Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sagittarius ~Sign of the Adventurer~

   “What’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Take a chance tonight and try something new.”

Constellation of the Centaur Archer, Sagittariuses are born from November 21 – December 22. Their element is fire, specifically the channeled form of fire: electricity and lightning. Their associated planet is Jupiter.

Famous Gay Sagittarius Guys: Gianni Versace. Clay Aiken. Mike Ruiz. Quentin Crisp. Matthew Shepard.

                                                            Happy and easily excitable.

Your  Date with Sagittarius:

     You never thought you'd ever be this far from home before. Thank goodness he's there to lead the way. After the bike-ride through the rain-forest, you and he stop to take a break near some local kids playing soccer. Calling out to them in their own language, he is soon kicking the ball around with them. You'd think he was much younger on the inside. You'd say you were right until a little further down the road when he strikes up a conversation with a lady selling tropical drinks. After listening to her story with empathy and compassion, he buys two drinks from her, one for you and one for him. He also gives her a handsome tip. He didn't have to do any of these things of course. And that's the point. He has no reason for the things he does. "I just do what I want and especially if it feels right," he says with a wink. And then he's off again; your job to keep up.
     At dinner he begs you to try the strangest items on the menu with him. Surprisingly it all tastes really good (though you'll wonder how your stomach will feel later). You're not exactly amused when he begins checking out the local hotties walking by the boardwalk outside, but his blushing and apologies are adorable enough that you'll forgive him. For now.
     After more than a few shots of local tequila, you find yourself on the hotel roof. The lights of this majestic city so far from home are splayed out like a canvas of neon below you. He runs over the the ledge and you chase after him in a panic. He only wanted to get closer. After smiling wistfully at the scenery and then at you, he suddenly begins to remove all of his clothing. Naturally his body is just as intriguing as the sights of the city. "Come on!" he cajoles you. "Be free." You can't tell if you're drunk off the tequila or drunk off him, but you do it. He holds you anked against his bare chest. He's warm. "I would have no other guy on this adventure with me," he tells you. You suddenly realize that this is the first time you've kissed him on the lips. Almost like he planned to impress you like this...
     Later, as you two are cuddling sweat-soaked, exhausted, and laughing on the top of the roof, he will admit that he did. 

What the Stars Say:

So...most authors of astrological guides will never, ever mention their own sign for fear of coming off as biased. I say fuck it; Sagittarius is the sign I'm repping and I'm proud of it. Though I may have better insight here than the other signs, I will refrain from ego-stroking my own sign. After all, I am also my own worst critic, especially when it comes to being a Sag.

In Greek myth, Sagittarius (which means the arrower...or in human-speak, an archer) was the Centaur Chiron, close friend of Hercules and a teacher of many Greek heroes. Chiron stood out from his fellow Centaurs, who were wild and anarchic half-men, half-horse shape-shifters. Unlike them, Chiron was able to channel his connection to the wild and nature (his horse side) and perfect it with his knowledge of civilization and education (his human side). After suffering a painful and unhealing wound from a poison arrow, he decided to switch places with the tortured immortal Prometheus, responsible for mankind's first sin according to Greek polytheism. His noble sacrifice redeemed mankind and Chiron was placed amongst the stars as Sagittarius, a blend of man and beast. Oddly enough, many Saggitarius men experience tragedies that often turn them into martyrs: Matthew Shepard's gruesome death paved the way for hate-crime acts and woke up the country to the dangers of homophobia, Gianni Versaci became a fashion legacy after being shot outside his home.

The planet connected to Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest of the discovered planets in our solar system, named after the Roman name of the leader of the Greek gods. This is because Zeus was the creator of the Centaurs...because he fucked a cloud, true story...and imbued them with his protection. Sagittarius gay boys are noble and just, much like their planetary deity, but they also have a fun streak, love to party, and wouldn't mind screwing everyone (ideologically or literally) much like the Greek god in question.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, but a more literal representation would be in the type of fire or energy that travels...i.e. lightning and electricity. Sagittarius boys are known to motivate and energize people with their sunny dispositions and unyielding optimism. Their out-of-my-way philosophy and determination means they strike hard and fast like lightning. Electricity is the quickest element and it is used to power modes of transportation, communications, and even power the human heart. Sagittarius boys love the thrill of adventures to distant places, meeting new people, forging social bonds, and trying to create an ideal world based on the combining of opposite forces. They pretty much just want everyone to get along.

That Cosmic Bod:

Sagittarius boys are first and foremost very leggy men. Not only do they have some great definition below the waist (tee-hee) but these boys are tall, lean, or thick guys whose bodies seemed primed for mobility. Not surprisingly, these guys tend to enjoy athletics involving running as well as dancing. They have long faces (a nod to their horse-like qualities), eyes that, while expressive, seem ancient and wise, and ever-present smiles. Their hair, even when short, seems long and thick. Boys of this sign with long hair tend to have some tremendously gorgeous manes.

                        I'm using this post to indulge in pics of boys playing sports shirtless. Enjoy.

I've read that Sagittarius boys are supposed to have the best assess in the zodiac, but since this gift has been lost on me and my skinny-ass self, I can't truly attest to this. I will say we definitely know how to shake it though. Though being a horse from the waist down might hint at the prowess of our dicks, Sagittarius boys don't have the ridiculously long schlongs you'd think we'd have. They are of a respectable size, but it's more in what they are capable of doing than just for show.   

What's on the Inside:

Sagittarius boys are the original free spirits, true to themselves and their independence. These boys are goal oriented and see life as one, long, grandiose adventure. They can't get enough of each day, trying to accomplish as much as possible, often biting off more than they can chew. These boys cannot sit still, do not like to be confined, and must be on the move constantly. Rarely do they remain in one place for too long because of their incurable wanderlust. This is the sign of exploration, physically and mentally. Because of this, Sagittarius gay boys actually love education and learning, as long as its something they're interested in doing. A Sagittarius boy will NEVER do anything he doesn't want to do, which while a great quality when it comes to individuality, tends to piss off other people.

The Sagittarius gay boy is half man, half beast, and this synthesis points to his life philosophy. Sagittarius guys are the bringers of opposites, especially when it comes to their friend circles. This guy is the dynamic social butterfly who can literally fit in with any crowd and talk to any person. This is because Centaurs were shapeshifters and tricksters, masters of social disguise. This dichotomy means that many times Sagittarius gay boys find themselves operating between two kinds of “worlds”. This can mean either the gay world and the straight world, the social worlds of preppy kids versus artsy/nerdy groups, or any two environments either distinctly different or directly opposed to each other. The centaur boy fits into both worlds with astounding ease, yet he tends to open his heart up to only one type of crowd.

                                                          We also love to be ridiculous

Because for all of his independence, negatively minded people are always bent on stifling his freedom and forcing him to conform to some gross status quo. But they can't foll a Sagittarius boy; he's already well ahead of them. A Sagittarius boy is the original wolf in sheep's clothing, though his intentions are hardly ever malevolent (though possibly sexual). He just knows how to fit in, even with people he may not like. Because he's so open minded, he can talk at length about any subject. He is able to hone in on other's intellects and figure out what makes them tick. In that way, he manages to wander though the gay scene with an astounding ease, picking up many friends in the process. Yet a Sagittarius boy knows that if they knew the real him, many of the boys he associates might think him strange or weird. So this boy keeps a close guard on his inner emotions...that is, if he understands his own emotions at all. Since Sagittarius boys are so cerebral, they often overthink everything, even their own feelings.

Sagittarius boys are often into equally adventurous pursuits and hobbies. Just as there are many Sagittarius athletes and dancers (and even the femmiest Sagittarius boys love sports) there are an equal number of Sagittarius writers and artists. Anything that lets the mind travel is what a Sagittarius guy is into, including video games and other forms of media entertainment. Most Sagittarius guys love humor, and so many of them become great satirists and comedians. These boys are masters of making silly sexy. Just look at Sagittarian female singers Nicki Minaj and Brittany Spears for instance.

As he is so open minded, the Sagittarius boy is one of the least judgmental signs of the zodiac. His thirst for knowledge means that he will often take risks and engage in crazy pursuits purely for the experience of it. Literally fortunately, Sagittarius is blessed with the luck of Jove, and so he is the most lucky lad of all the other boys. He seems to always be in the right time and right place for fortune. As he is a risk-taker, this helps. Then again, his foolishness oftentimes can lead to disaster. Like that would keep him down! The Sagittarius gay boy is an eternal optimist and idealist, never letting the world back him into a corner. Some people would think him naïve for this. He would let them, since a Sagittarius boy is usually keen on acting just the way people want him to. He is not the same social manipulator as Scorpio boys are wont to be, but let's just say a Sagittarius boy never lets on what he really knows...

Okay, sometimes he does. Ridiculously so. Sagittariuses are obsessed with the truth and honesty. His sincerity is often refreshing, but it can also be extremely blunt. Truth is both a Sagittarius boys weapon and his shield, and he is able to wield these arrows of honesty with extreme accuracy. Since most people CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH, a Sagittarius boy can be a deadly enemy indeed. However, these boys will rarely resort to that level of destruction. He KNOWS he can destroy you...but he won't because of his own flaw: the risk of burning a bridge, closing a door, and sealing himself off from potential opportunities or friendships. To save his skin, he keeps his mouth shut. Just remember, he hones in on the truth with a frightening accuracy. Like the god Zeus, he can smite you in an instant. He just chooses to spread joy rather than fear, not wanting to hold anybody back.

Being half-man, half-beast, the Sagittarius gay boy is a living paradox. He is two things in one, but unlike Gemini's split-personality, the Sagittarius boy is a synthesis of opposites, man versus wild. On one hand he is laid back, well-spoken, intelligent, and speaks in the mode of a teacher. On the other hand he is crazy, sometimes frenetic, reckless, and childish. He is both petulant child and old wise man, just at different times. This makes him predictably unpredictable, as he always switching between these two modes of operation. This is why these boys can be straight up jocks and secret nerds, or be a weird mix of uber flaming and butch at the same time (like me!). The Sagittarius gay boy is many things in one. He is both the teacher and the trouble maker; the trickster who pulls pranks to teach lessons. The Sagittarian humor is ridiculous, over the top, and smart. He loves to make others laugh, not so much crossing the line but pole vaulting over it. Being silly is a Sagittarian boy's favorite (non-sexual) pastime.

The Sagittarius boy has his flaws, usually of the irritating variety. Since he's not one to be mean or unkind (unless called for) his issues tend to be more personality related. Though Sagittariuses can be idealists, they can also be extreme worry worts over things they cannot control, especially when that control relates to them. They aren't control freaks per se, appreciating other's freedoms as much as their own, but for a guy who takes so many risks, he has a lot of irrational fears. His emotions are also seemingly irrational as well. Sagittarius boys can be insensitive to others and completely oblivious, often making tactless comments or remarks. The problem is, for a Sagittarius, there are no limits, and since he sees a world without boundaries, he does not know where the line of common decency should be drawn. For all his stupid choices, he is quite innocent. So if he totally nabs that guy you were into, rest assured he probably didn't know...even though you talked about him constantly. If you don't come out and say something, a Sagittarius gay boy is unlikely to get the memo.

A lot of astrology guides talk about how Sagittarius boys are commitment phobes. This is a misconception...sort of. At this stage of life, a Sagittarius boy wants to explore and in some cases this means have sex. But since you can't even look at a boy in this community without being labeled a slut, most Sagittarius men are tactful about who they bed, preferring friends with benefits, guys who like short-term dating, and good no-strings-attached communicators (only the bad Sag's will deceive a guy into sex). No surprise than that we boys inspire huge amounts of jealousy and possession in other men. The more we run, the more it seems guys want to tie us down. That said, a Sagittarius boy WILL gladly commit to a long as it's with a dynamic person who fits his desires. Obviously this is hard, being an idealistic lover in an un-ideal world. Not to mention, Sagittarius boys love the thrill of the hunt and are extraordinarily impulsive. Even in first grade I had a teacher (ironically, her name was Mrs. Archer) who constantly demanded I check my impulsivity at the door. While I wasn't obviously going around chasing after second-grade jocks, my decision making was less-than-stellar. For gay Sagittarius boys, impulsivity when it comes to men is commonplace. This always leads to some pretty tricky consequences.

Since he loves people, a Sagittarius gay boy is likely to be friends with just about everyone, gay and straight alike and with little regard for gender or sexuality divisions. In fact, many of his closest male compadres will be straight men. With gay men, he sees a potential brotherhood, perhaps a mythological memory of his sign's Greek hero origins. Femininely inclined Sagittarius boys love women, gay or straight, and usually honor these friendships. Since many Sagittarius boys do not label their sexuality (why give yourself another limit, after all?) some of these boys often have bisexual tendencies.

You and the Other Boys:

Most Sagittarius boys have seen the young gay community for what it really is...again for better or worse. Since we're independent types and do NOT LIKE the insincerity and cloak-and-dagger caddyness that can often come with less kindly gay men in large groupings, we boys tend to stay out of the club scenes unless we work there, and even then we dissapear on the scene just as quickly as we arrived. Knowing our stupid choices when it comes to men, this is probably a near-universal truth for us Sagittarius boys. That said, a Sagittarius boy loves his close gay friends and is usually the life of the party. We, idealists that we are, see so much potential in the young gay community, often highlighting the importance of fraternity, male empowerment, and social bonds. More often than not, however, a Sagittarius boy's worst enemy is the more homo-normative set of gay men, and so he will often have to put a lid on these ideals in favor of social-circle security. Still, he won't hold it against them for being them.

Connecting with a Sagittarius:

While Sagittarius boys love the thrill of the hunt, they like it even more when someone amazing comes on to them. Then the intellectual tango begins. Accumulating so many experiences with men already, a Sagittarius boy will question—and overthink—every boy he comes across. In the span of five minutes, he's already summed up a potential relationship situation, thinking as if he already knows you. He's wrong of course. But socializing with a centaur guy is the key to winning their heart.

The problem is his idealism. A Sagittarius gay boy wants to see the good in everyone and he's unfortunately blind to a boy's flaws until it's too late for either of them. The most important tactic to go on is honesty. Be open with a Sagittarius, because he will never judge you harshly or sell you short. While he may decide whether or not he wants to date you, keep in mind he loves friendship, so either way it's a win-win. And really, being a good friend to a Sagittarius gay boy is not at all unlike being his boyfriend.

                                            All Sagittarius men have the heart of a cowboy.

Since he likes to treat both friend and boyfriend alike well, a Sagittarius boy is generous to a fault. NEVER take advantage of this generosity. Since it comes naturally, even taking him for granted once will result in him never trusting you with his money or time ever again. The only sin he cannot forgive is insincerity. And, like Scorpio, he WILL know if you're lying. Though he won't be vengeful as Scorpios can be, the end result is worse—a Sagittarius with hurt feelings is a very sad sight indeed. Rest assured, you will feel guilty.

Sagittarius boys like open-minded, patient, and forgiving lovers. So yes, we're a lot to handle, but we're never bad. A Sagittarius HATES hurting other people, but sometimes he can't help it due to this recklessness. We're not ones to cheat, prizing truth and honor. That said, a Sagittarius is boy-crazy, whether or not he likes to admit it. He will check out other guys in your presence, but ONLY if you're the type who doesn't mind doing this with your boyfriend. Because he truly does love the idea of having a boyfriend adventure partner and would not forsake this for the world.

Speaking of adventure, expect to spend a lot of time going out and about with your Sagittarius boyfriend. Anything from going to the club to white-water rafting is on the menu with him. He loves it when you choose to do something he's never done before, so don't be afraid to be spontaneous with him. In fact, he loves outgoing and aggressive types, so choosing what to do on a date is something he'll love. On this note, don't be afraid with being direct with him about anything, since that's the only language he speaks: being blunt.

Sagittarius boys love movement and activity. If you're a dancer, athlete, or even someone who's job involves a lot of action, he will go gaga for you. He likes to go out and do things, so cherish the precious moments when you're at home together. When it comes to romance, he loves to treat his boys right, respecting them for who they are and trying to never hurt them. Still, some slip-ups are to be expected. Oftentimes a Sagittarius boy thinks he's being demonstrative with his love, when really he seems maybe too casual about his affections. Rest-assured, if he's with you, he's with you.

Sagittarius guys love to treat their lovers to good times, so expect him to shower you with little gifts and tokens of affection. He does not expect the same in turn for you, but if you take him out to a restaurant once in awhile, it will make him very happy. A Sagittarius lives for his boyfriend and likes to take him out and amongst his friends. But keep in mind, he also likes his independence and may want to fly solo now and then. This should never be taken as a bad sign or a hint that he doesn't cherish you. He just needs his time apart. Even when distant, he won't neglect to text you a friendly reminder of how much he cares.

A relationship with a Sagittarius boy is, if anything, exciting. What we boys needs is a guy with a lot of action and a lot of patience, someone aggressive but respectful. We don't like to be challenged about matters we are insecure about and confrontation bums us out. A Sagittarius boy gives his lover the utmost respect and doesn't even expect you to do the same in return (so do). Life is one big adventure with a Sagittarius guy, and with romance, there is no exception.

In the Boudoir:

On Top of It: There's no funner sport than sex! A Sagittarius sees sex as recreational and fun, coming in different flavors and varieties. You will find that these boys are masters of anal sex, no matter if they're on top or on the bottom. Be prepared though, because a Sagittarius is unrestrained. He will give it to you and give it to you hard, since he wants to liberate you from your physical body and take you to the next level of orgasm. He'll also switch up positions a lot. Before getting into bed with a Sagittarius boy, make sure to have three things: condoms, lube, and an energy drink. Trust me, you'll need it.

On the Receiving End: A Sagittarius boy will do mostly anything in bed and he'll try anything twice. Since he gets bored easily, it's always good to switch things up with him. He sees sex as another adventure, and so he needs an inventive lover. Sagittarius boys can take it as well as dish it, so don't be afraid to be too rough. Since he understands and values consent, he's big on trust and safety words. These boys love dominance and submission no matter what their role is and are also into wrestling and anything else that will make sex an especially physical time.

Sex with a Sagittarius is never boring but remember that he also wants to please you. Since in his mind he's a man without limits and full of ideals, he wants to give his boyfriend a good time as well. When he fails to do so, he sees this as a critique on his sexuality and can get bummed out, so make sure you're open minded enough for all of his tricks of the trade. A Sagittarius boy sees sex as light and fun, again perfecting the art of being humorus and sexy at the same time.

Queer Variations: This is for other male-identified orientations: There are a number of trans Sagittarius men. For them, repping the sign of the shape-shifter, transitioning into their mental gender is a philosophical experience they tackle with dignity. Since most Sagittarians think gender is stupid anyway, trans Sagittarius men don't see the big deal and often find it easy to slip into their male identity. Bisexual Sagittarius men are equally common and for them their bisexuality is inherent. Even Sagittarius men who have only been with other men often hesitate to label themselves gay, preferring encompassing terms as queer, but will accept the term out of sheer convenience if need be.  


  1. Thank you for this post, fellow queer sagittarius. I neede this and this is true about sadge asses. Maybe yours is nicely made for holding. And my coworker and the guy who works at the gym are sadges and their asses are like magnificent. Just wish the guy from the gym was my husband. *into the universe* the archer has a natural arch in their back, and the stance is somewhat flattering to the ass. Kinda like a half horse half man stance. Just observe yourself and others. Maybe you'll see what I speak of. And the guy at the gym will be my husband overall other.

  2. hearing our fire described as lightning/electricity finally puts my personality into clear perspective! dont fence us in; we will bolt faster than the road runner from wile coyote. match us with a bore and we might as we be buried alive - its like were being strangled. why did you have to go to Djibouti? a Capricorn ex boyfriend asked me when I had just regaled him with tales of hitchhiking in Africa. why the hell not? I replied. sags seem to elicit a mixture of fear and fascination from most signs, especially earth and fixed, who shake their head at our need for freedom, travel, independence, and changing scenery. we dont do plodding, we dont do boring, and we dont do same same, but different. we have big mouths but even bigger feet that seem to find their way into it on a regular basis, and we can be savagely satirical, even being mercilessly blunt, to those we see as faking it. preening and perfection in the mirror is something almost too easy to mock when we see others doing it. And the jack of all trades fitting into different social circles is something other signs see as being superficial - but its just our way of expressing different aspects of our personality. seeking the TRUTH is the core of who we are, and Sags I have known and myself included are almost genius at unraveling even the most twisted story to reveal whats really going on. Im 6'4" and have very long legs, and they have served me very well, tee hee, traveling the world and then some. Looking forward to the compatability chart :)

  3. You did not mention the part about telling "whoppers". I am currently dating a sag, and he lies so much he can't remember them. A people pleaser to the extreme. I am a Capricorn totally opposite, but he will not let me go. I want to protect his feelings because he is so nice; however this sag never wants to do anything without me it is very annoying. Even does not like to hang with his friends without me, so I want hang out without him probably. I think he is like this because of his promiscuous side, and he thinks I am cheating.

    1. Haha, oh goodness...the whoppers aren't lies per se, just exaggeration. ;)

      Capricorn men and Sagittarius men are opposing forces to each other. I have never had any luck with Capricorn men (no offense, I'm sure you're lovely) but they make better friends than lovers. Neither of you are at fault, it's just that you walk different paths and come from different places in life. Why not sit down and have a long talk? Be open and honest.

    2. Search on google free birth chart astrology, and find out your birth details. Astrology is more advanced than just the zodiac signs, perhaps his lying comes from another part of his chart. I myself am a Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius Rising, and that is only the start of it, there is other planets, as well as 12 houses, and even aspects between the planets. Take your time though, and if you love to read and find out interesting things than it's some good fun :). I myself didn't understand it all within a day so don't be worried :). Use this website for interpretations, it will explain what everything means and also what the signs in the different things mean :) : For House Interpretations:

  4. Britney Spears* thanks ;)

  5. It is amazing how accurate this is!

  6. considering all the sadgebashing i've seen online, this was a great and refreshing read.

  7. oh i was blown away on this one, Im Sagitarrian too and agree with it!

  8. Sharon Needles is sag

  9. I'm a Gemini Sun with Sagittarius Rising. Seeing that you're a Sagittarius, can we have "fun" together? Rawr! <3

    1. Hey there Dylan :), fancy seeing you here, my fellow Sagittarius Rising friend hahah :P.

    2. Awesome! Im a Sagittarius Sun with a Gemini Rising! HAH! well woulda look at that!

  10. Wow very true and spot on. I'm a Sagittarius queer as well everything said is true. sometimes I feel like I'm crazy because I'm the teacher then the preacher also I wish I was very athletic but I'm very lazy perhaps its because its my Taurus ascendant but I do workout and exercise and also the 7th house descendant in Scorpio makes me deeply , madly in love with someone I want a passionate-angry romannce like those cheesy telenovelas I watch the whole dominnce and submission is what I like. I'm not skinny just chubby or husky perhaps its because the Sagittarius sign rules the thighs, hips, liver and pelvic area. which perhaps s the cause because my mom a Pisces is beautiful but her attitude isn't (maybe its the Libra ascendant) and ny dad is a Leo he's not attractive but his sunny confidence makes him attractive or charismatic.

    1. I'm a Sagittarius ascendant, Sagittarius moon and Sagittarius Pluto, and my dominant ruling Planet is Jupiter, which is the ruler of Sagittarius, so even though i'm not a Sun Sagittarius, the Sagittarius in my chart has the most influence I believe :).

    2. My sun is sagittarius my rising is Taurus and my 7th house is scorpio too. Very weird lol

  11. very true and spot on wow am i amazed!!! <3bookmarked

  12. wow thanks for the amazing read :) i'm dec 12th and my boyfriend is also dec 12th. learnt some new things that i hadn't considered :) thanks!

  13. omg... this is scary accurate... me to a T. or S I guess bahaha I'm a mtf sadge, but this not only helps nee understand what's going on in my heart and head, but I think would help anyone who is really trying to understand me. whether it be a friend or a lover.

    anyways, just wanted to say thank you for this xD anyone had luck between sadge and aries jw lol

    1. I had a Aries boyfriend it was amazing until he cheated on me. LOL But then he tries to come back and say, he misses me and he loves me. I care about him but I don't think we'll be together again.

  14. Just to let you guys in your teens and 20s know that the remarkable Sag personality doesn't change much at all as you get older. Over the years I've travelled eight countries, sometimes with a wink and a nod, sometimes lost, but always ready for more. Gotta watch the naked truth, though, because sometimes it can be laced with sarcasm and then you're more of a Scorpio. Try for 50/50 blend of as many opposites in your personality as possible. As you get older, this becomes easier. As an example, aim for being calm within but full of energy as well. Try to get those masculine and feminine traits squarely on the fulcrum so that you can be direct yet tender, assertive yet willing to let someone else take the reins, athletic yet able to cry if you or your BF has been deeply hurt, ready to protect him yet able to let him stand on his own two legs, gung-ho for the gym but always open to using creams, oils, lotions, etc. to protect your face and body (kinda metrosexual).You've got plenty of time to learn and experience so whaddya waiting for? Get off your beautiful butts!

  15. Just a word to the wise, guys. I'm past my 30s and I gotta say --- these qualities just get more focused as you mature, especially the balancing of apparently opposite forces, qualities, tendencies, whatever. I've found you can more easily segue between them because you have the added experience of your practice and adventures.
    Never let that kid inside of you die. That's your core. Give him plenty of opportunities to express himself because he'll take you places even you, the shape-shifter, will be surprised to learn.
    You'll also find that as you grow you'll become more mystical --- unsatisfied with the rote answers mainstream religion and philosophy offer. The travel bug works on a spiritual plane, too.
    Finally, because we'd rather not fight (we're lovers, not fighters) but will when forced into it, it becomes easier to know when to fight. You get to understand which battles to pick and which ones to let roll past you.
    I'm still working on all of the above (and who isn't? You'll find you never finish learning.) but I've become more adept at what I do now.

  16. Sag moon here and the parts about being blunt, having a nice ass, traveling, expanding horizons, gaining new experiences, irrational thoughts, wandering eye, and an unsettled emotional core are all spot on. Though I am a bit more deeply, emotionally attuned bc of my sun in Pisces and rising in cancer.

    1. I'm a Sagittarius moon as well :), what house is your moon in? Mine is in the first xD!

  17. I'm sure but not so sure about this one. I have a friend who's a Sag, and to be honest, he's a very dominating, brash, harsh top with trust issues and completely commitment phobic. Then again, he had a lover some years back who was unfortunately ripped away from him prematurely. He passed away and he was never the same since. He turned self-destructive. Smoke, drank. He was a BDSM Dom who loved torture. He became very cutting, rude. I mean, he's gotten better over the years, but what's the information on an embittered Sag? Because that's definitely what he is. : /

    1. That actually sounds very much like a Sagittarius who is in a negative state of mind. When we are slighted, hurt, or heartbroken, we will often turn to an extreme mode of thinking to protect ourselves. Sometimes this means acting out, being self destructive, or being "cynically promiscuous."
      And on the darker side, we are known for being fetishistic and BDSM. If we feel power has been taken from us or used against us, we will become super aggressively dominate (we're usually nice guys and people can take advantage of us).

  18. Wow this is so me it's not even funny...My ex is an Aries & we are so much alike but when he tries to argue or even try to say something I tell him "Don't you even think about saying it or I will hurt your damn me I can" but we broke up 2 years ago because I wasn't really isn't interested in him but we still have feelings for each other 3 years later...BUT HE STILL HAS A BOYFRIEND WHO CAN'T EVEN DRIVE A CAR YET!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't get that

  19. Love ur posts...I myself am a Cancer and my BF is Sag and this is the spot on description of him..I just cant believe how much ppl put shade on cancer/sag love relations when we are perfect match. Year and half now and all we have is bliss...i just feel that ppl are focused on clingy part of Cancer and free spirit part of Sag. but its so much more. I as a passive,home based down low,9-5 kinda Cancer, am impressed by exact that free spirit of a Sag. My Bf is a first guy Sag i had any kind of love relations and I am just in heaven. I feel like we are opposites that complement each other. He fills me up with energy and life and in return i give him balance,put things in perspective and unconditional love. I kinda like that he is a flirt with guys, especially because its almost always returned to him and I feel proud that I was able to snatch a desired hottie :). Id love if ur next posts would be about ascendants, Im sure it would give as more insight about are signs..either way I just wanted to say great job, love all of ur posts,funny,smart and educational.

  20. Could you write something about how a Sagittarius links up with the air signs or something about how Libra's work with Sagittarius'

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