Saturday, January 20, 2018

Is that all there is? If that's all there is, then let's keep dancing.

Hello to anybody who has stumbled upon this old, but not forgotten, blog.

It has been several years since I've touched this site. Judging from my last post, I had just moved into my new apartment in New York City, as well as found the person who has staid by my side these past four years (he's a Capricorn btw, but not that it matters).

My attitudes towards astrology have changed, but my belief in the gay community has not. I am so appreciative of all of the people who have discovered this blog since I made my first post in the summer of 2011. In my travels, I ended up discovering that a beloved coworker at my last job was an early reader of GBG2Z, which was a shock to him as it was to me. I suppose there is something to say for fate, isn't there?

Though I will most likely never get around to updating this blog, I see little reason to. It is a beloved artifact of my past and I hope it will continue to entertain anybody who chances across it. While I do have many regrets surrounding it, namely an early and youthfully ignorant lack of inclusivity in concern to the images and representation on here--I am mostly happy with the work I put out there.

If anybody out there is so inclined to, however, I am currently producing a podcast that I encourage you to check out. It has nothing to do with astrology, but it's a lot of fun, and my current passion project. It's called Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast and it examines the mysteries surrounding lost artifacts. You can read more about that here.

In short, this has been a long, strange journey. Thank you to all who have read this blog, and those who will discover it in the future. You mean so much to me! Seriously.

~See you, space cowboy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tag, you're it.

Quick update. In the hopes of cleaning up this blog and making it more user-friendly, I've been going back and tagging the older posts. Hopefully this will allow readers to find the content they are looking for in a more convenient and efficient fashion.

I am also figuring out how to archive the compatibility section to make that easier to follow as well. Baby steps. This blog is first and foremost and experiment.

With that out of the way, here are some hot guys.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Leo x Earth Signs

Taurus x Leo - Earth + Light = Sunlight 

The Good: As both men belong to the “Fixed” classification of signs, either is granted supreme personal power. Leo, being fire, is out in the open. Taurus, being earth, enjoys being out there as long as he doesn't have to deal with the frustrations of the spotlight all that often. This pair shares a similar agenda and lust for life. Taurus sees the perfect man in Leo: confident, silly, outgoing. He wants to be wanted. Leo wants to be worshiped (shut up, yes you do) so when a cute, guileless young thang like Taurus shows up at his doorstep, Leo's only words are: “Can I keep him?” Indeed, lion boy, you can. Together, these two will take the gay scene by storm. Taurus will handle all efforts “beneath” the lion boy in exchange for love and protection. In return, the Lion will keep his Taurus well-fed and well-sexed.

The Bad: Unfortunately, both being fixed signs, these two are also infamously stubborn. Both feel they are right ALL THE TIME. Naturally, fights are not easily resolved, especially with Leo so focused on coming out on top ALL THE TIME. Since both boys posses the jealousy of a sixteen-year-old school girl, they will make sure other men stay the fuck back from their guy. At the same time, they love checking out boys together provided they do it in a manner that doesn't compare the hotty in question to one of the boys in this coupling. In the realm of emotions, Leo doesn't understand why Taurus has feelings at seemingly inappropriate times. For Taurus, he doesn't understand how a person can be so damn weird about their feelings ALL THE TIME. Guys, it's okay to have emotions. Better to talk about them.

The Sexy: Dramatic and porny, with plenty of moans for good measure. Since both of these men are self-conscious about their looks and actions, either men will be thinking “Oh my gaw, he is so hot, how is he even doing this.” Guys, trust yourselves. Sex comes naturally for you. Leo likes a little rough play and Taurus likes all play. He also likes a bit of bite and roughness. Since Leos loved to be worshiped (and so do Tauruses) the subtext of this sexual relationship may often sound like a drunken compliment session: “You're hot! No, you're hot! No you're hotter! No, shut up, you're the hottest! OMNOMNOMNOM.”

Leo x Virgo - Light + Plants = Growth

The Good: Growth really is the name of the game here, because either of these men will need to learn from the other in order to make this relationship sprout. Virgo has strict specifications for who is lover will be, and some Virgo men even have idealized boyfriends in mind. Really, all a Virgo needs is someone who will share his values, even if they differ on opinions. Leos need someone who will be willing to give them affection as well as deal with their massive egos. So this is really the relationship romantic comedies are made from. Virgo likes a guy who is willing to stick to his values and actively seeks to improve the world. This is the Virgo M.O. after all. And Leo likes a guy who is so damned organized and who is already ahead of the game in terms of his education and career. If anything draws these two together, it will be intellectual stimuli.

The Bad: Nobody likes a critic, the least of which is Leo. Virgos are not afraid to call out someone on their bullshit. Leo hates this. He is willing to take advice from a source that he dearly trusts, but he often fins Virgo so incessantly critical. And Virgo finds Leo incorrigible and painfully stubborn. Virgo refuses to take orders from a tyrant, or anyone for that matter. Thing is, Leos are pussycats on the inside, and they only lash out if they feel they have been wronged. Virgo needs to be more sensitive and the Leo needs to be more appreciative.

The Sexy: The bedroom is a stage in which these two can act out the sexual aspects of their social roles. Virgo is usually sub, but he does love to be an usurper too and take command. Leos can be masochists and Virgos like to dish the pain, so this is a couple that should keep the aloe vera next to their nightstand.

Leo x Capricorn - Light + Metal = Glittering

The Good: Any relationship described as "glittering" can't be all that bad, right? You'd be right. Capricorn / Leo is one of those celebrity astrological pairings those who follow the stars (literal or otherwise) always hear about. In the same sex world, it is no different. Astrologer Michael Yawney calls this match that of "the celebrity and the star" in his Gay Astrology book, and the description is so apt that I must give him credit. Leo has the ambition, but not always the direction, and finding someone who WANTS him to succeed as well as roping him in and setting him on the right path is a dream. That dream comes in goat form with Capricorn, who delights palling around with someone who has the guts and the glamour. Here is someone who is a little bit over the top (which Capricorns all secretly love) while still being pragmatic.

The Bad: Leo's domineering nature is anathema to a self-made manager like Capricorn, who does not like being bossed around. Leos put a lot of energy into making sure the object of their affection knows they are aware of where they are in the relationship, but Capricorn, who is heavily guarded, is slow to make any overt gestures in return. This bothers Leo and makes him a nervous wreck. Capricorns also hate being treated as a door mat, and even though they are content to see their Leo shine in the spotlight, they like some credit once in awhile, damn it. Capricorns also cannot deal when Leo gets overly dramatic, as Capricorns are the picture of rationality and proper English restraint. Likewise, Leo hates that his love can sometimes act as such an emotionless robot. Being aware and respectful of each other's nature is the key to keeping this relationship alive.

The Sexy: Leo is delighted to find out that his gentleman in the street is a freak in the sheet(s). Capricorns, which channel the nature of the satyr, can really take a pounding. In bed, this is a very passionate and supremely charged relationship.