Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Libra ~Sign of the Artist~

“...Excuse me, you're a hell of a guy...I mean my, my, my, my you're like pelican fly. I mean, you're so shy and I'm loving your tie, you're like slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye...

I may have been a little desperate for a Nicky Minaj quote...

Constellation of The Scales, Libras are born from September 23 – October 22. They are tied to the element of Air, specifically the sky and gravity. Up until recently their planet has been assigned as Venus along with Taurus, but some newer sources speculate that Libra's planet may in fact be our own: Earth.

Famous Gay Libra Guys: Oscar Wilde. Truman Capote. Harris Glenn Milstead (AKA: Divine). Jake Shears. Pedro Almodovar. Clive Barker. Michel Foucult.

                                                            Between Heaven and Earth

Your Date with Libra:

     He tosses you another hilarious one-liner as he brings you up with him to the DJ Booth. In minutes the club is pumping. He knows exactly what to play and my goodness can he multi-task. "Check out that hot guy!" he says to you as he points to a shirtless stud in a baseball cap. "Yummy, right?" He puts his arm around you and brings you in for a kiss. "But I think you'll do just fine." In the span of minutes he's got people giving you drinks, tending to your every need. He wants to make sure you're having a good time. You feel confident with him, yourself, and conversation is just so easy--of course, it helps that by now you're a little liquored up.
     At 2AM you help him take his DJ equipment out to the car. He's become almost shy now, grateful that you're lending him a hand and grateful for being there to see him play. He demands you accompany him to the nearest fast food joint. He says it's gleefully shameful. Over fries and milkshakes you people- watch together. Every comment that comes out of his mouth, snarky or complementary, is hilarious. You get a sense that he's trying hard to be a bitch sometimes, but it's failing adorably.
     He takes you back home to his single dorm room. There you end up watching old cartoons together, playing video games, and talking until dawn. He just never gets tired. And in the blue haze of dawn twilight, he's beautiful. You fall to the bed together. All of a sudden the passions seem to take over and in that blue haze he's gone from goofy to godly. After all is said and done, he holds you close to him. "I'm glad you're ridiculous like me," he  says to you.
      Somewhere along the line you fall asleep before the sun can completely rise. 

What the Stars Say:
Libra is the only zodiac sign not modeled after a living organism. As well, its origins come more from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures rather than the Greeks and Romans. In these tales, Libra were the scales used to measure the hearts of humans as they began their journey into the afterlife. If their hearts were pure, they would go to paradise....if not...well, bad things happen involving an eight headed serpent creature who eats your soul. Libra gay boys are judges of character and all that is good and just --though often this is according to their personal ethics and laws. They are also guardians of the in-between: earth and sky (their element is gravity or aether), life and death (between life-giving Virgo and death-guarding Scorpio), summer and winter (the time of Libra heralds the Autumnal equinox). Their duty is to bring about harmony, but here is where this misconception about Libras comes into play...Libra boys are not people in balance, rather they are seeking to balance. They are about weighing choices, not already having the answers at hand. Besides, what fun would life be if you were born having it all figured out?

Libra's ruling planet is a source of controversy amongst astrologers. For centuries, Venus was considered Libra's planet along with Taurus. Now many new-agey astrologers are starting to give all of the signs their own planet, and Earth has become the top contender for a lot of weird astrological reasons I won't bother you with. But on the symbolic side of things, it makes sense. After all Earth is a planet that is always trying to find harmony and stabilize itself. Half of our planet is natural and the other half civilization. As a species, humans are judgmental creatures, but also people who use the law and governance to keep ourselves at peace. We have created fantastic cities and works of art and we truly prize beauty...sometimes a little bit too much. We value partnerships in love, in forms of marriage and other acts that create a harmony of two (and for some, sometimes more). On the other side of the coin, Venus makes a lot of sense too, but a Venus who is more in tune with her brother, Apollo. In a mythological sense, Libra's god is Apollo, the god of reason and truth. He liked to hang out on Earth and teach people about poetry and art as well as acting as a medium between the gods and humans. Libra boys function the same way, balancing higher values and ideals with logic and reason. So in defense of Venus, it also makes sense, but a far more mental manifestation of the planet's symbolism.

                                Every gay Libra boy I know has a penchant for colorful hoodies

Libra is one of the Air signs, being the high class intellectual that he is. Libra's candidate for main element would mostly likely be that great aether known as “the sky”. The sky is the balance between space and earth. It also invokes lofty higher values, justice, and truth; the heavens watching over us, bestowing us with peace and aspirations. Included in-between sky and earth is gravity, the force that stabilizes the planet and literally keeps us all grounded. He is also artistically represented by twilight, the boundary between day and night.

That Cosmic Bod:

These boys aren't just connected to Apollo for no good reason. Libra dudes are considered some of the prettiest boys in the zodiac, born with the faces of angels. Everything about a Libra guy's face is symmetrical and perfect, youthful, and boyish. Their hair is always lighter than most guys and is usually soft and manageable. Their lips are usually very full, and they are always smiling knowingly at something or another. Libra guys are often tall, imposing in their presence but never outright intimidating. They inspire nobility and awe in other guys. Their builds are usually very model-esque, and if not muscular, then super skinny. But even Libra boys who pack a few pounds are still really good-looking.

Libra's sign is connected to the lower back, so they have nice curvatures in their spines. They also have some rather fantastic assess, perfectly sculpted...the assess of the gods really. Their dicks are always just the right size, nice and long without being imposing or too much to handle. Their cocks are never flawed or awkward. Um...did I mention these guys are hot?

                                                                     Because they are
What's on the Inside:

I was going to give Libra the title of sign of the judge, but that seemed too scary and intense of a word. True, Libra boys are always imbued with the sense of judgment, but its never in that scary way. These boy are all about fairness and equality, even if they don't think it. Though many Libra boys are pleasant, not-really intimidating figures, they all carry a strong sense of justice and doing what's right. If they smell an injustice, they will rectify it using their favorite weapon: their own words. What Libra boys lack in bite they make up for in extreme wit and clever language. Their connections to the arts are reason enough to bestow upon them the Sign of the Artist (in my first draft of the blog they were sign of the Harmonizer). Libra boys sees the world as their canvas or their lump of clay, to paint and mold as they see fit. If they see a flaw, it is their job to correct it and to make the world beautiful again.

Libras are bon-vivant characters who know how to deal with people using their witty charm. In a way, think of a Libra guy as the badboy gone good. There is sense about him that he knows he's the shit, he's just not going to brag about it--which he will. After all, he shouldn't have to. Just look at him. He knows how to wear clothes (sporty hoodies are a favorite) with expert flair and dignity, not afraid to chose complimentary colors (you know, colors in harmony with each other). This also translates into his general love of aesthetic. Everything he does or has in his life has gone through scrutiny for artistic merit and design. Libra gay boys probably unintentionally started that whole stereotype of gay men having excellent taste. These boys love beauty, art, and truth, their prime virtues. If you ever need fashion or decoration advice, call up a Libra boy. He'll give you the what's what.

At first meeting, a Libra guy may seem very laid back and even passive or shy. This is because before any Libra can associate with someone, he must put them through his brand of judgment first. Now, most people don't like to be judged, but the Libran brand of judgment is not the brand of justice we often equate with punishment. Libras look for good people at heart, though truth be told they can also be picky. Even worse is that a Libra boy will never ever tell you exactly what he thinks of you if you ask him. That would not be fair, after all. Chances are though, if you're an honest character with honest motives, he'll take a linking to you no matter what. After he “scans” you, Libra boys are all about the fun and games.

                                                                     And the swag

Truth be told, Libra guys would rather prefer peace and happiness than strife and chaos. That said, it is their birthright to mete out justice and authority. This is the guy who always knows how to calm people down when they're angry with each other. Often he acts as a mediator between his friends. However, the Libra boy only acts when it's called for. They are not typically confrontational by nature. Still, they make excellent diplomats and will do what they can to make sure people are happy. This is why they make such great party planners, even club owners or promoters later on in life. Also take warning though: Libras are not afraid to lay down the law. A Libra boy only gets really angry when he feels as if injustice has entered his world. Even then, his anger is just and fair. He will tell you why you're wrong and, most likely, he'll probably be right. Not only that, but a gay Libra boy typically comes with an identity complex. That is, over-compensating for masculinity. You see, the Libra boy knows from a young age that he is different than most dudes. He may even be bullied because of it. He's a gentle soul, usually very physically beautiful, and a prime target for homophobic bitches who are just mad jealous of his Libra swagger. To compensate for this, the gay Libra boy often tries to "butch" his persona. This over-masculizinig may come in the form of his manner of dress (some Libra gay boys are ever the thug-dandy hybrid) or even in his mannerisms. He tries to act tough. You know it's silly. Still, it's kind of cute how he tries to be all bad-ass when he's around you, not wanting to you know...let you know he has ACTUAL feelings and stuff.

Music is most Libra boy's drug and their passion. These boys often have massive play-lists with a variety of excellent tunes. Libra guys always know where to find the best music, again tapping into their Apollo psychology. This is because Libra guys love diversity, including in their music. Libras are well-suited musicians, lyricists, band frontrunner's, and DJ's because of this. Like Pisces, Libra uses the atmosphere of music to thrive and to explore. So yeah, many Libra boys are into the club scene, but they're usually there for a wide array of reasons. These boys appreciate the sound and its effect on people.

For such a sophisticated and classy guy, Libra boys do come with their fair share of baggage as well. All that weighing of options tends to make Libra boys a bit indecisive, especially when it comes to guys and relationships. This is where Libra dudes can be obnoxiously passive. If you ever want to see a Libra guy's head implode, give him a long list of restaurants to eat at and then tell him to choose one. Worst of all, Libras are picky about almost everything, so if you choose poorly, expect a lot of light Libran jokes in your direction...which translate to I HATE THIS SHIT. Since they're so diplomatic, Libra boys will rarely give it to you straight lest they offend your or come off as rude and uncouth. Much like Geminis, this behavior when applied to people can get Libra guys of being accused of two-facedness a lot of the time.

There is also the matter of putting a fair boy in an unfair world. For a Libra boy, if you are not in the right, you must be punished. Unfortunately, nobody can be right all the, not even you, Leo boys. This is why Libra gay boys have a tough time dealing with dudes. Though a guy like Libra should be paired with a fantastic boyfriend, oftentimes Libra boys attract the biggest douches. This is because Libras often only want to see the good in people...okay I'm being too nice...Libra guys are suckers for a pretty face and hot ass. They often overlook what lays on the outside if it means potential partnership, because Libra boys love to be in relationships. They also like sex too, and a Libra boy who been done wrong (especially post-relationship) is a very cynical lad indeed. “If the world is going to be so unfair, then fuck the world!” Literally. Let's also examine the negative aspects of being the sign that sees harmony in others. When the chips are down and Libra's need extra loving, they can become EXTRAORDINARILY co-dependent to unhealthy and potentially alienating levels. I have witnessed this vicious cycle in many a gay Libra.

The arts and literature are Libra boy's favorite territories, as I have said before. Trendy pop-culture is another form of entertainment that these guys seem to gravitate towards. A Libra gay boy has his favorite musicians, usually iconic figures who he practically worships. This boy can also pull off nerd chic, often fond of an eclectic mix of video games and TV-shows. Since he likes art, Libra boys often like cartoons well into their twenties and beyond. This may also tie into fond memories of bygone younger days, childhood utopias and rose-tinted nostalgia trips. Since he is a renaissance man, Libra guy pretty much knows everything about everything in the mass media industry.

For being such an intrinsically judgmental sign, Libras are the most tolerant of human diversity. Though there are obviously Libra guys who are racist (or at the least like to make a few racist jokes) most Libra boys understand that human difference is good and that intolerance is tantamount to mass injustice. This is why a Libra dude is friends with literally everyone: gay guys, gay girls, straight guys, and straight girls. He's very user-friendly, so he makes friends with all sorts. Though Libra boys are dandies by birthright (think gay Libra guy Oscar Wilde) they can charm even the most diesel of straight dudes. Oftentimes, Libra gay boys are the most guilty of having straight-boy crushes, being attracted to masculinity. That said, Libra boys also love the ladies and sometimes this love can get'll just have to read the section on bisexual Libra boys.

                                                                    Sexy and I Know It
You and the Other Boys:

Libra men are very popular in the gay community due to their wit, good-looks, and outgoing natures. Since these boys love being social and connected, they are often the movers and shakers of gay life. Libra boys love to party and the boys usually follow right after them. Surrounded by all those boys can go to their heads, however. A Libra boy may get into trouble with some of those gay boys who take it upon themselves to police sexual morality. So yes, Libra boys can be slut-shamed quite often. Despite this, a Libra boy could hardly care what you think of him because he knows his heart and soul are true. Don't try to pin a Libra boy down; he's above you in every way.

Connecting with a Libra:

Libras like charming and smart boys such as themselves. Of course, if you're pretty, you're definitely on their radar as well. Libra boys love to laugh and so they gravitate towards men with a definite funny streak. Sarcasm and bitchy humor (in good fun) turns them on to no conceivable end. But take care; these boys are picky. If you aren't in with their style, they won't want to go any further with you. Libra boys want to look hot with their hotties.

A Libra boy wants a boyfriend, but more than that, he wants a best friend and a lover at the same time. He's into equality, so the word “partner” defines what he's looking for. Expect to split the bills on dates and to have a lot of fair exchange in terms of what yo and he want to do. This can be remarkably refreshing for guys who hate how the gay community often puts itself into outdated gender dynamics of top/bottom, passive/aggressive, etc. Libra boys just don't understand this.

That said, Libras love the finer things in life and like to spend richly. You will also be expected to engage in his interests as well. Usually a Libra boy will only deem someone worthy of boyfriend status if his interests sync up with his. That is, if the Libra boy is smart and not thinking with his dick. Beauty can blind a Libran soul. At the same time, you can use this in a constructive and honest way. Libras like creative types, so if you're an artist, actor, dancers, or writer, or musician, he will definitely be into your pursuits as well.

Libras have very interesting approaches to sex. Often they see sex as a way to give thanks or appreciation to a boy (this can be misinterpreted...a lot). This is how they show intimacy, really understanding what it means to “make love”. Again, do not take advantage of this. Libra boys see sex as acts between two equals, very give and take (hehe). Libras are also not afraid to have sex with friends as long as he knows where you two stand. For this reason, sometimes a Libra who doesn't want a relationship will often enjoy a FWB or even a fuckbuddy who can pal around with him. Often this is the case with guys around this age.

But a Libra who wants a boyfriend will be looking for times shared between the both of you. This means his friends will likely become your friends and vise versa. Since Libras are connected to the concept of marriage, you will find that many of your worlds will soon collided for the better (but let's not talk about the breakups...eesh). A Libra boy wants to experience your world and it means so much to him when he can share his world with yours. Often he will talk about people he knows and the things he's done...almost as if he assumes you know them already. This is a good indication of his interest in you. It means that he's trying to harmonize your world with his.

Libra boys have their difficulties, but of all signs, these guys are the most equipped for partnerships. With a Libra boy, you can expect a lot of good experiences, a lot of going out, and a lot of shared intimacies. As long as you are fair and have a strong sense of justice and respect, a Libra will have nothing but admiration for you. You will find that when in a relationship, if it is true, you will experience little difficulties and struggles.

In the Boudoir:
On Top of It: Libra boys love cute dudes. They truly know the perfections of the male form. And my goodness do they go crazy. Libra boys seem to have a thing for assess and so expect a lot of play with yours if you happen to be his boo. That said, a Libra is not an aggressive top and he wants to make sure that you're enjoying the experience as well (EQUALITY, YAY). He is very attentive to your needs and he wants to please you. Still, Libras love pleasure too, and so he expects his boy to fulfill his fantasies and desires. A Libran top indulges in the sex he has with his boy.

On the Receiving End: Libras are very affectionate and attuned to their lovers bodies. They love to kiss and will not rush anything, even sex. These boys also straight up love it in the ass. For a guy who is all light and airy, he can take it surprisingly rough. Not to mention, he loves ass play, his own or with others (his silver tongue translates to the bedroom as well). For the boys who take the passive role but don't want straight-up anal then they will just as easily take to being fingered. Blowjobs of course are another thing they like, even the bottom Libras boys. Really, as long as everyone's getting off, it's all good.

In addition to this, Libra boys of all sex roles love mutual jerking off, sixty-nining, and other activities where both people are being pleased. What more to expect from the guy who likes everything to be as one accord?

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: Libra trans men who go through transitioning can make for some very masculine, pretty boys. Since Libras of all genders ascribe to a certain sense of androgyny, transitioning gender in mind and body seems somewhat natural. The inbetween stages, however, can be emotionally tumultuous. Libra boys are almost inherently bisexual and so for them, guys and girls are no different. It is in the case of the balancing scales to swing either way, and the same can be said for these dudes. Rest assured though, guy or girl, a Libra boy lives for his partner.


  1. As much as I love libras, Apollo belongs to Leo. I believe that the best Male counterpart for libras would be Eros the god of sex and passion and the son of Aphrodite.

    1. ^ know, I may take that into consideration. I could see either really, since both gods were charming and mischievous at times. But Libran justice and truth--the rare moments when they are serious--are very much in line with Apollo, who could be quite ruthless when people messed with him.

  2. Libra is a sexy sign. I have found that most of the boys that I know to be Libran are very receptive with men and other boys and active with girls. No matter how much they protest it is almost impossible for them to pass up an opportunity with either sex. Their burn out rate must be huge. It's the bodies of the boy's that I find the most interesting. Curvy, soft, smooth and 'eatable plus they don't tend to have great strength, they're not weaklings but they are top-able without much effort. It's also true that they can take an incredibly ruthless pounding in the bedroom department. The only Libran boy I knew well was alsos the only one I have ever made climax from inside. They are capable of being moody though, not that they carry it to excess but I think the down side to that kind and loving nature is sometimes loneliness which can translate into depression.

    1. I'm a libra and this seems to be true..."they can take an incredibly ruthless pounding...climax from inside...moody...down side to that kind and loving nature is sometimes loneliness which can translate into depression." I'm going through that phase right now "loneliness into depression-ish".

  3. ^ Oh boy, don't I know it. I click well with Libra boys, and I've dated / been with five in a row. Taking a break for now. Haha.

    1. I'm a Gemini with a Libra decan (born on June 10th). Does that count? I think you look cute ;)

  4. I'm a virgo boy someone who is Libra got in love by me lol

    1. u know what's weird? i am a libra boy and i fell in love with a virgo dude.. ! it's been a year but i don't know if he's gay or not :(

    2. Yeah my Virgo boyfriend fell in love with me I thought I would actually have to get through that hard exterior but he came after ME So Say Libras Are Of Course "THE GAME" We don't play

  5. HELLO maxwell :) sounds like you wrote the top about me.... DJ boot?? pick up line?? hahah :) <3

  6. "He knows how to wear clothes (sporty hoodies are a favorite) with expert flair and dignity, not afraid to chose complimentary colors (you know, colors in harmony with each other)."


    ~Libra boy

    1. I do love my hoodies and colors. I took color theory in college FOR FUN.

  7. lol i agree with most of it. except i dont bottom..alot but the music part is righy ;)

  8. Haha you hit me pretty well. It takes me forever to finally commit to someone because I'm always weighing the options. I finally did with a latin cancer and it's been the best decision I've made even with the crazy rollercoaster of events it's been. First guy to handle my randomness and energy along with my love to socialize. Plus, he's the only person who I'm happy to hang out with one on one and just watch a movie or cuddle. haha

    1. I'm a Libra living in California and I to have a Cancer boy and yeah It did takes me forever to, to finally commit to someone and I'm glad I found me a Cancer boy I been with him for 5 years and still going strong and I to been on some crazy roller coaster of events with him he knows how to put up with me where like two kid when we get around each other LOL and he is the only one out of all the guys I dated that could handle my randomness and energy along with my love of socializing oh boy do I love to socialize, my Cancer boy is the only one who makes me happy when I'm hanging out with him one on one, I look forward to spending time with him every day he makes me fill like a god, he is one of the most loving persons I have ever met hes always so nice to everyone and one last thing is he know how to make love, the sex is amazing and after we get done making love he holds me all night I love cuddling with him afterwords I love cuddling with him all the time and Cancers are amazing kissers, I'm just glad I have him in my life he is my knight in shining armor. Well I think I hear him at the door so I got to go It's time to go play with my Cancer boy LOL thanks for letting me shear my story with you all bye Bye now ;)

  9. Gotta love a Libran Man. They are quite intoxicating :)

  10. Hallo Max! I am Libra myself, and I wanted to tell you this is fantastic! The way you described inner and "outer" side of this sign is really outstanding and correctly! Also, I wanted ask you if you have a FB? Ofc if you want to. Good luck and have a nice day! Boris :)

  11. how compatible is a Sagittarius with a virgo and a libra..just wondering?

    1. I'm a libra and i love my Sags and virgos. we make best friends, I dont know about dating. Sags can be downers sometimes, and virgos r depressing at times. But leos and aquarians, wow! like we were meant to be with each other. it's funny how this stuff works.

  12. I'm stunned that as a straight man, I had to stumble on a gay blog to find a Libran analysis that hits a lot of points very close to home. Well done.

  13. Yeah, I'm a Libra boy and this hit the nail on the head, both the good and the bad. "If you ever want to see a Libra guy's head implode, give him a long list of restaurants to eat at and then tell him to choose one." GUILTY!!! I have a hard enough time picking between a few that are next door to each other, much less a long list.

  14. I have been told that being a Libra on the cusp of Scorpio (October 22) gives me the characteristics of both signs, and, therefore makes me a much more more powerful/dangerous/scary Libra than the ones who come before me. What are your thoughts on that?

  15. Gay Libra here to do some nitpicking :)

    You flipped complementary and complimentary in your post.

    And most of this is true, except for a lot of the physical description. Your description doesn't take into account Asian Libras who do not have light hair (naturally anyway) and are generally not THAT tall. I will say though that description of equipment isn't totally far off because not all Asian men fit that very negative stereotype. haha.

    All in all a good read. Thanks!

  16. This Libra at work really liked me, but I thought he only wanted sex.
    He wanted to hang out with me after work, but I did't know this until he suddenly up and quit.
    Our coworker, his friend, told me this days after he quit.
    Was I too cautions?
    Now, when we see each other, he has this sad/ disappointed expression on his face. (Even when he's with his new girlfriend)
    Now I'm thinking I had unrealistic expectations from him.
    Should I say sorry for being overly critical and move on, or nothing at all?
    - Pisces

  17. You are incredibly accurate. I am a John Lennon, Jackson Brown Libra. My best friend is a Paul McCartney Gemini. You describe me perfectly.

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  19. Any thoughts from Libran men regarding compatibility/experiences with Pisces men. I'm totally obsessed with Libra men and have had some great (as well as bad) experiences. The sex was the bomb frfr...OMG!

  20. Any thoughts from Libran men on Libra compatibility with Pisces or your experiences with them? I'm obsessed with y'all, the sex, the looks, foreplay and cuddling is all great! Yes, the full lips thing is so true. I've been with a few who could ejaculate hands free while I top then....HOTTT!