Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leo ~Sign of the King~

                                                   “...the party don't start 'til I walk in!”

                                         This guy is absurdly hot. Okay, back to my job...

Constellation of The Lion, Leos are born from July 23 – August 22. Though the element of Fire is their technical dominion, Leos prime ruling element is light, like that which comes from the sun. This makes sense as Sol, A.K.A the sun, is the planet they rule over (because nobody rules a Leo, bitch).

Famous Gay Leo Guys: James Baldwin. Yves Saint Laurent. Andy Warhol. Michael Kors. Tim Gunn. Gus Van Sant.

Your Date With Leo:

     He was the hottest boy on stage at the play he gave you free tickets to. You could tell from the other boys and girls staring at him every time he took the spotlight that your feelings are accurate. You're glad he's yours tonight...or are you his? Knowing him, he'd probably think the latter.
     It takes him forever to say goodbye to everyone backstage. Everyone keeps coming up to him and telling him how much of a fantastic presence he had on stage. You can tell he's eating it up. As soon as he's had his fair share of compliments though, he rushes over to you with all the enthusiasm of an excited puppy. He picks you up and literally carries you out the door. You're stunned; he's smiling.
     You're both tired so you order Chinese and stay inside playing Smash Brothers on his fancy new TV. You're both in your boxers, and you lay against his chest, sitting in the middle of his lap. Occasionally he'll try and knock the controller out of your hand so he can get an upper hand. "If I win," he says, "we have sex." You smile and agree to the challenge. Of course, you're better at this game than he is (though you'd never tell him this). In the end, you end up winning, but before you can rub it in his face, he has you pinned to his couch. He bites your neck; you moan. 
      "Le'ts play my game," he growls softly to you. "It's called: I win anyway."

What the Stars Say:

I totally have an astrological crush on Leos, which I'm sure would please them very much to hear. Just another worshiper for the kings of the zodiac. In Greek mythology, Leo was the badass Nemean lion, a beast with impenetrable skin. Hercules killed the lion as one of his twelve labors and then wore the lion's skin as his armor, effectively taking on the lion's powers. In turn, Leos take on a lot of Herculean identity: confident, strong (if not physically than in spirit), generous, heroic, brave...but also arrogant, brash, and slightly narcissistic.

The sun is the center of our galaxy, and Leo boys may often feel, for better or worse, that the world revolves around them. It's not so much being selfish but self-centered. The sun gives us light and warmth and Leo guys tend to bring these qualities wherever they go. At the same time, they need positive attention and reassurance. This is why people worshiped the sun in ancient times; so that it would rise again the next day. Being that the sun is what allows the planet to sustain life, Leos are endowed with many inherit leadership qualities and potential responsibilities. This makes them a very powerful sign. King Louis XIV was referred to as “Le Roi du Solei”, the sun king, because he was a ruler who valued the arts, justice, and all things tied back to the sun. This is why Leo is the sign of kings and sovereigns.

Leo is a Fire sign, but there's more to him than that. While Aries is pure fire: destruction, energy, and raw potential, Leo is more about what fire gives off: illumination and warmth. That said, Leo is better suited towards the element of light. Without light, the world would be...a very dark place for lack of a better word. Light equates to such aspects as warmth, comfort, happiness, and creation. The modern world and human beings run on light and the sun in order to function.

                                                                                A lot of this
That Cosmic Bod:

Leo guys truly embody the animal that reps their sign in that physically they have cat-like features. Their face sports many qualities of that noble cat: long and proud noses, expressive and big eyes, and quite often comically, big ears. The best part of being a gay Leo is that you will never have a bad hair day in your life; at the worst your hair (if longer than buzz length) will have an appealingly messy “just got out of bed” look. After all, what is a Lion without a great mane? Not to mention he has some great choppers, since Leos know how to sell their smile. On that note, Leo boys have great lips, usually somewhat pouty in appearance, perfect for kissing.

                                                                    The lips. Giveaway

Leo boys tend to be built or thick-bodied on some aspect. They have fantastic complexions and have good muscle-building proportions. Even their bodies exude an aura of confidence and absolute rule. Despite their inherent masculine authority, their dicks are never HUGE but they are thick and powerful. Similarly, no Leo boy has a flat ass. After all, boys in this sign are begging for attention.

What's on the Inside:

But for all their pride and glory, it's not a Leo's physical attributes that inspire attention and admiration from others. Leo boys are definitely big personalities, never boring. These are the guys people refer to as “characters”. Their natures are exaggerated and dramatic, so every Leo guy has a somewhat extreme personality. They can be outrageous, much like living cartoon characters, sometimes infinitely noble and authoritarian to an almost silly extent. And they know it too. These boys love to be silly, to play jokes, and to get as many eyes on them as possible. This is why many a Leo boy has been accused of being an “attention whore”. They need attention to thrive.

It's this aspect that gives Leo guys a double-edged quality. While Leo boys are confident most of the time, you have to remember that it's often hard being the center of the universe. When all eyes are on you (and Leo boys generally think this) then that means people are always in a position of judging you. This is why Leo boys can be really shy when around people they don't know well. And the thing is, that whole attention thing is true; Leo's inspire attention from others. They can't be subtle, even if they want to be, because like or not, a Leo boys find himself being a “presence”. When they are in moments of vulnerability, what they feel as shyness may translate itself into stand-offishness and intimidation to others. This can make it very hard for a Leo boy to get somebody to dance with them at the club.

But when they are confident, Leo boys are confident! A gay Leo boy has taken their fair share of "camera-mirror pics". Just look at any gay Leo's FB right now and I'm sure you'll find at least two. So okay, Leo boys can be pleasantly narcissistic, but hey, what can you do when you KNOW you're that hot? These guys make up for their faults by being tons of fun. Leo gay boys love to run around and cause mischief and merriment, much like the Gemini boys they sometimes roll or even rival with. While some see this “attention needyness” as a reproachable quality, what it really boils down to is this: on the inside, Leos are just big pussy-cats. They don't want attention so much as affection and praise. They love to be loved. They also radiate warmth, so it's win-win situation. Leo guys are generous to a fault, so never take advantage of their generosity. At the same time, Leos are almost laughably easy to get to like you. All they need, as one Leo friend of mine put it, is “a compliment and a scratch behind the ears.” The more you feed a Leo's ego, the more he's willing to give you attention.


This is why Leos are often great at giving an extent. A good Leo with authority on a certain subject will probably give you more advice than necessary, but it will most of the time be absolutely correct. Then again, Leos can be, from time to time, complete and utter know-it-alls. But don't tell them this. Leo's LOVE arguments and better yet LOVE winning them even more. Their challenges are of a more intellectual variety than their Aries cousins, and Leos have an uncanny ability to knock down your argument in an instant. Therfore, unless it's something of the most importance, it is generally unwise to argue uselessly with a Leo. On the other hand, good kings always listened to the pleas of their subjects, so coming to a Leo boy with a problem, even if it's about his royal highness, is okay as long as you are civil and respectful. Still, a Leo boy will hardly ever admit to being least openly. I once met a boy at the gym and struck up a conversation with him. I guessed and then asked him if he was a Leo, and though he said yes, he made sure to tell me why astrology was inaccurate and why he felt he was AN INDIVIDUAL. This boy, who went on and on, was also wearing a sports jersey, the team in question being the lions. I smiled knowingly, because irony is sometimes fun.

The kingly tactics are another great quality Leos have. A Leo boy gets society, and though he is the lord of the sweeping generalization, he's not a total pessimists. Often he knows the right way a place should be run...even if he's just the delivery boy. This is why it's okay for Leos to be in positions of authority...most of the time. A good chunk of our presidents have been Leo dudes, including our current one (or Barack Obama if you're reading this from the fuuuuture). At the same time, some great despots have been Leos too. With great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes a Leo boy can be an outright tyrant if he doesn't check his 'tude. Overweight egos and hubris can bog a good Leo boy down and make him a miserable human to be around...

This is especially true with a Leo who is depressed or dissatisfied with his life. Gay boy Leo are never insufferable per se, but they can be irritating! Here, the attention Leos crave becomes turned on its head in a negative way. A gay Leo who is angry at the world is most likely to utter generalizing statements such as: “Rawr rawr I can't find a good boyfriend because all boys are whores rawr rawr.” Convincing them otherwise is often a futile effort. A crabby Leo boy has to get over himself and realize the world is not as black as white as it seems before he can get back in the game again. The sad part is, a Leo is often his worst critic, so even the best and brightest guy may think he's not worth anything. Cheering him up can help, especially if you point out all of his good qualities. Worth mentioning is a little tidbit I got from a Leo well-verses in the art of astrology. He claims that "all Leo boys are little shits until they turn 24, the age associated with the sign." So...Leo boys under 24, do what you can to not be so problematic I guess.

Further more, Leos are capable of being extreme drama queens. They are open and opinionated individuals by birth, so imagine this power when it comes to the young gay community. Not only do they inspire drama because of their impulsive and sometimes territorial actions, but they love to gossip about people too. It's also their self-centered actions. A Leo often does not think about the consequences of oh, say, snatching away the hot boy their friend told them they had an eye on, or stealing someone's current boo. After all, an entitled king automatically has claim over all men...right? Right? Now, keep in mind, this is only the bad Leos. But even the good Leos may not know they are causing drama because it's such an inherent quality to them. This is why you should never insult a Leo. He will end you socially. He has the power to do it, he just rarely likes to wield it unless his pride has been damaged. Fortunately you have to go out of your way and intentionally piss of a Leo, because they are forgiving if you're honest with them. They will also warn you first if you're doing something they don't like. Heed that warning. Leos would rather have friends than enemies (unless he's bored) but he isn't afraid to show you who's boss if need be.

Leos like arts and entertainment, especially movies. Many Leo boys, drama kings that they are, love to act and be on stage. Since he's such a personality off stage, he can channel this power quite well. Leos are also adept in other departments: visual arts and even creative writing. These boys have big imaginations and big ideas, always wanting to embark on some creative venture. Leos also make decent athletes if only because they are in it for the fame and glory. And glory is what a Leo boy strives for in all endeavors. He wants to be immortalized and leave an impact on the world. This is why Leos are also true altruists who often go into majors such as various forms of social work such as psychology—especially child psychology (Leos are good at identifying with children, being little boys at heart). Other fields of this nature include therapy, sign language, massage, and healing (oftentimes more hollistic in nature).

Leos typically get along with just about everyone, guys and girls of all sexualities. The girls he usually rolls with are intelligent and individualistic women. The boys...tend to be less of a threat and he likes that. He gravitates to unique guys who won't try and usurp his throne...i.e. steal his thunder. Some people may fin him to be too much of a personality and may avoid him. But since Leos like to rule over all sorts, most people find him pleasant to be around and, like the sun, find his energy to be refreshing.

                     As you can see here, one of the few qualities, if any, that Leos lack is... subtlety.

You and the Other Boys:

A gay Leo rarely worries about his orientation aside from what straight people might think about him. Other than that, he could care less. The gay community for him is just another world to rule over. The thing is, a gay Leo boy knows how society works, and so he's good about finding the right balance...getting involved without getting too involved. Most gay Leo boys find the worship of other men to be stimulating and gives them the mass amounts of affection they often crave. For that reason...well...many gay Leo boys I know have been strippers, underwear models, porn stars (the best way to be admired on camera after all) shot-boys, or exotic dancers at some point in their lives.

Connecting with a Leo:

Leo boys are also kings of the obvious, so you'll never have to ask a Leo boy what's up...chances are he'll outright tell you first. This makes them very open creatures and good talkers. In fact, a Leo can talk and talk about anything if he knows he has an audience. If you're a good listener, a Leo will positively adore you, especially if you engage them in questions.

A Leo is aware of people's intentions and so he'll know right away if you're into him. The problem is, Leo boys often overlook incompatible qualities if it means getting possible love and attention. A Leo boy wants a suitable mate, so make sure you're worth it. Though he is larger than life, don't turn yourself down. Leo's like people who are big-mouthed and big-hearted. The truly generous gestures of romance work well here, especially if they are bold.

Leos like independence so don't try and stifle them or tie them down. If he he likes you, you'll definitely know it. With a boyfriend, Leo's like to share their kingdoms, so he'll love it when you're introduced to all of his friends. If his subjects are well-suited to you, you're in. Then the fun begins. Leos live large and richly so plan on having some fun times with him. If you have a big idea for an adventure or outing, run it by him first because Leos like to be in control. Of course, with Leo, it really is the thought that counts.

                                                                           Kitteh :3

Leo boys are fond of guys who are going long as those places are with him. You must have something you excel at: athletics, the arts, or some other endeavor you're setting out on. That said, Leos like boys with similar interests, so if they don't line up with his, he may not “get you”. This makes itself even more known if you come to a Leo with a minor problem, especially on your appearance. You: “Does my ass look good in these jeans?” Leo Boy: “GAHHH I CAN'T DECIDE WHAT SHIRT TO WEAR...Did you say something?” Self-centered is not so good a quality here.

Though Leo boys love to be independent kings, they actually don't mind needyness to a degree. A Leo WANTS to be loved and he needs reassurance. Expect a LOT of texting with a Leo. They like to check up on you. This may seem annoying but it's just his way of seeing if you still care. For all their bravado, Leo boys need assurance and love. They also like to cuddle, and nothing gets their heart beating faster than seeing a look of unconditional look in their boyfriend's eyes.

A Leo boy's warmth is to be prized. Leo boys are sunny characters who will promise you nothing but fun and good times. He is goofy and big hearted, and though dating him may seem like you're dating a cartoon character, the laughter he brings you will be worth any of his excess ridiculousness. Nothing but fun and big times when you're rolling with the boy king.

                                                                       Must. Cuddle.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: Leos. Like. Sex. That said, they enjoy sex with their exclusive partner more than anybody else. A Leo boy who wants you wants you in the worst way possible. A Leo top enjoys the power of fucking a guy, but loves it more knowing that the guy in question is getting as much pleasure as he is. A Leo sees himself a king of romance, and so when he gets into sex, he becomes a literal god of love. He also loves to be worshiped, so caressing his muscles or any features he might pride himself on gets him off like no other. Treat him like the god he sees himself as and he'll pay you back with an intense sexuality.
It's good to be the king.

On the Receiving End: Of course, Leos also like to give, and Leo boys have a very playful sexuality in general. A Leo who receives fully comprehends the word “power” in power bottom. Really, a bottomy Leo is not much different than his top counterpart save for the position. If you never though it was possible to be dominated even when you're inside a guy, a Leo boy will make this known. Of course, he loves the passion, and so expect him to be very vocal. He likes the sounds you make too of course, so um...let' just say investing in sound-proof walls if you get a Leo boyfriend is probably a wise decision.

Sex with a Leo is fun times indeed. Leo boys like straight up sex but are open minded when it comes to certain forms of kink. They love role play, especially if it puts them in a position of dominance. That said, this boy fully realizes the love he has for you and wants things to be romantic.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: Trans Leo boys are full of nobility and pride. They do not let the transphobes of the world get them down. They ascribe to a variation of the born-this-way philosophy, but more self-made. Bisexual Leo boys are often accused of swinging both ways for the attention. Really, these boys just understand that affection can come from both genders. They must watch out, however, because less-respectful gay boys tend to see these boys as pure sexual fodder. Bi Leo boys have a great understanding of people and disregarding gender, and thus they treat their lover the same way regardless of who they are.


  1. Bow to the king baby :3 Its frightening how like me this is. now... to find someone who can handle me :3 as if thats possible

    1. date a scorpio and you've found someone to rival you....hehehehe

    2. Totally true....I'm Leo and I've dated a Scorpio. He's the toughest nut to crack until he starts to open up to you willingly. That said, I felt the inherent 'coldness' behavior in his expression of love and opposite poles in character to a Leo can be very tiring in a long run... Like someone trying to start a flame on sand... There's not much sparks.

    3. Yep dating a Scorpio is challenging especially when you let your guard down for a moment.

    4. Scorpio are fine with leo only they are frank to speak out their insecurities share life wtih us.

  2. Awesome website. But where are all the coloured Leos? And Cancers? And Taurus? And Virgos? Are all the gay men of colour in hibernation or could you just not find any images on them?

    1. I've actually tried to include pictures of men from varying races, but as you can see, Tumblr isn't very conducive to body diversity. The images I use on this site are from Tumblr and various gay photo sites and sadly those sites are dominated by white standards of beauty. The lack of representation from men of other races is embarrassing to the community and by proxy embarrassing to this blog. This is a subject that has always bothered me ever since I started GBG2Z and sadly I have found very few methods of rectifying it.

      If you know good photo sources, please do let me know. I don't want this blog to perpetrate a beauty standard that I have worked the past few years as an ally to try and abolish.

    2. that is terrible. Being a gay man of color this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    3. It is a societal problem when all you can find is white images on Tumblr or gay sites. Believe me, I have always tried to include diverse bodytypes on the blog, but when you have that in mind and STILL can't actively find images, you know there is a problem in the gay community.

    4. There are tumblrs with other colors @_@
      you just need to find them XD
      might take a lot of work to weed out straights from gays

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  4. Which are the best partners for Leos?I know Aquarius and Taurus aren't u.u' (PS. I love your blog and you just described me lol )

  5. Leo's match well with their own fire signs and most air signs. I am a Pisces slightly bent towards Aries but a true Pisces nonetheless. Typically most sources do not agree well with Pisces-Leo matches but depending on his unique traits and background, I'm sure it could work. I am in love with a Leo whom I call "prince" and have done so before discovering he is a Leo. Looking back, he definitely loved that title. Such a charmer and never boring, I cannot wait to see him again.

  6. I am an atheist and don't really believe in Horoscope. That said, even I can't explain how it defines me down to the tinniest details. Good work.

  7. ....I hate how much this is totally me even down to the smash brothers. I dont have enough pillows to smother all my friends laughing at me now. :)

  8. Omg Max this is so me spot on xD

  9. describes me indefinitely i was a stripper even i was totally flipping out when i saw that part lol

  10. Although Leos can be warm and loving, they're usually every bit as fiery and warlike as Aries! In fact, Leo was the near indestructible Nemean Lion and he's the only sign classified as both "bestial" (aggressive) and "feral" (savage and destructive). Remember, he's a LION not some house cat and as such can be every bit as strong, fierce and destructive as his symbol! Far more than some ram!