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace. Baby, I can see your halo, you know you're my saving grace.”

Constellation of The Virgin, Virgos are born from August 23 – September 23. They are connected to the element of Earth, specifically plants and trees. Their planet is often debated. Most old astrological resources tie Virgo to Mercury along with Gemini. New theories however point to Virgo being ruled by the proto-planet Vesta.

Famous Gay Virgo Guys: Christopher Isherwood. Freddie Mercury. Joel Schumacher.


Your Date with Virgo:

     "Come on, slowpoke!" he yells jokingly back at you from up the mountain path. He thought taking a hike together would be cute, but you didn't realize how good he was as climbing. Wanting to prove your worth, you push harder. He waits for you, arms folded, smiling wryly. He doesn't let you stop to catch your breath; he grabs your arm and leads you into the brush.
     "Trust me," he says before you start to protest. As you walk along, he notices a branch. He examines it a second before he picks off a stem. "Chew on this," he tells you. Before you  can put the stem to your mouth, he stops you. "Let me clean it first," he demands as he pours some water over it with his cantine. There. You chew on the stem. It tastes minty. He tells you it's how ancient Native American used to clean their teeth.
     You're fascinated by his knowledge, especially of nature. Finally, he leads you to a pond created by a waterfall. Surprising you, he winks and begins to take off his clothes. You do the same. Just as you remove your shirt, you feel his hands push you into the pond. You splash back at him  and he pulls you into the water. You laugh together, and then your eyes meet. In the middle of nature, surrounded only by trees and the birds that inhabit them, you kiss. It feels primal. And stranger still, it feels completely innocent. Together, you are pure.

What the Stars Say:

Some gay boys would rather not prefer to be born under the sign of the virgin due to its connotations of well...a sexless life. On the contrary, Virgos love sex and see it is a pure act. And that's where the whole “virgin” aspect comes into play. A better name than “the virgin” would be “the pure” or the “innocent”, because that's the energy that truly drives a Virgo. In Greek mythology, Virgo was a goddess named Astraea, a name that means “star”. She was a caring and powerful Earth goddess who lived in a time when the world was a utopia and everyone was in harmony with each other, sort of like the Garden of Eden on a mass scale. Unfortunately, humans soon turned wicked and began to misuse the planet. Astraea, horrified and saddened by humanity's ways, fled to the stars and became the constellation Virgo. It was said that she would return to the planet only when the world was perfect once more. You go, Astraea. Four for you, Astraea.

Now, here's where we get spicy, because this whole Virgo having its own planet thing is a rather new and rebellious concept (and if you think that's crazy, just wait til I see what I have in store for those who think Libra doesn't have its own planet). Currently there's a debate in the astronomy world about the space-object Vesta. See, it's not quite an asteroid but not quite a planet or planetoid either...or so scientists once though. Currently there's a study going on about Vesta, and some people wonder if it's going to be re-classified as a planet after all. In mythology, Vesta was the most unassuming of the Olympian goddesses...mostly because she never really pissed anybody off. She was an important deity connected to the Earth who helped protect homes. She had followers, the “vestal virgins”, who protected her sacred temples. This “innocence as power” dynamic, channeled into the energies of...well...a young gay male, may seem somewhat odd at first. But Gay virgos are perfectionists and “healers,” people who strive to rid the world of its “sicknesses and wounds” and make the world a better place: healthier, efficient, smarter, better, faster, stronger.

                                                                        And classier

Virgos are part of the Earth group of signs, and this connection is apt. A more fitting element with Virgos would be plants, things that grow and can be put to use. Many herbs are used to heal or fortify our bodies. We use wood to make houses, furniture, and paper. Virgo boys love nature and, in a mythological sense, would seem perfect candidates for the male nature spirits that protect it. And woe to you if you pissed those spirits off...

That Cosmic Bod:

Virgo men aren't necessarily always jocky types, but that said, their persistence could make them pretty good bodybuilders. Virgos pride themselves on taking care of and treating their bodies right. These men can be built, or at least have a fitting framework. Many Virgo men are tall or skinny guys, builds that seem in tune with that whole nature spirit vibe. Their facial structures are very sturdy. Virgo men have nice smiles but there's something about their eyes. Virgo boys are scrutinizing by nature and so their eyes often seem piercing, analytical, or even suspicious, almost as if your own existence shocks, perplexes, or fascinates them. Their hair is usually thick or straight and Virgo men prefer more conservative hairstyles, even when they can be pretty alt-kid themselves.

Virgo boys, despite their namesakes, have some very desirable sexual attributes. Surprise, Virgo men can be pretty hung. Seeing as they also have some nice, shapely legs, they have a pretty nice backside as well. Virgo men are usually muscular, even when they are super skinny twinks. It's not the same kind of jocky muscle as Aries boys are wont to have, or even the model-esque features of a Taurus. The Virgo build is perfect for work, labor, and sports.

What's on the Inside:

I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to write an entry on you Virgo boys, seeing as how many of you find astrology a super silly pseudoscience. Kidding! Kind of...

That's the thing about Virgos, the burden of proof. Because these men are empirical and strive for perfection, they don't take kindly to things that aren't “physical” or “proven”. This is why many Virgo men end up in scientific professions. Virgo men are critical, of society and of...well...anything. Many Virgo men, especially gay Virgos, do not like religion because of this reason, seeing organized religion as a corruption of society holding back man from achieving harmony and perfection. Just the same though, a Virgo boy who is religious may see that as the pure and right way to help society. It all depends on the Virgo, but the message is the same: innocence, perfection, healing of wrongdoings. Really anything a Virgo deems unnecessary is just another blockage preventing something from greatness.

Which is why many people accuse Virgos of having sticks in their assess (and not the fun kind). This would be wrong, however. Though Virgo boys can be shy, they are also extremely friendly. Sure, Virgo boys are critical and extreme judges of character...and chances are since nobody is perfect they will zero on on some flaw of yours...but they're also very forgiving. They want to see the good in people, it's just that they can't overlook the bad. But Virgos, when with people they know, are very outgoing and sociable. They're also extremely smart.

The Virgo boy is blessed with a rich and stunning intellect, whether or not this intelligence is in education or street smarts. For this reason alone, Virgo boys have a hard time dealing with the gay community's less savory aspects. In fact, most of the time, gay Virgo boys hold themselves to a higher standard than most other gay guys, even if they won't admit it. Thing is, it's probably true. A Virgo takes great strides in perfecting himself, making sure he's good at almost everything he does. Especially his brain. Virgo boys are witty and intellectual.

For this reason, Virgo boys can be delightfully nerdy characters, even when they are big, muscle studs. Many Virgo boys love to read or play video games. They enjoy going to college (because let's face it, if really you liked high school that much there's something wrong with you) and love to learn. For this reason, Virgos usually love nerdy boys. A Virgo boy is also very opinionated but his opinions are well-founded. Sometimes though, a Virgo boy is quick to judge and assume. And you know what they say about the word: assume...

For a boy who embodies perfection and innocence, he comes along with a rather annoying set of flaws too. For one, Virgos can be super critical and judgmental. The thing is, nothing in this world is flawless or perfect, especially people. The hypocritical part to a Virgo boy is that he can't take criticism himself. This is why it's hard to argue with a Virgo. If you shoot something back at him, he'll respond by telling you at least eight things wrong about you. You will probably get angry or sad, but he'll find your emotions illogical or...stupid. That's the thing about Virgos; for such sweet men with innocent motives, they can be the BIGGEST bitches in the zodiac. But bitches get shit done, so most Virgo boys embrace their sometimes cantankerous natures.

                                                              Yep. Bitches get shit done.

The other thing about Virgos is that, for all their embracing of your strengths, they absolutely cannot stand human weakness or error. If you're supposed to meet a Virgo boy for a movie, you better be there on time, or else deal with his sarcastic remarks about your lateness. Sarcasm, in fact, is their favorite brand of humor and also their favorite weapon of choice. A Virgo smarm is thick and impenetrable. It can also be fun and light-hearted. The thing is, Virgo boys, not everyone is perfect no matter how hard you want them to be. It's not going to happen. Let me also mention that the Virgo obsession with perfection and health can lead them to being huge hypochondriacs. Often times, it's all in their head and they're looking for problems to fix. Still, the body part associated with Virgo is the stomach, so sometimes Virgo boys are susceptible to stomach ailments.

But Virgo gay boys are rarely evil. Yes, Virgos can be mean and they can be bitchy but no Virgo wants to be evil or hateful. Their constellation's namesake points to their motives which are almost always pure. A Virgo has good intentions, though these intentions may not always be the best for everyone involved. This is because a Virgo knows it's pointless to try and please everybody. He is more concerned with doing the right thing than winning admiration or respect. A Virgo's destiny is to serve a greater good.

Part of that greater good is helping the gay community. Most gay Virgos are very into activism or at least strong gay support. To them, the gay community has so much potential. For that reason, Virgos are very good at social networking and building alliances with other like-minded gay boys. Many gay Virgos may have been active members of their high school's GSA or their college or grad school's LGBT alliance. The gay Virgo is also extremely good at organizing, especially in the organization of other people. And they laugh in the face of heavy paperwork! Virgos are not intimidated by bureaucracy, which is why they frequently get along with their Capricorn cousins. This is why Virgos are also great homework helpers, especially if that homework involves mathematics, formulas, or research. That said, Virgos also love to have fun. For being stereotyped as such shy boys, gay Virgos do like to go out and dance. They prefer social environments like bars.

It's a tossup when it comes to who Virgo gay boys associate with. Some Virgo boys have a close group of straight dudes, others however do not for their own Virgoey reasons. Virgo men prefer a company of like-minded gay men who share the same opinions as they do, including gay men who are not fond of other gay men (well, more the stupid shit gay boys do). Virgo gay boys love girls however, especially the more alternate types of chicas. Weird, ostracized girls in high school, gay Virgo is thine friend.

You and the Other Boys:

Gay Virgos can be picky when it comes to the other gay men they associate with, as I stated above. Still, Virgos are social creatures and like to be amongst boys like themselves. A Virgo gay boy will often want to “fix” the gay community, and so immerses himself with all sorts of guys. Many gay Virgo men go into the fashion industry or at least have an eye for style. For this reason, other boys often come to the Virgo gay boy in question for style advice. Gay Virgo boys tend to be the “lovable bitch with the heart of gold” in their buddy circles due to their sarcastic humor and clever snipes. Still, any boy who is friends with a gay Virgo knows how sweet this guy can be.

Connecting with a Virgo:

Obviously Virgos are picky when it comes to men, especially in terms of personality. A Virgo wants a guy who is a realist or at least someone who isn't naïve. That said, a Virgo looooves a boy with a troubled past, even if he won't admit it. Virgos like to fix things, including other boys. Often times these relationships will not pan out. Thing is, the Virgo boy, critic as he is, will be the first person to own up to his faults.

A Virgo guy wants someone who is dependable and enjoys doing activities with him. If he loves your flaws, he will only see your perfections. He likes guys with strong hearts and minds, especially boys who are kind and altruistic. Do-gooders can only do good by him. This is even made better if those do-gooders have a tough exterior and a badboy persona, allowing the Virgo boy the special privilege of seeing all the kindness and intimate insecurities inside him. It also helps if you're an intellectual or a nerd.

Dates with Virgos tend to be classy affairs. A gay Virgo has his joints that he likes and he'll be more than happy to take you there. Virgos, nature boys that they are, also love the great outdoors. Hiking and adventures outside are all very romantic to a gay Virgo. Still, gay Virgo boys also appreciate staying indoors. You will find that sometimes it takes a gay Virgo a little extra push to do any activity he's never tried before. If he likes the activity, then great! You just won like a million Virgo points. BUT if he doesn't like it...well, he'll probably enjoy all the sarcastic quips he makes about how much he hates it. Thing is though, he'll still appreciate your efforts just the same.

Virgos are affectionate, and they see love as being a complicated but pure emotion. Sharing this connection is important to them. Their brand of romance is much more “realistic”. So while they aren't lovey-dovey, they can be extremely romantic in intelligent ways. The way they demonstrate this affection is usually very clever and in-tune with the personality of their boyfriend. You will find that, the closer you get to your Virgo boo, the more he'll completely understand you.

Virgo boys are patient, but they are also not afraid to state a complaint. It's a good idea to listen to them, because usually Virgos have very sound logic. A Virgo will never ask you to change your ways if he thinks that you are unable to. He will also never ask something unreasonable of you. He truly wants a connection and a commitment, so he's willing to work it out and go the distance. At the same time, he expects you to do the same as well. Nobody “works harder” at a relationship than a Virgo. Appreciate what he has to say.

Beyonce (a Virgo) wrote a whole song (“Gift from Virgo”) about the love and affection a Virgo can give you if you're willing to open up your heart. In a Virgo guy you can find intellectualism and a smart brand of humor, not to mention a boy who appreciates your work and your motivations. Virgo boys are innocent and intelligent guys who see love as a force capable of brining the world into a perfect existence. He wants this perfect existence with you.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: He's not that innocent, Brit-Brit. A Virgo's education does not stop at sex. Indeed, these men are usually very smart when it comes to safe and sane sex. He'll listen to you. He's also not a prude; many Virgos actually enjoy the occasional threesome. Thing is, Virgos see sex as another pure act. And they love it. A lot of it. So hopefully your Virgo guy won't wear you out. These boys have tremendous staying power.

                                                 The creator of Bel-Ami is probably a Virgo

On the Receiving End: Like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Virgo bottom boys don't often like the act of anal sex so much as they like being dominated. They enjoy aggression and are willing to play the part of the innocent twink being ravaged by some brutish stud. A Virgo boy has many talents in general but this extends itself to the bedroom. Virgo guys like to give oral and um...are equally good with their hands as well.

Don't take your Virgo boy for a prude. He sees sex as an amazing experience. He may even surprise you with the things he's capable of in bed!

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: Virgo trans men can often have a tough time dealing with issues such as gender dysphoria. They often strive to be the complete gender they know they truly are. Needless to say, these boys are tough but sweet types. Bisexual Virgo men usually have no problems with the gay community aside from the aspects they deem useless. Often this boils down to drama, which turns a Virgo guy off like no other. Virgos are scientists at heart and don't mind experimenting with either gender, no matter what their orientation is.


  1. My birth date falls on a I grew up confused as to what sign to identify time I've grown comfortable with being Libran, so I'm waiting for that entry. However, your latest post says I'm a Virgo. Maybe you could share your insights about us confused kids under Queer Variations, just a thought. Shared your blog with friends, wickedly accurate on a lot of things!

    1. You should search up on the internet free birth chart in astrology. In case you didn't know, astrology goes further than just the one sign, it goes into other planet signs, moon sign, rising signs and even house placements. Every person on the earth has a unique birth chart, as it even goes down to the exact degree from the day,month, year, time and place of birth. If you don't know your time you won't be able to find your rising sign and house placements, a good site to use is, they have a great interactive birth chart, with lots of information to help you understand everything. Enjoy :)

    2. Birth Chart is right. My chart reveals that even though I was born on August 27, my Solar Sign is Virgo, but my Ascendant and Lunar Signs are Aries. The stars will speak for themselves.

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah, cusps can get pretty tricky because a lot of sources say different things about the last/first date of a sign. Sometimes it also depends on time of birth, say earlier in the day versus later on in the evening.

  3. I've studied astrology for several years now and its great to read something that is specific to me as a gay male. Very well said and I found I could relate to almost 100% of this. Well done!!! And coming from a Virgo that's saying a lot. =P

  4. I'm a Virgo, Thank you for your insight. Though I'll need to analyze this before I can render a full opinion. That being said, It will be fun to contemplate. :) Timothy

  5. Love to deny it but this is so true! Can't wait for your compatibility charts :)

  6. As a virgo I find this extremely interesting as I identify with it a lot. If anything some of the things it said finally kicked me in gear to finally start working out some when I figure out a workout routine.

    Can't wait to see the Virgo compatibility.

  7. Wow, its really kewl how you put this together, and i must say its extremely accerate, well... about me personally. Your right about the eyes too, I get alot of compliments on my eyes, i still dont get it, their just mud brown. but whatever. We virgos rule, I have a hard time finding the right guy though... I can be a little picky but... people need to be pickyy to know what they truley want... right? anyway, I am a fan of your sight, wanna see some good virgo compadibility of water signs, I like the water signs alot.

  8. Im a gay capricorn, i definitely define it too after reading the article. I always heard and read we were good with virgos. I know all the virgos i know i love and understand. After reading this im truly convinced my soulmate is a virgo guy hahaha

  9. omg lol the part about Virgo bottoms is completely true, at least for me loooool

  10. I am a Virgo and you are spot on in your descriptions!

  11. What's this bullshit about us Virgos having *flaws*?

  12. I'm a Virgo and this seem very spot on.

  13. So so soo sooooooooo accurate. In so many ways. Wow. Creepy accurate.

  14. Max, this is the best and the most accurate thing I've ever read! I've known so much about myself now. Thank you very much! Could you pleeeeease, write some more? Well done!

    1. amazingly accurate, isn't it!

  15. I was fascinated by your accuracy. There are a few grammatical and spelling errors, but I was able to overlook them due to the flow and phenomenal insight of the article. Very accurate! I'm in fashion and have a few close straight friends. I'm willing to explore both ends but somehow see religion as a pure answer. I often have people tell me they're intimidated by my eyes. Guys come to me for style tips. People think I'm prude but no one has unleashed that side of me (I'm picky.) Sex is a pure thing. I love nature! I used to walk naked in a grove of isolated trees just to feel natural. It was my secret place. Anyway, great job! Very accurate, thank you.

    1. I DEFINITELY need to fix up some grammatical errors. I made this in 2011 and a lot of the entries I have not touched since then. There's a few embarrassments here and there ;)

    2. hey, at least it wasn't as bad as that error filled comment that was written just to upset us Virgos!